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    The State Gov't let her rot for decades, if it's not already too late it's pretty close now.
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    Unified WG Account and Gold

    Thanks for the answers....and for not tearing my head off for asking it. I tried to redeem the code on the WoWS Premium Store and it says the code isn't valid. I submitted a ticket, so we'll see what happens. At worst, I'll have to buy more Premium time with it, which isn't so bad.
  3. I have a question, and can't find a conclusive answer. According to the WG wiki, gold purchasable in one WG game is usable in other WG games. From my searching, the last mention i''ve seen is that as of last November this is still not implemented. The reason I am asking is this. A IRL friend of mine received a WoT PC gift card for gold. He plays WoTC so, of course he cannot use it. He knows I play WoWS, and offered it to me if I could make use of it. I have been able to determine that Premium time purchased in, say WoT is GTG in WoWS, but is gold from WoT gift cards directly usable in WoWS? While stacking my Premium time deeper is good, having more doubloons would be more useful to me right now (I'd kinda like a Massachussetts). Can anyone advise? .