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  1. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    CVs.... I Wonder....

    I actually like this.
  2. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    CVs.... I Wonder....

    Hmm... I wonder if the crews of the Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu, and Soryu were complaining about CVs during the battle of Midway. What about the crews of the Sims and Neosho? Were they cursing the sky? CVs are OP! Look, I keep coming back to this. If you are playing a naval warship game based in the 20th century and the CVs aren't OP it can only be for one reason. The developers don't know anything about 20th century naval warfare. But I have this CV game mechanic idea in my head and I just can't shake it. What if... What if it wasn't about replacing aircraft in your squadrons, as much as it was about arming the replacement aircraft? The idea is that the planes already exist, they just need to be armed and fueled. So an aircraft carrier that only needs to fuel and arm two aircraft has far less fuel, bombs, torpedoes and rockets on deck than an aircraft carrier that is trying to fuel and arm 20 replacement aircraft. The more aircraft that need to be armed and fueled the higher the risk of catching fire and detonation will be. I think it adds a realistic component to it and may also balance the carriers out a bit. Thoughts?
  3. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Roma issues.

    I wanted to love the Roma so badly. With her high pen, I had dreams of hunting tier 10 BBs with her. But Alas, she just plain sucks. With detection range her only stand out feature you're kind of stuck dumping captain skills into maxing it out. Way too many points that are better spent elsewhere. But secondaries and AA are men, so you can't spend the points there. Maxing out main guns and dispersion won't help these main guns so don't bother spending them there either. The best move is to just play a different boat. A 19 point captain cannot make this boat perform. Buy a Tirpitz, a 19 point captains makes her a total boss!
  4. Lol, the Italian 90mm guns were absolutely excellent in every way and even out performed the german 88's. Used in field artillery, tank destroyers and naval ships the demand for these excellent guns were far beyond the Kingdom's ability to produce them. Roma is absolutely bristling with those excellent guns. Wargaming turned them into a sad joke.
  5. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Sniper CA's like the Molotov are far better. You could make them 16" guns, and I'd still take the ability to burn BBs.
  6. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    There are a few of you in every forum of every game. Why do you even bother to speak? Picking on new players is a good way to stop getting them.
  7. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    What the trolls won't tell you when they look through my stats for troll material is that the two Ducas are among my very favorite ships. It shoudn't be a surprise to anyone that players that loved the Ducas were up for a HUGE disappointment when the line dropped. The highest you played blah blah blah. You only played this many games blah blah blah. What ships I played or how many games has absolutely NOTHING to do with the characteristics of the ships in question. They suck. If I play another 100 games, but the devs change nothing, guess what? They still suck.
  8. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Vak you jumped into my stats with one purpose and one purpose only. You were looking for something you could use to troll and be a [edited] bag with. All I did was call you out for being a moron. And I am quite correct in my assessment of you. What you did. And what your intentions were.
  9. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Did you expect me to play a ton of games with ships that I can't stand? What kind of moron are you?
  10. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Besides the Ducas, they are all are garbage. GARBAGE! Colossal letdown of epic proportions. I was soooo disappointed. If they absolutely had to have SAP it should have been an HE/SAP combo rather than an AP/SAP combo. Nothing like facing a BB and bouncing shells just to switch shells and bounce some more. The Brittish line can make due without HE, they bounce a lot but spam a lot. Italians bounce then wait a long time to bounce again. Torps suck, secondaries suck. Smoke just lets you escape sucking so you can live to suck again real soon. Their alleged prettyness is unimportant. Their versatility sucks. Ther armor and citidel sucks. Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks Sucks There are always one or two people in a forum that will pretend something that sucks doesn't actually suck. But when the Italian line came out there was a general chorus singing, "suck!" I dont even need to ask, I bet the historically fake russian navy is still OP.
  11. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Does the Italian Cruiser Line Still Suck?

    Thanks, I'll try again in 6 months maybe.
  12. Hey everyone. I decided to take an indefinite break after the colossal Italian cruiser line disappointment. Does the line still suck or is it safe to come back? Do they still have that SAP trash?
  13. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Italian cruisers over?

    If the event didn't end by permanent deletion of the entire Italian cruiser line, they didn't end it correctly.
  14. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Which is the best tier 8 premium DD?

    Kidd with CVs Loyang without CVs.
  15. _Heebie_Jeebies_

    Genova is seriously subpar

    Unless of course it's a Russian ship. 😉 Omaha - Sucks Marblehead - Sucks Murmansk - Great All three are tier 5 and all three are the same class. But one of them is Russian. Shh. Genova is a floating turd.