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  1. General_Drunks

    CV Rework Feedback

    its not hard to see what way the ships are going to attack them with the planes of torps or bombers all you have to do is watch the smoke trail from them … same way as when they are backing up and players are trying to hit them with HE or AP smoke trail tells a lot
  2. General_Drunks

    CV Rework Feedback

    I only found a few things wrong ..one you cant mark your enemies air craft from a DD ,CA ,BB or other CV for AA to auto track them to shoot them down another is that when I drop torps they go under the CV , BB , CA , that I attack i have released them far in advance for them to Arm and hit to destruct and nothing happens I have lost more games than what was won this go around ..other than that I think the planes control is ok maneuverability works fine as far as flak when my planes are shot at it seems to hit the center and takes out a lot of planes from formation it does leave me a few to carry out the attack ..DD's I know the torps will go under if they are deep water torps that would only be normal since the DD is lighter ..thanks WG looking forward to phase 3 of the test
  3. General_Drunks

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    you must have other things running in the back ground of your system...I have had no problems with any thing like that ..but I have had problems with the torps not blowing up and they was launch plenty soon enough they go right under the CV and do not blow up another is you can not mark and hold air attacks accountable with AA guns or protection from any ships that has AA guns to protect it in the regular game you can mark and hold to air attacks with AA guns but nothing here ..
  4. General_Drunks

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    3 cheers for SkaerKrow I agree with him
  5. General_Drunks

    CV Rework Feedback

    I notice if you are way to close to dropping torps they will not explode proper … arm at a reasonable distance and drop ...… mine hit good and explode unless I am way to close
  6. General_Drunks

    CV Rework Feedback

    no all works good check your log in and pass word make sure you have all of it type or copy to put in where it goes to log in
  7. General_Drunks

    CV Rework Feedback

    I agree with Dr_Venture must work with the team
  8. General_Drunks

    Problem entering game

    servers shut down says they are overloaded but I only see 4k people
  9. General_Drunks

    TST Server client Crashes upon start

    I would like to know from some one is the test server down today I tried all day to log in and can not can some one please tell me if it is working or not ...thank you
  10. General_Drunks

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    I feel the commanders should be max out for good performance ..BUT...then again it might make interference to the up grade of ships in the live game should there be a bug hidden and we skip this level of commander promotions while playing the test … BUT.. the commanders should make good XP so we can upgrade them for use in the test ...
  11. General_Drunks

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    A BUG I SEE FOR ME OR OTHERS I don't know if anyone has said but the deep water Torps from the planes of CV's do not strike and make hits on Other CVS's , BB's Or CA's every time I make a strike on any of those ships the torps hit but don't blow up or make any changes to the HP points on Enemies ships and I have released the torps soon enough for them to go in to the water and travel and make a solid hit ...
  12. General_Drunks

    Can't afford to Beta test carriers

    they made it this way so everyone gets a chance to test the CV's but if you play the regular ships supplied you will get your credits quickly to play the CV's again
  13. NyxWGA please help if you can i register for Public Test Server and have had no comfromation email for my acount it says it needs to be activated but no email of any kind can you help with this please sure would like to help on test server