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  1. General_D_runks

    match maker

    so i take it science is wrong and math does not work ...so that makes it negative
  2. General_D_runks

    match maker

    exactly .. thank you , this guy knows what i am saying and little white mouse was not wrong i remember that pattern as well .... not everyone is an idiot ... why is it you can lose more than you win and some times no wins for 20 battles and then its blame only on the people of a lost game or the last one alive ...if the game was fair you would not see people who fight and take on a fleet be 40-45% and those with a higher % range be as equal ... you cant be number 1 with a 98% range of game play and play 24k battles for one the time don't add up with the time it takes to do a random battle ... you cant start today playing after making account and be 98 % with 24k battles less than year not even 2 years
  3. General_D_runks

    match maker

    sorry for not a sudden reply but i have been sick and also taking care of my family .... you guys are right ... thank you for your reply
  4. General_D_runks

    match maker

    you are 100 % right ... i see what your saying ...many others thought this same thing sort of .... thank you
  5. General_D_runks

    match maker

    thank you men ...for your reply
  6. General_D_runks

    match maker

    look... I know what is going on with the logarithms ... and you can not do or say like the team that wins that's it all me causing the problem to win or not and only me that makes the outcome .... these logarithms are singling me out and keeping me on losing team contumely ... 12 battles and they are all lost games ... I do not control these people that play ... but I do know that logarithms can be made to single out players and find teams to put certain players together that will win or not ... this is downright bull crap... tell me then why my teams loses always ..12 games in a role lost ... then what's the % to win or not ... putting low % people on teams that logarithms know that will lose see my game match screen shot s ... this is bull crap... I alone do not control other players to win or not ...... logarithms do ...these Russians need to stop being bios ...
  7. General_D_runks


    yes it sucks because cry babies always want to change things then when that happens they are not here to play ever again so why keep changing things that are not broken for cry babies then they just disappear...
  8. General_D_runks

    aircraft carrier game freeze

    I am slow with responding like a few months maybe .. but yes I did do that .. thank you
  9. while playing the new tier 4 Russian CV the game becomes frozen near at the end of battle time you want notice it part of the time but while in battle returning to your ship you will go underwater for a period of time as well as you returning back to the ship after shooting your rockets drooping of bombs or torps then as the game dose freeze you can still send messages in game and hear all the sounds and possible sink ships you did not fire at what a bum deal this is the war gaming wants to charge you monies for tokens and put them out of your reach to obtain such ships they call early access .. please watch this video of the most recent battle of the new tier 4 KOMSOMOLETS if not sure how to watch this file open your game center and minimize it going to c: drive then games folder then open warships NA game folder then look for warships exec. and drag the file here on top of it and it will began to play for you as if your in the battle .. Thank you the real General 20210908_165216_PRSA104-Komsomolets_10_NE_big_race.wowsreplay
  10. do to my communication skills with out the words from war gaming... i have been called a liar by War Gaming ... more or less in your clan members area you will see the days your members have been in the clan and the last battles fought so i as all of you here how can you fight more battles that you are in the clan with .. great example is the member Ginger_ Avenger in our clan for 45 days his last battle is 46 days ... this is more than he is in the clan the last battles and here is a screen shot of it War Gaming says this does not happen and they also say its impossible for any clan members from any clan to be put constantly on a losing battle team and play 20 random battles and lose all 20 at no fault other than your own .. .it is just like those freaks that come in to your port and send you messages saying your 29 % and the lost game is your fault and not theirs for coming in to the battle in the room of the battle where you are playing and over all these freaks of percentages mostly just started there account and has not been here playing since day 1 or 2012 and only play one to maybe 4 battles a year thinking premium ships of tier 8 thru 10 is what made them the heroes ...a very wise question is this how can some one that just started an account of war ships in 20 19 or even 2020 have more battles than those that started and play every day from 2013 or 2014 how can these people have 20k plus battles with an account started in 2019 and you started in 2015 or 2014 and play every day to those that play a battle twice a day how is this possible ..War Gaming here is a clear screen shot of what i speak you say you listen to your players and resolve what needs help with .. i been playing since 2014 or 2015 my self how ever you wish to look at it but the math of time played to the years of time played with the hours of time played just don't added up for those new mouthy account percentage people ..i know when things are not right and i also know others know when things are not right .. we all can not be wrong .. now look at this screen shot of what i speak on ..this is not the only time this happens i catch it threw the weeks some times many times over .. the name is Ginger _ Avenger
  11. General_D_runks

    IChase opens 3000 crates

    Or get it when it is in research they have gotten really bad about given out ships they want you to spend 200 dollars or more even up to 500 dollars before you get 1 ship
  12. General_D_runks

    Prime Loot mission Complete. Santa Crates Results.

    i have not gotten a new ship from any of the crates in 2 years
  13. General_D_runks

    Oil and Naval Base

    most people that join clan's are kick out after a year of service to that clan or longer . or . in most cases it is likely more of that 1 to 6 months and they are kick . Reason's very from discrimination to system line failures to not be able to play for long period time's such as maybe 1 to 4 hours worth or that of to be Normal Game Play Time for the person's day . Any hows we the people that build these navy bases should be able to take our Oil to another Naval Base when we rejoin a Clan after been kick the only person that benefits with us not been able to take our oil with us is the clan holder known as the owner of the clan . if you make so many hundreds of oil and then your down the clan owner kicks you keeping the oil bringing in a new member and keeping the function going until he or she achieve a full base built and the slaver gets nothing . with this new O N B 's coming why can we not just reset everything and give to the member of war gaming his oil to take with him where ever he so go.
  14. General_D_runks

    what just happened ?

    fish in the sea eaten the cable lines