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    Math issue with credits.

    Thanks. I have.
  2. This has to do with how the game figures credits at end of game. SS attached. I'm not figuring in ammo cost because it's not really relevant for this. Only the % that's being shown as subtracted vs. the actual amounts. Apologies if this is being addressed but my first cruise through didn't spot it. 1) Total rec'd: 97,109 --- % shown as subtracted as "Spent" for service is 22% (which is wrong, but another time). That would be 11,653. The amount taken was 36,675 which is 33% 2) Total rec'd: 132,398 --- % shown as subtracted as "Spent" for service is 12%. That would be 19,065. Actual amount taken was 105,600 which is 66%. 3) Total rec'd: 79,311 --- % shown as subtracted as "Spent" for service is 12%. That would be 9,517, Actual amount taken was again 105,600, which is 133% of the total, It should have been 9,517. The result was a negative -49,359 4) You can see... Nothing is being listed for deductions... damage to enemy, etc... which I do see when it happens. (BTW, the 22% deduction for #1 included the "-10% of service cost" for the Bravo Terrathree signal. I was told that this deduction is correct. But why does a signal I purchase to help my score take credits away. Is this correct?) This has been happening for a while and I hoped that previous update would fix it. If the display says 12% subtraction, how are 66% or 133% deductions occurring? (Note: Most of the super-large deductions are happening with the USS Iowa, but I see it on every ship). Thanks!