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  1. this was my thought as well. I think this would be far more feasible. Granted it would take some work to redo the lines already released to the game. But it would be something to look forward to in future line releases.
  2. Buzzardsluck

    Is the BOT AI been turned up over the last 6 months?

    Co-Op is fun and I enjoy it a lot. Two rules I live by playing it though. If you play and there is 5 or more Bots on your team, take the outside and make them chase you and hopefully you can knock them off as they come for you. The bots will knock heads in the middle and if you go middle in these games you do not last long and usually walk away with a loss. They did adjust it though awhile ago to make it more interesting. Hate the CV bot. If you do not have a player with a CV in the game their should be none. Only complaint.
  3. Got to stock up on me flags and assorted goodies. Always a fun time.
  4. Buzzardsluck

    +2/-2 MM is OK.

    Does anyone know the mechanics behind MM? Is some kind of weight given each player and does each team chosen on those weights? I ask this because sometimes even before the game starts, the MM looks favored towards one team. Just wondering how teams are chosen.
  5. Buzzardsluck

    So about the server disaster

    Was happening to me yesterday. Went for a nice ride in the country with family. Weekend play sucks anyway.
  6. got 2 ships caught in battle, disconnected from server, signed back on, still in battle.
  7. Buzzardsluck

    Mountain Range map

    A is the trap Cap on this map and BC is the winner. I do not know how many games I have played where the team that takes A and gets stalled loses. You have to take C and then push as a team into B for a much better chance to win the game. The island chain acts as a great barrier when protecting the 2 caps, BC. If the team takes A they have to get beyond the chain into B to win, but the islands near C act as a secondary line of defense, where the smaller islands in A act as a trap with players becoming campers. Hate this map BTW, right up there with weekends IMO. I just SMH when someone calls out A and then says it can be done. Yes, but why make it harder.
  8. Buzzardsluck

    One who plays solo

    TY, I do like the game and enjoy playign the many different ships. That is what I like most about it. Believe you, I think if I just played my Kamikaze I would of been well over 50%, but what is the point. That is why I take my hat off to players who can play the cruiser lines, which I think it the hardest by far.
  9. Buzzardsluck

    One who plays solo

    I am using a 19 captain in my Mass. Secondary build short of the 4 or for assigning the secondary guns. My Miss. Alabama and most of my other USN have a mid to high 50% WR. I should stick to one ship and grind to over 50%, but enjoy playing different styles. I did bring my WR up from about 48.70 to 49.60 basically only playing random on week night 7-9 pm EST.
  10. Buzzardsluck

    One who plays solo

    I pay mostly solo because of the time varies when I play. A win rate of over 50% is my goal but it is extremely hard, weekends is terrible. Just got the USN BB Mass. 0-5 all weekend games so far. Raising my win rate over the past 6 months is a up down battle. What ever is gained during the week nights are loss if I play ion the weekend. I also find MM awfully one side in many matches. You can almost tell by checking the teams . I do not know if anyone has noticed this. i do not know how one side can have so many elite emblem earner and the other none. Elite emblems for 100 wins in the top 3 or extremely high damage emblems. MM really blows on weekend.
  11. I mostly play BBs, but have noticed, I don't know if the word coward is correct, but players who do not even approach the cap, never mind support those who are trying to take it. Player who spend half the game behind where they spawned. I am sick of BB drivers taking the biggest island on the map and going around it. By the time they get around the game can be lost. I have said in the past, a BB that is at spawn or behind it with more than 50% health, should be penalized XP and credits. I am sick of BBs who do not support team,ending up near the top of the heap and they did nothing but get most of their damage at end. That is why my Karma will never be high because I am constantly calling them out to move forward. I know it is a game, but play it, if not, candy crush is a good option.
  12. Buzzardsluck

    Monaghan and Massachusetts

    Well, I love the Bama and this is no Bama. The main guns are bad IMO. I am probably 0-4 now, did not wait to see the horror show team I was just on. I try and support DDs and the caps while other BBs sit 1 click off spawn. She can brawl and her secondary's are excellent, but without support, you know the story. So, you can sit back in her with bad guns or move up and brawl, get some good secondary hits and kills, but once focused, you know the story. Weekend player suck and most ride the back line, so no support.
  13. Buzzardsluck

    Monaghan and Massachusetts

    I had to go on the web, go to the shop through the WOWS home page, sign in there. Would not show up through premium shop off of port menu.
  14. Buzzardsluck

    Monaghan and Massachusetts

    The Mass. is not in my Premium shop and I am a Premium member/player. I am on the NA server. Wargaming Privacy Policy
  15. Buzzardsluck

    DD's going the way of the CV's

    Yeah I was thinking about grinding out the last of my Buffalo to get the DM. I like the heavy cruiser line because I am not much of cruiser player and the whole pick an island and burn people up is not my style. Would much rather play the scoot and shoot. No knocking the island hiding, just not my style.