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  1. Buzzardsluck

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    Very simple, the gameplay other than co-op is bad. Just played the new game where it is T9 and T10 against lesser tiers, we got destroyed, not even close. . T9 and T10 BBs grabbing the edge and behind islands. You wait over 5 minutes to grab an island is all I need to know about the other players. Co-op it is advance and kill. Co-op 30 seconds and you are playing. The people are better to interact with also.
  2. Buzzardsluck

    Asymmetric Battles

    Played 1 game with a T9 IJN BB. 2 Bbs grabbed the edge and hid behind an inland. All I need to see. T9 and T10 and we got destroyed. Not even close. Other than Co-op I have no use for this game. Lost interest long ago because of player. Co-op much better interaction.
  3. Buzzardsluck


    I agree, but I found in most cases that there was not any team play in Random either. I mean how many games do you hear an attempt to focus on 2 of the 3 caps or concentrate on a certain direction and half the team ignores. Ranked was always more of a team effort and if not, it was a certain loss, which made Ranked very enjoyable. You can still get team play in CoOp, like smoking up for another player. It is a great play to hone in on certain skill or ships..
  4. Buzzardsluck


    To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I played Random. I think Ranked has gone bad also because Random has turned so toxic and many are going into Ranked to get away from it and some toxic has found it in there also. To be truthful, just not interested in BBs sitting in Spawn. German BBs sitting in back, come on. I enjoy playing BBs but when you are the only one up and supporting Cruisers and DDs it gets old. DD with all the radar is the only thing that remained interesting, but even that has dropped in enjoyment. Co-Op has become very enjoyable to me and it seems to many others also. A couple of years back, you would maybe have 1/2 a team of humans. Most games are all humans now and it is a very good environment for gameplay. Not much talking sh!t or harrasing other game players in comms. Very good sportsmanship. I wish Wargaming would off balance the team a little give NPC more ships. Maybe 12 against 7 or at least trying it out. I know random is not cool. Well I am an old guy looking for something to keep this game enjoyable. One thing I give credit to Wargaming, they offer up enough ships for anyone style of gameplay or for when you are interested in trying something different. Thank you for keeping it enjoyable for this senior.
  5. Thank you all. I will look into all you've posted.
  6. I have been getting booted lately and have not played random in fear of handicapping my team. My speed test for internet comes in at 531.8 Mbps, Upload is at 39.9 and Latency is 14ms. My computer is a Dell a few years old AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor 3.40 GHz, 8gb ram. Should I have a problem?
  7. If it is a close game I will add "GG" to both teams. If it is a blow out by the team I am on I only say it to my team. It the other team destroys us badly I will post "GG your team"
  8. Got the T9 after about 5 chances. Lucky for once. Bonus was the tokens I also got.
  9. Buzzardsluck

    grinding a line...

    I have grinded 21 lines. Some I played out because they were fun to play and have done twice and 3 times. Some to a certain level then stopped and played a little at a time. Some used free EXP to get through the ships that I hated. So, find the ships you enjoy to play the most, be it BB, DD, CV or cruiser. Then do the next and so on. Just a few ideas. Enjoy. Flags, use what you got. You will figure it out. Which works best.
  10. Buzzardsluck

    Worst ranked ever

    I agree. This Ranked is terrible. Cannot get out of 5 because players suck so bad and do not play as team..
  11. Buzzardsluck

    Thunderer player with only 22 battles?

    They could of spent their money better, IMO. The ship does nothing for me and should get the award for spending more time in or in back of spawn area. Does nothing for team play. Only a pad your stats ship. I am a below average player at 49% and only have 32 games in it and suck with it. But, to be fair, I support caps in my BBs and unless you play AP with it which and I have tried , it is useless. Many better ships out there. Ohio anytime over it.
  12. I play co-op, random and ranked depending on what I feel like dealing with or what time of day. Co-op is great for knocking out missions where a win is needed. Random is great for me early evening, weekends and early to late afternoon is terrible play IMO. I pay ranked when there is no other events going on. But, the main reason I play and I believe most people play co-op is, no stress, just charge and kill. It is also a great way to break in a new ship. The game is about having fun, so find what does it for you and enjoy.
  13. Buzzardsluck

    Free XP ships?

    Any news on future free xp ships from WG. Missouri was one of the best free xp I got. Now I have 2 million and wondering how to spent it. The European DDs are not my play style or I should say i am not good enough for them IMO.
  14. this was my thought as well. I think this would be far more feasible. Granted it would take some work to redo the lines already released to the game. But it would be something to look forward to in future line releases.