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  1. MrSharkswith

    Radar Yueyang in Ranked

    Look, if a player with better stats can do well in a ship that the community *thinks* is out of meta, then they clearly know what they are doing. This is, after all, how we have meta shifts and constantly evolve how the game is played.
  2. MrSharkswith

    Clan Battles MM is crap

    CBs have become uninteresting and stale, not surprised to see the numbers of clans drop off. Certainly not fun facing the same clans two or three times in a day. It's the Hurricane experience in Storm!
  3. My thoughts on how to make rockets more balanced is >Decrease the ship alpha damage and penetration across the board >Increase module damage for all rockets While I have little idea on how much the increase/decrease should be, I'd say most rockets that aren't tiny tims should do about as much as a mid tier DD shell or less. Make the usefulness of the rockets the ability to strip soft AA mounts on larger ships, and try to make attacking DDs less appealing. We could also go into how the aircraft spotting mechanics should change, but that's a different topic.
  4. Kidd replaced one torp launcher with a quad 40mm mount IIRC Fletcher has always had better AA than Gearing due to having 5 turrets vs 3, even if it has less guns.
  5. I think there are very few skills that are useless, but most are situational My picks for situational would be: >Demo Expert at high tiers (good at tier VI and under) >Vigilance, unless you're doing some wierd German BB/DD build focused on finding torps and have the special captain >The new MFCAA, since sector switching is annoying and you lose just as much AA on your non-reinforced side, thus making planes flying over not take as much damage when turning around or F key-ing out >PM if you are taking it over PT, and not as a "have one more skill point on something that doesn't take EL" >Incoming Fire Alert is super situational and I can't say I recommend it unless you are really, really good at speed juking. Useless? >High alert seems pretty pointless, just take JoAT and the flag, and get all your consumables back quicker (may change for the new RU BBs and the special commander) >Smoke Screen Expert. If you take this and not just for the Dunkirk captain meme builds for you RN CLs, let me know. Most skills are too expensive, IMO, and we need more, but I can't really spitball what skills I'd take/make for the game that wouldn't show some massive bias or just be as useless/overly useful as the ones we currently have.
  6. MrSharkswith

    whats this about a torp nerf?

    Hol' up. Now that flooding will do less damage, and therefore be less likely to have a ship DCP a single flood, therefore giving a successful torp strike not only massive alpha, but then a follow-up DoT that makes successive strikes easier... It's a nerf?
  7. I'd also like to see some buffs to her, if not all tier VI ships to some extent. Would you like to see Strasbourg at tier VII a la Jean Bart to Richelieu, by the way?
  8. MrSharkswith

    whats this about a torp nerf?

    True, but tier X balance seems to be WG's focus as of late (despite Stalingrad). It's there that ships have enough health to take two or so torps and live long enough to watch flooding kill them over the next 45s as they wait for DCP to come back. I never had much of an issue with how the flooding worked, but just how much damage it did. From working on ships/boats, a fire is way more dangerous to the ship and her crew, while floods are more manageable if you compartmentalize your ship correctly. Either that, or implement a mechanic where you take less flooding damage the slower you go? This change is a direct response to the CV rework, and it's only a side affect that it may change DD balance. I wish this was in the current PTS, so we could see how it might work.
  9. MrSharkswith

    whats this about a torp nerf?

    Yup it was far too easy to chain floods in cvs on the PTs client, now it'll be more manageable I think we'll see more flooding damage in the future now that it's not so lethal
  10. MrSharkswith

    Ranked Sprint In a Shellnut

    I like the 5v5 format much better than 7v7 the games are quicker and you have more individual impact on them. Which is good, if you have another competent player.
  11. MrSharkswith

    Ranked Sprint In a Shellnut

    I finished in 20 battles with the De Grasse making up the majority. Dunno what's so hard about it. (I kid, I kid. Ranked is like 60% luck)
  12. Post the graphs n such, Deaf But Colorado feels better at hitting consistently. I don't know if it's the faster reload or slower MV that lends it to better shooting, but Nagato feels very powercrept these days
  13. Since the Kitakaze gets 192,000 HE DPM and 272,000 AP DPM, with 1/4 pen HE... I don't think it's much of an ask for 30 RPM, since she lacks any other means to damage ships, with a servicable-but-not-great AA suite, and has kind of mushy handling.
  14. MrSharkswith

    5 Reasons You Should Be Playing Clan Battles

    Radar? In MY clan battles? Unconcievable!