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  1. Chilkotin

    game freeze lag after patch

    try this http://warshipnews.blog/2018/06/11/world-of-warships-and-win-10-troubleshooting-guide/ especially the part about starting the game without War Gaming Center, If you are having issues with the Wargaming.net Game Center, you can create a shortcut to C:\Games\World_of_Warships\WorldOfWarships.exe or go directly to C:\Games\World_of_Warships and double click on WorldOfWarships.exe to run the game without launching it from the Game Center. worked for me no more ping issues, lag or dis connects. Going on 2 weeks now without an issue. Colin
  2. Chilkotin

    Negative Ping

    Thank you, went through everything and lo and behold running the game with out the Wargaming center solved my problem, no dis-connects, no ping issues or FPS drop, nothing Hmmmm.
  3. so is Wargaming at least going to acknowledge this issue? The dis-connects have been almost constant for me. I've run their WGcheck program, nothing, checked my connection 200+mbps download and upload speed, followed all the procedures set out by Femennenly, not sure what next. Premium expired last night so won't be buying anymore time until this issue is dealt with, hate to walk away but just might have to.
  4. Chilkotin

    Server issues

    exact same thing with me. WGcheck shows nothing, my ISP is running 269mbps download and 216mbps upload with 16ms ping, might take a bit of a break to see if they can get it figured out, premium time runs out in 6hrs anyways.