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  2. Money can certainly get you a lot in life...and in World of Warships. But does that new premium battleship sitting in your port, that permanent camo on your cruiser or the captain you instantly retrained really make a difference? Does your shelling out cash make the game more enjoyable/ easier to play? Or are you just a wallet warrior? Is there a statistically significant difference in the win rates of premium vs freebie players? What do you guys think? I personally don't think so. Sure you can get those premium ships, but not all of them are good (I'm looking at you Krispy Kreme) and most cost not n insignificant amount of dough. You can get premium account time for better xp and credits, but that just makes the game less enjoyable to progress through (my opinion). You can retrain your captain for free, but then again, you can always start with a new captain. Commander points aren't too painful to gain again.