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  1. Aftvent Calandar Supercontainers

    100 india delta and 100 zulu, while not great could have been much worse.
  2. Battle of the North Cape, Mission 4, Task 2

    think he meant how easy it is for most to knock out your main batteries, and now for the next few days you'll just be an even higher target then you already were.
  3. Another grind done!

    this holiday season i've ground out to many ships to count. since xmas i've been able to unlock and purchase nelson, midway, hakuryu, yamato, des moines, gearing, lion, dmetri donskoi, z-23, kiev, hsienyang, akusuki along with all their respective module upgrades. the holiday crates and the 35-1 xp finally motivated me to kick it up abit more. now im sitting at 1.4mil in free xp waiting for musashi to come out and whatever fun things the new years holds.
  4. I...finally did it...

    i suggest if you have gamescon/wyvern flags you mount them with zulu flags and games of 70k dmg or more will easily net you 1mil or just around it each game. it will quickly become one of your favorite ships if you enjoy bb's.
  5. Advice for the Minotaur

    yea, just wish warships had achievements like tanks does. would be nice if they introduce them later on if certain things can be grandfathered in. but in that game all i did was run it like a dd and i was lucky in that i had a gearing that was able to loan me his smoke when i needed it and mine was on cd. also the enemy team that completely ignored me till after i had helped take 2 caps.
  6. Advice for the Minotaur

    i would agree, just reducing how easily we take citadels would be nice. But then I've also had amazing games post smoke nerf. attached is probably my best game I'll ever have. and i was at work at the time so didn't have replay going... wish i had. point is we just have to play the mino differently and abit more protectively for it to really perform well.
  7. bought a 20 pack of mid range ships, pulled kidd, nikkolai 1, kamikaze, heughne and lo yang i already owned for 6800 dubloons, also pulled another 3k dubloons from opening. finishes off every premium ship i didn't have that were available or i didnt get last year. so im happy and content. and i have all the premiums i could ever want now just would have loved to pull some premium time, but wont complain these boxes are my favorite things in the year other then the also rare 35/1 weekend. which im also overjoyed to see happening now.
  8. Advice for the Minotaur

    first thing is to understand you probably want to play mino more like a dd then a cruiser. know your ranges and know when to smoke and when not to. also don't be afraid to leave your smoke if your not comfortable there, plus most dd's and ships with torps love sending torps into areas of smoke where mino's have been spotted. after that most of it just comes down to being situationally aware of which red is targeting who, typically if you can start targeting someone that has their guns turned away from you it takes a lot of possible incoming shots off you since people love to tunnel vision in this game. i also usually have my hydro up shortly after i drop my smoke just so i see anyone who might potentially spot me while im hiding in my smoke, makes some choices easier then others. other then that the biggest trick is also using the terrain in each map to your advantage whenever possible. don't be afraid to run away/around and island to avoid the enemy team coming after you. As others have said minotaur is probably the best anti-dd ship in the game quickly able to gun down any DD from any line in a few short volleys before they can get away, problem is usually the other team unloading on you in the same process so be smart about how you do things. alot of times i am able to avoid damage because i turn into their shots rather then away, then while doing so slam my brakes on pop smoke and then hydro up to hopefully keep any dd i was trying to kill marked while i finish it off. hopefully your lucky and you'll have someone else that can also help in the spotting cause that is what is the worst when you don't have a way to know if your in a safe area or a bad spot that you need to extricate yourself from. but as you play it more you should get a good handle on it.
  9. if were talking about games im most proud of, would probably be this i pulled off last weekend. haven't heard of anyone else pulling of a full team kill, esp. at teir 10. just wish i could have had replay manager on the computer.