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  1. kapri25

    Today's facepalms....

    Yeah I kind of figure that. But I have to start somewhere for now. PVE will, like you said, familiarize me with the ships, types of class, and each nation's up and downs. Here's to learning! Cheers!
  2. kapri25

    Today's facepalms....

    Thank you all for your advice. A lot to keep in mind. For now, will (que the cheers from veteran players) stay in co op and lower tiers to get more of a sense of the ships. Yes, my time in Blitz and PC WoT has taught me that being new does not mean I should buy a premium vehicle (ship) and blindly believe that because I have a premium I am invincible and rush the enemy. And then call the team a bunch of idiots. Again, thank you for all the info! Fair seas and smooth sailing to you all!
  3. kapri25

    Today's facepalms....

    As a some what newish player, I did not know DDs were supposed to be the primary cappers. Just starting to understand the targeting methods of torpedoes and can say that 99 percent of the time I will not hit team mates. Of course if a team mate decides to turn back to 'reengage' is another matter altogether. Sorry my Derzki shot 12 or so torpedoes at the enemy and you decide to get back into the face of the cruiser/battleship that has already stripped you of a good portion of your health. Have not gotten into pvp at all really. So I know I have a lot to learn. Have played WoT and WoT Blitz more than this but have been starting to play more here. Finally, who would be a good person to learn from more about destroyers? I enjoy them insofar and would love to be able to really start to learn the ins and outs of this class of ship.