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  1. JSFWRX85

    One thing to change on new BBs

    pretty much. If they were Soviet, they would have 28 knot top speed because they would of had some fantasy engineering refit and 25 second reloads because of superior Soviet engineering when it came to making big naval rifles.
  2. JSFWRX85

    this years christmas event

    38 seconds
  3. JSFWRX85

    Kansas - Awful -

    Given their speed. Their reload should be 30 seconds. No reason for the 40 seconds when Montana has a superior broadside with the 30 second reload and better speed.
  4. JSFWRX85

    Your Most Cursed Ship

    USS Montana. Cannot buy a win in her. Im sitting at a sub 40% WR and I flat out refuse to play her anymore.
  5. JSFWRX85

    Has WG removed any coal ship/captain before?

    Yes they have. What’s your play style? That should determine the ship you should get
  6. JSFWRX85

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    Here is my question. Forgive me if it’s been brought up but if the justification for the 40 second reload is her number of guns then explain the Montana. She mounts 12 - 16” guns aswell. Why the faster reload on her then the Minnesota or Kansas when all 3 have the same broadside? I can understand Vermont with her broadside. But not the other 2.
  7. JSFWRX85

    What is really ruining the game

    its a multiplayer game that allows players to interact with other people with relative anonymity. What do you expect? You think this is bad? You should of seen the days of MW2 for Xbox 360. You want to see trolling and derogatory comments. The toxicity in those matches make this game look like a civil debate over dinner. I do miss that level of trash talking at times. It was legendary.
  8. JSFWRX85

    H-45 German battleship

    sure, put it in.....as the halloween event boss. That would be fun. Each turret can turn independently. Each turret fires. 4 ships instantly detonate. You now have 10 minutes to sink it before it fires again until so on until its either sunk or your team is. Expanded ship roster. No limits on types of ships.
  9. JSFWRX85

    H-45 German battleship

    to be fair the Seawise Giant floated.
  10. JSFWRX85

    KotS XI NA - most played/banned ships

    probably lack of availability. Slava is a recent release to the Research Burreau taking time to get, and PR has only been available in that event fiasco. It has to be one of the rarest ships in the game at this point.
  11. JSFWRX85

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    eh maybe there will be an update after launch where these ships get the enhanced US Secondaries like everyone wanted them to have.
  12. JSFWRX85

    Imperator Nikolai I

    great video. Tis a shame the ship was never completed. I hate seeing drawings of ships that were almost. So many awesome ships lost to budget cuts, new war, treaties, etc.
  13. JSFWRX85

    Rumor mill on new coal ships...

    I would just sit on the coal and keep it until you see something you really want. Why settle and get something just because you can. If they say they are gonna pull Yoshino or Pommern then maybe you make a choice rather than lose the opportunity. But IMO i would just sit and wait.
  14. JSFWRX85

    USS Washington BB 56

    with massachusetts secondaries at Tier 9
  15. JSFWRX85

    München the most squishy?

    more squishy than Omaha and Emerald?