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  1. Sounds ok. But she would still be eaten alive by cruisers, unless you are talking about giving her great concealment. Im in favor of bringing her back as she use to be, if nothing for the laughs. This game gets so frustrating at times. It would be good to have a ship just for the lulz.
  2. JSFWRX85

    CV Rework Feedback

    Overall i do like the rework, it is going to take some getting use to especially going after destroyers, i often find myself completely misjudging how fast the Shimakaze is often enough having me either shoot behind or having to avoid the drop all together. As for AA, not sure what happened but had a DB squadron fly right over my Worcester and even with Defensive Fire triggered, i didnt shoot down a single plan which is odd. I ended up shooting down 3 after it was on cool down but still, 3 planes out of a DB squadron and Torpedo Squadron at less than 5 km. Doesnt seem right
  3. Does it matter which gun is larger if both guns can penetrate the armor of the other tank? As for the engine, sure gasoline lights up, but despite this the Shermans did have low crew injury rates. Lower than British and Soviet counterparts.
  4. I agree, especially once the US joined the war. Had she been around and still causing havoc, i imagine the North Carolina would have been sent to track her down.
  5. based on what? The armor is comparable, the Mobility is comparable, the guns are comparable. Id probably give the US the edge on crew training and optics. As for the Sherman, watch the Chieftains video on "The Myths of American Armor" Specifically the part where he goes over crew survivability. Really dispels the myth the Sherman was a death trap.
  6. 1. P-51D 2. XXI 3. M4A3E8 / T-34-85 Im calling it a tie. 4. M1 Garand 5. That one that takes out what you throw it at 6. The one that fills your stomach 7. 1911 8. naughty nurse 9. Bradley
  7. JSFWRX85

    Too many BBs is the problem

    ive played in games with no BBs and games with no DDs and the games with no DDs were far better IMO. People played far more aggressive.
  8. Is it necessarily a bad thing in the Colorado's case? Is the Colorado that special to play that we shouldnt risk essentially replacing it? Not in my opinion. I dont see posts on here about how great the Colorado is to play. Before the German line maybe, when the US were the choice for up close fights vs the IJN. But since then? To me, the US line has kind of been left behind at tier VII, i think an post refit WV would bring new life and you would see more US BB players at probably the best tier in the game.
  9. JSFWRX85

    Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    The Refit could work at Tier 7, sure her AA suit is superior to Colorado but so is Texas in regards to New York. So what if she ends up more powerful than her tech tree counterpart. Wouldnt be the first time.
  10. JSFWRX85

    CV Rework Feedback

    in WG's defense i dont think the purpose of the rockets is Alpha damage, looks to be almost a guaranteed fire every time however. That might be their whole point, damage over time vs alpha
  11. JSFWRX85

    CV Rework Feedback

    Will there be another video released to show the complete AA re-work? Im interested in seeing how Cruisers like Des Moines are going to look. Also how are catapult fighters going to work? Are they just going to remove 1 aircraft out of the incoming squadron?
  12. JSFWRX85

    CV Rework, First Look

    The new re-worked AA system sounds awesome to, especially the visuals. Looks more like it did during the CBT
  13. JSFWRX85

    CV Rework, First Look

    I like it, looks better than what we have now. I wish they didnt show it against bots, but hey. Beggers cant be choosers.
  14. Kurfurst, her secondaries can wreck opposing ships.