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  1. JSFWRX85

    New 1v1 Brawls / T 9 and T 10

    i wonder how the Hindy would do in the 1v1 Brawl? Tank the damage until you get in close then unleash a broadside of torps? I remember the Prinz Eugen was a beast at the 1v1 Tier 8 Brawl.
  2. JSFWRX85

    find a way to cheat brawl

    i watched that on stream. A crime was defiantly committed. I felt bad for that Montana player
  3. They should buff Italian BBs by giving their secondaries SAP with that, they would be somewhat useful atleast.
  4. im not saying i want the ship. Im saying i can see WG going that route. As for only having 6 guns. We have ships in the game with only 6 guns.
  5. I think 2 is the most likely scenario. Mogami loses the 155mm and the CL line gets like Mikuma or one of the other sisters. I can also see a 5th option. Mogami is removed, the IJN Heavy line gets Mikuma, the CL line gets another sister, and Mogami is re-released as the hybrid carrier premium ship.
  6. Ive always heard it takes about 1,000 games before people should be able to be semi-competent in the game. Of course, Ive window lickers with something like 10,000 games so i guess its really YMMV.
  7. AP only with good torpedoes. Im sick of entire lines being dedicated HE spammers.
  8. JSFWRX85

    Why are subs THAT fast underwater?

    except slow US bbs have existed long before the "slow, ponderous, heavy hitter" line. Using the logic, NM and CO should of been doing far more than their 21 knots because the original US BB line was fast battleships. as for subs and their speed...easy. You give them even close to realistic speed and it quickly becomes evident they dont belong in the game proving everyone who thinks otherwise wrong.....and we cant have that now, can we?
  9. I don’t get why WG thought Super CVs were a good idea to begin with. Normal CVs are unfun to play against to begin with, but ships like Eagle? Come on. That thing is so ridiculously broken it’s not funny.
  10. JSFWRX85

    No one is coming

    lemming trains drive me nuts. Then you call them out and they cry that you should just follow them..... umm Someone needs to stop the surprise butt *** from happening or atleast try to delay. When i see them stall.... I quickly run out of my report karma things.
  11. JSFWRX85

    Japanese Light Cruiser Line Split Confirmed

    That is true. I didnt really think of it until you mentioned it. They really could do a hybrid tech tree line for the IJN. I think it would be terrible for the game, but they defiantly could do it.
  12. JSFWRX85

    Japanese Light Cruiser Line Split Confirmed

    Im curious if the Oyodo will be a member of the line or like a hybrid Japanese light cruiser similar to what the Tone is to the heavy cruisers. She did carry aircraft to assist in her operations.
  13. JSFWRX85

    Italian DDs

    I only have the Tier 5 at the moment but dam am I pleasantly surprised at how much im love playing her. I have her configured for torpedoes, getting the speed up and reload down vs going for gun range. To anyone who has the higher tier Italian DDs, is the playstyle pretty much the same throughout? Launch Torps like crazy and kill any DD that gets too close?
  14. JSFWRX85

    Japanese Light Cruiser Line Split Confirmed

    give her Italian Smoke and a speed boost....
  15. JSFWRX85

    Japanese Light Cruiser Line Split Confirmed

    ahhh good old kitakami divisions. I remembered getting called a hacker when i somehow got my Farragut between 2 Kitami worth of Torpedoes. Good Times.