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  1. my first impression....everyone targets you. Only played 2 games in it, She seems tanky atleast, despite being shot at by what seemed like everyone, i managed to survive a while. The guns however, seem a bit underwhelming atleast from my perspective.
  2. JSFWRX85

    Enemy Health bars should be removed.

    not in favor of this at all. Focusing the lower health ships is a valuable strategy. Sure it sucks being focused but hey, its part of the game and you can work around it.
  3. JSFWRX85

    Premium battleship indications

    Id go with Massachusetts.
  4. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    Yes, at the start of the match, there should be ships the CVs avoid. The Des Moines for example, the Worcester should be another one. Ships that were designed and built taking in the lessons of the Pacific War. When DFAA is turned on, it should an instant no fly zone in its area of effect. Any plane in there gets wrecked. You want to strike them. Wait till DFAA is on cooldown or their AA suite has been weakened down due to combat. I play the ships targeted by CVs, I speak with experience from that area. And I have eyes! I see what planes due to ships. You can build a ship for full AA build, activate DFAA and still get dropped on. THAT SHOULDNT HAPPEN not at 100% AA effectiveness.
  5. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    not at the start of the match. CVs can strike from the back without being shot in return for a while. Unless your team royally screws up map control its going to be a while before a DD breaks through and starts CV hunting. Meanwhile your planes are free to hit DDs without repercussions short of losing planes.
  6. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    Im sure Tier X CVs can strike her. Again, as a CV player you cannot have your way with EVERY ship. There should be some you stay clear of. If you are having this issue with her or other Pan-European DDs, stay clear of them. Sorry but DDs are already largely at the mercy of CVs, its great seeing a few who can actually fight back.
  7. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    you are complaining about 1 tech tree worth of dds. How many Tech tree DD lines have virtually no defense against CVs? My guess, far more DDs are susceptible to air attack then arent.
  8. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    level playing field? The CV class is so far above every other ship type in this game in terms of advantage. Can you even stop flight ops with fires anymore?
  9. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    a DD can open fire on any BB in the game, stay close to their max fire range and dodge. Sure they might get hit with a shell, but chances are that shell is just gonna overpen doing what 1200 damage? Sure cruisers are an issue, but cruisers are suppose to counter DDs so they should be an issue. A DD can just try and scout; plane flies overhead, drops their rockets or bombs and there is 10k health gone. All the while the DD cant shoot back at the CV unless he is actively chasing him. Sorry, but if the Friesland shoots down all your planes, just pick another target. Certain ships with good AA should absolute shred your planes especially when those ships are higher tiers.
  10. JSFWRX85

    AA is now to strong

    AA should be stronger and certain ships should be absolute no fly zones. As for Freisland. Good. We need destroyers in this game which arent just instantly gone the moment a CV turns their eye on them. Sorry CV players, but you shouldnt have your way with EVERY ship.
  11. This. MW2 lobbies turned kids into ultimate trash talkers. It was great. Ah the good old days. Now im a father of a girl who plays fortnite.
  12. JSFWRX85

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    32mm everywhere. That is a sad joke. Well we may have found the most useless line ever introduced to this game.
  13. I wouldnt mind seeing ISE in the game as a tier 7 premium. As for Tone, I think she could work. Maybe given her role as a scout cruiser you could give her a unique consumable setup of a fighter and a spotter plane or 2 fighters / 2 spotters, or a new scout plane consumable where you could click a point in the map and send a plane there that would act sort of like the fighter plane mechanic on CVs, but rather than shooting down anything, it just spots anything in the circle for a short duration.
  14. Dont advertise, just release. Then sit back and laugh when people experience that wall for the first time. Reaction videos are a must.
  15. JSFWRX85

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    you are correct. WG will likely look at their AA and realize it is to strong and nerf it.