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  1. Ravnican

    List of Battlecruisers

    Trying to split hairs is just a waste of time. We all know a battlecruiser when we see one or close enough to a battlecruiser to not die on a hill arguing it isn't one.
  2. Ravnican

    List of Battlecruisers

    The term term battlecruiser is pretty fast and loose. You can't really neatly categorize Graf Spee anyway. You have battleship guns on a heavily armored cruiser that is considerably faster that most battleships of it's day. Size shouldn't be a determining factor.
  3. Ravnican

    List of Battlecruisers

    Myogi, Ishizuchi, Kongo, Izmail, Graf Spee (yes, this is effectively a battlecruiser), Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Ashitaka, Kii, Amagi, Hood, Schanhorst, Gneisenau, Dunkerque, Alaska, Azuma, Puerto Rico, Yoshino, Kronshtadt, Stalingrad. And then borderline stuff like Georgia, Richelieu, Jean Bart, Moskva and high tier French cruisers. As for not in-game yet, Repulse, Renown, Courageous and the Lexington as she was laid down.
  4. Is the Benham worth a go at the mega crates again? My first set of 20 gave me Marblehead L, Siroco and Ark Royal. 29 big gifts gave zero ships (seriously WG?). Here are the remaining ships I don't have; Yahagi Viribus Unitis Hill Yudachi Lenin Wichita Bayard Fujin Friesland Benham
  5. Haven't finished directive 1 but figure with Gorizia I could knock out the first two directives this weekend. That being said I have already missed what, 8 days? or premium boosters points per minute. Is there any point at all in starting now?