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  1. For all ships in the premium shop I am taking their USD price as the value of the ship. Just want to see how well returns were on the Santa crates.
  2. I checked what Napoli and arp Yamato sold for. I’m going to use 34950 doubloons for tier 10s and call it even. Rare or not that equates to about $139 for a tier 10 ship. Thoughts? Is this a crazy assumption?
  3. I'm going off the price it was when it was in the game.
  4. Makes me feel not so bad about pushing for smolensk today.... I got it.
  5. So thinking $120 for an obtainable ship like Yoshino ~30000 doubloons and $140 ~35000 doubloons for a nonobtainable one?
  6. WG has done it before. Look at ARP Yamato.
  7. WG has done it before.
  8. So would it be outrageous to put obtainable tier 10 ships for $120 ~30,000 doubloons and unobtainable for $140 ~35,000 doubloons?
  9. What should Tier X and rare ships from santa containers be priced at for a ROI calculation? Yoshino B was $120 in the store. Should that be used for tier 10 and then for all other ships use the value to similar ship types/tiers? Thoughts? Would something like a Smolensk be worth more than $120?
  10. fzrs4523

    WoW twitch streams, and lack thereof.

    @Boggzy@Ahskance Was expecting a stream for community tokens. Won't have enough time now. Where are you?
  11. Is this a bug? Doubloon Ship Coupon says today but just reset.
  12. fzrs4523

    Tech Tree switching 0.10.11

    I have the extended tech tree from modestation. Good to know it’s not just me. Not crippling just extremely annoying.
  13. I’ve noticed in this patch that the tech tree won’t let me switch to other nations like in previous patches without first switching to a ship of that nation in port. Is it just me or is this a bug?
  14. Do we think Stalin will get pulled anytime soon considering how old it is? My concern is not having enough steel after this next choice.