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  1. Have an i7 and GTX 1070. Rest of the UI has no issue. Can never interact the dockyard in the client. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix?
  2. That''s the point - I found a UI bug. It went back to normal when you click away.
  3. I am not. This was completely a UI bug. I clicked away and it went back to normal. My client has been somewhat buggy this past week. I hit 21 billion knots in my Le Terrible in brawls last week. While ramming an island no less.
  4. A funny bug. USA Tier 9 ships appearing as Japanese tier 6 and 7.
  5. For anyone thinking about investing in commanders ahead of clan battles season with CMDR XP - A win will net you around 42K cmdr xp per battle with blues. Figure 6 wins a night (assumes playing every night) that will earn you 252K of cmdr xp (can be higher or lower depending on win/losses/time played). So for giggles, let's go with 300K per night. That will net you 1.2 million cmdr xp for a week of clan battles. Multiply this by 7 for the 7 weeks of clan battles. This will bring your total to 8.4 million cmdr xp earned over the course of the season. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING A 21-POINT CAPT. This way you can turn that all into elite cmdr xp and dump it back into your commander xp pool to use on other captains. I also show my numbers for Ship XP with 200% boosters and Net credits earned with blue boosters. I think Free XP is using blue boosters. I also wouldn't recommend using higher-than-green Ship XP boosters at tier 10 because they have nothing to research (usually). That's just me though. The econ payout is the same each battle and is only a factor of win/loss and what level bonus is being used. (edited)
  6. Is there a way to escalate a support ticket? I put a ticket in for a ship restoration and it's been several days with no action taken. The past 2 times I've done it, a ship has been restored by the end of the next day. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. How often can a ship be restored? Is there a waiting period between tickets?
  8. Never underestimate the power of the Christmas patch. My free xp was about 2.2 million until I did the armory thing today. Photo on the left is from 12/9/22. Photo on the right is from right now.
  9. fzrs4523

    Black Friday stuff... when?

    What time does the asia server reset? they usually get the friday stuff first because of the date line being ahead.
  10. fzrs4523

    OMEN Gaming Hub Raffle Campaign

    Is it a random giveaway or your get all or some of the rewards in those missions?
  11. I'm looking for what point in time did the new ships in 2021 not get added to the santa containers so that I can look at 2022 and try and predict the same before December comes around.
  12. Trying to estimate what will be on this year's santa crates so that I can plan money/resources to clearing out some before santa crates to increase chances of better rewards.