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  1. Philown

    Is Missouri worth if I have musashi

    The radar on it is also another feature that makes me want it...
  2. Philown

    Is Missouri worth if I have musashi

    I tend to say that WG is usually cheap as it can be... probably they only give one for all cuz to change a 0 for a 1 in your account is difficult for them...
  3. Philown

    Is Missouri worth if I have musashi

    so it's not sure that we will get it? Your right I didnt read carefully yet didnt have time
  4. Knowing that I still have half of the lines to grind and I already own the Musashi with which I'm not that good with (like the yamato ( why?)) but I had a blast and super stats in the Iowa. Is it worth to get the missouri? I wanted to give a donation for a while, 260$ is a [edited] huge donation but I would finally get the missouri. I bought like 200 crates over the past year to get such a ship that i miss by a little. THis would solve the crates problem for once and all... but is the credit income really worth it? would you do that? I was planning to donate 100$ eventually but 260 is quite a big gap but I spent more than that on christmas crates (shame). Plz focus on credit income. I know Missouri is like 1.75 and musashi is 1.5x but still is it worth that steep price knowing that at the very least I donate. Thanks for you advices!
  5. Philown

    2018 Secret Santa!

    CAPTMUD you've been a bad guy this year you will receive coal!!!
  6. Philown

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Lol so I gave twice, then people pretend to give but I got skip twice either. Why faking to give Edit: Thanks Lungiwear I got your! Sorry for that it's just that it already happened earlier
  7. Philown

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Well I did send it bro. Check your email :)
  8. Philown

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry christmas frontflip2cool gift sent!! Hope you get something better than flags!!! :P
  9. Philown

    2018 Secret Santa!

    Merry christmas Cruxdei !!! Hohoho Joyeux noël !!
  10. Yeah but I grinded my CV by selling the previous one. Like a lot of ppl if I don't have xp for a ship it's pretty useless to have such a load of credits
  11. This is what I'm saying: if at least we could get a full refund or even half of it. Because now for me it's like when you start from 0. I lost all good things that I had to grind credits or fxp. To me this is the most important things to know. Then comes the premium (which I do have like I said). Well since me it was my first ship I had no fxp, no captain, no credits. And yeah it is super long I've done little bit of cruiser or BB after that and it's super fast.
  12. I know there's so many of these subjects but there's something that concerns me and it hasn't been posted so far. I never posted on this forum for this time the CV rework brings me in. There's something that I would like to be considered: I bought some premium CV and honestly so far I'm considering maybe for a refund maybe to stop. Before going into any directions I will of course try the rework and maybe my mind will change. But what I like in CV is the fact that you can control multiple things at the time. It's to have numbers of squads under your control that to me, makes this fun. Now that that it will be a single squad at the time, I don't think I'll still be interested into that. So here's the point: I played only CV since I started this game. I grinded up to t10 all the way and it tooks soooo long (cv is the longest grind because you have to shift to same tier 2 times). So now that I have the Midway I'm just disappointed to see that my only t10 will become unfun to play. I would just think that it would makes it more fair to have a way to get another t10. Take back all my CV if you want I just don't want to grind back from t1 to t10 again without any t10 to enjoy. By this I mean, I would be satisfied to be able to trade CV line for a BB or DD or Cruiser line. Anyway it's not like we (CV main) would win on the trade because, like I said, CV is the longest grind of all. To me it would just be a compensation so that not all the effort of grinding that I put on CV are now none. Thanks for constructive contributions here