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  1. Hangout by the Sea

    Well, today I had a game where I managed to accomplish no more than a plane kill before receiving a detonation badge, but RNG will taketh, and RNG will giveth.
  2. Hangout by the Sea

    I think I use exp-boost camos a bit too much, I'm annoyed by a lot of the ships I'm grinding right now. When I played Ibuki, I think it was just me playing it badly, I never took full advantage of her Japanese HE until I was halfway to the Zao. People say Japanese AP is pretty good but I have never gotten it to work, once. Anyways, the game just crashed on me, so that's nice.
  3. Hangout by the Sea

    Took me a while to understand the Ibuki without a one-year break. I personally need to move around some camos, kinda sad I have almost no exp-boosting camos left.
  4. Hangout by the Sea

    I'm doing decently in all my ships, I just need to catch up to the current meta.
  5. Hangout by the Sea

    Wow, I personally had my first battle in two months yesterday, completely forgot how to play the Galissonniere, it turns out. Think I might start playing again... Got a bit hung up playing Warframe.
  6. Hangout by the Sea

    Oh hi guys
  7. King George V

    Well, I couldn't find any post-release videos on any ships from Queen Elizabeth to Lion, so I'm going to assume that the lack of videos on KGV isn't a great indicator of how good of a ship it is, or how many people are playing it.
  8. Simple fix to the UK BB line

    Well, that is what testing is for, isn't it? Granted, the changes to German DDs were a little late, but RN CLs and BBs were both changed in testing, weren't they? And dare I mention the Graf Zeppelin?
  9. King George V

    Searching for "World of Warships King George V" gave me three results from YouTuber's that I recognize, and have watched; iChase, Notser, and Panzerknacker. There's plenty more from people I don't know, but definitely not zero videos.
  10. OMFG

    No, WG canceled the line, they're putting focus on Russian carriers instead.

    I'd love to be a Zao in that match.
  12. Tropical Update!

  13. Thanks Niko!

    I didn't get to partake in being a corgi because I was gone for a week, but yeah, thanks to Niko for putting the effort into running this event yet again. Can't wait to kill some corgi's! ~Legendary_Typo
  14. Spotting range issues?

    Say that again? I have no idea what point you're trying to make.
  15. I'm pretty sure OP's the edgiest WG employee that will ever live.