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  1. Legendary_Typo

    Who is playing this game?

    Nice to see that the myth that young players are somehow consistently bad at the game is still prevalent in this community.
  2. I meant average as in statistically average. Regardless, I can guarantee you that no matter how determined even a super-unicum may be, earning 20.2 million credits, or 1.1 million experience, or 1.4 million free experience, or 600 thousand commander experience, in less than four days, is by no means "simple."
  3. Indeed, it's entirely possible to simply drive to the nearest convenience store, buy a ticket, and wait to see if you've won the lottery. However, it is not entirely possible for the average player to simply put in several hundred hours of effort over a 30-day period to unlock the Puerto Rico. Winning the lottery and unlocking the Puerto Rico are not the same. Sure, the chance of achieving either is minuscule, which I think we can agree on, but the latter requires significantly more effort than the former.
  4. If they didn't intend to mean "easy," then they should've never embellished the article with useless adjectives. "Possible" conveys the difficulty of the Puerto Rico grind far more effectively than "entirely possible." Same goes for "simply," which should have never been used in the first place. (No, in this context, simply does not mean easily understood; it means easily completed, which the Directives definitely are not) WG seems to agree, given that they've since changed the article and removed "entirely" and "simply" from it.
  5. The initial wording in the 8.11 patch notes themselves suggested the Puerto Rico would be easily attainable. "It's entirely possible to build Puerto Rico using only the boosters available for Shipbuilding Tokens" and "simply complete the event's Directives" drastically misrepresented the effort needed to obtain the Puerto Rico purely free-to-play.
  6. damn, this event is disgraceful.

    1. brawler1967


      This event is simply unattainable. Hope WOWs gets serious flak for it.

  7. yo how did weegee manage to screw up again?

    1. Admiral_Reeves


      ETC.  Its probably the worst thing they have considered doing.  Even Little White Mouse is pissed about it


  8. yikes

    1. BladedPheonix


      kicks down door with a seal team behind him,guns drawn*


      ........oh hi mark!

    2. QJW


      Understatement of the year 

  9. Legendary_Typo

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I'm not saying PCs are invincible to malware, but use your own PC wisely and you'll never run into any problems with virus/malware/ransomware etc. WannaCry was as effective as it was because many of the computers it affected were using outdated versions of Windows. Sure, Windows may not be the best choice for large corporations or hospitals, but as long as you actually bother to install security updates, your own PC will probably never run into something like WannaCry. Additionally, OS X/MacOS has its share of vulnerabilities, and if my mind is correct, there's been ransomware that's targeted Macs as well, there's a lot less risk on Macs, that's true, but you can't just safely go around clicking on every ad you see either. Just a sidenote, I'm not trying to convert you to the "PCMR" or force you to say that PCs are way superior over Macs, just trying to point out that switching to a PC to play WoWS isn't as slimy of a proposition as you think.
  10. Legendary_Typo

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    PCs can be weird. "Top of the line" isn't always actually the best option, and I've personally never had any problem with the four PC's I've used extensively in the past, at least nothing that wasn't caused by user error. Meanwhile, I've had plenty of frustrations with the OS X computers I've used. Honestly, as long as you actually do a decent amount of research, and look at what other people's experiences, PCs can be a lot less annoying than you've experienced. Windows 10 may not be the best OS, but I'd personally still take it over MacOS, and not just because I'm a part of the "PCMR."
  11. Legendary_Typo

    Forum Game - Word Association

  12. Legendary_Typo

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I mean, you do realize there's more laptops out there than the one you specifically used for school, right? Just because your experience with your school PC was mediocre doesn't mean all laptop PCs are unusable scum, you've got plenty of other options out there.
  13. Legendary_Typo

    Forum Game - Word Association

  14. Legendary_Typo

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Not really sure why you're looking at core count to determine gaming performance... You could have a 48-core computer that runs WoWS worse than a two-core one.
  15. So... RNG can be an absolute *ss at times. It'd be nice if my AP shells actually did something now and then.

    1. brawler1967


      Apparently I don't get on the forums too often. Ya my AP shells are sometimes useless too.

    2. LL_JuneBug


      Yea, its so different then the Brand X Forum. its not bad but I wish they didn't have a                                                    restriction size on the amount of pics. At least I can post videos. 

      Shake down cruise.