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  1. ayy lmbo


  2. So... RNG can be an absolute *ss at times. It'd be nice if my AP shells actually did something now and then.

    1. brawler1967


      Apparently I don't get on the forums too often. Ya my AP shells are sometimes useless too.

    2. LL_JuneBug


      Yea, its so different then the Brand X Forum. its not bad but I wish they didn't have a                                                    restriction size on the amount of pics. At least I can post videos. 

      Shake down cruise. 


  3. I don't know how, but you managed to disappear off my forum friends list.

    Quite the amazing act if you ask me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      (Yes, but it's for those who don't accept your friend request. They can't turn this one down! hehehe...)

    3. Legendary_Typo


      It's kinda like real life, I guess.

    4. HowitzerBlitzer


      You follow your friends automatically apparently... So it happens either way.

  4. cover photo = done

  5. wat dos this do

    1. DerekSlide
    2. Neltak


      Gives me a notification. :P

    3. FurDenKaiser1914
  6. TIL you can't put "February, 31st" as your month/day of birth on you "About Me" section...

  7. Time to move on to DDs...

  8. Nine games to get four kills for one task... I think I need to quit for a bit.

  9. And my laptop's acting up... Dammit RNG

  10. Need Admiral Hipper and Edinburgh and I'll have all non-prem tier VIII cruisers...

  11. EVE Online is going to mess with my plans to get Takao...

  12. BSoDs here, BSoDs there, BSoDs everywhere. Guess there's no Ranked for me.

    1. Legendary_Typo


      Or not... Apparently a mod supposedly working with 5.12 was breaking the game.

  13. Tier X is achieved.

    1. HerrCommandant


      Been way for a while on Heroes & Generals. Congrats!

  14. One of the people I was traveling with forgot their documents... Now we've diverted four days of our cross-country-ish-trip, at least this motel has wifi. .-.