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  1. mcraig66

    Game Servers Still down?

    Well still nothing doing for access for me. AND Then Presto Chango logs in. Now lets see if I can battle. Yep sure enough it works.
  2. mcraig66

    Godzilla vs. Kong in World of Warships

    Ok. So aside from when like everyone else wants to know. Let's have a real question. Does the ship get an AA buff if they have one of these monsters on board? As I recall from most of the monster movies these beasts get attacked by a fair number of aircraft and they swat a few out of the sky!!!
  3. HUZZAH! HUZZAH!! HUZZAH!!! In keeping with the British sailing traditions. We have some truly skilled artist etc. in the WOWS community! While I understand the commentary suggesting that the Super Cruise etc. should be a separate tech tree or that these break the rules. Since the rules have been broken and there is no indication that WG would go back . . . I would really like to see parity with UK, French and Italian Super Cruisers. Some of the other nations have 2-3 Super Cruisers already. And while we are at it. WG break out the paper ships and give the Commonwealth, Pan Asian, Pan American and, European tech trees. With unique ships not just copies of ships from other navies already in the game.
  4. mcraig66

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    Hey Hapa_Fodder! I've just been watching the stream. Very well done and thank you for putting this together! As to Diesel's comments I think that would be great to expand this format and I really hope that WG brings this back on a regular basis. I have added a few thoughts below for consideration for the next round. - Round robin tournament within each service for the honor of representing your service in the final four or six etc. - Bring in other services from around the world. I know that this was a US thing but even in the NA server we have a lot of other groups represented. Us Canadians for example. 3rd largest Navy at the end of WW2. Commonwealth, - Another option would be a regional format with and international final. Many options. A great event and commemoration of the service provided by so many. Thank you.
  5. mcraig66

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    Good Day to you! I agree with both you and Happa's response. It is a sad world where we have to be afraid to share info. So all I I really want to say is thank you for your service! o7
  6. mcraig66

    Season 17 ranked.

    3 ships that I love. But I am wondering if the Kutuzov will hold up?
  7. mcraig66

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Very nice. And thank you for that bit of information that the Achiles was a New Zealand. ship. I did not know that. I live in Ajax Ontario Canada. Named after the HMS Ajax from the Battle of the River Plate. We continue to keep the remembrance alive. i.e. most Town streets named after members of the crew. http://www.hmsajax.org/town-of-ajax/4561196397 Also, if any of you have seen the TV series 'Bombs Girls' it was modeled after the munitions factory here in Ajax.
  8. mcraig66

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    My thanks to the art department for creating this wonderful looking camo! Unfortunately, my crowbar was unable to open my wallet so I could not get the $40 Cdn. required. Not to mention the extremely high cost of the Hayate itself. 2 Million Free XP? After the price increase of the tier 9 FXP ships from 750K to 1 Million doubling the price for 1 tier is just so far out of reality. Sorry Charlie. Not me.
  9. mcraig66

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Wait... What? There is a News section...? ... I am so confused...
  10. Yeah. Excellent idea. I watch quite a few. here are a few of my favorites. Keviseeb is my current favourite he is very relaxed and has a lot of fun while playing. plus of course CC give aways. https://www.twitch.tv/keviseeb One of my top favs is Mr__Gibbins unfortunately he is in the UK and i rarely get to watch him as he streams during the day in NA. https://www.twitch.tv/mr__gibbins One Armed Bandit fairly relaxed...https://www.twitch.tv/one_armed_bandit81 Another good one is ASHLEYakaASHLEY quite a nice change of pace from many other streamers. https://www.twitch.tv/ashleyakaashley And of course Mejash always good to watch and learn from. https://www.twitch.tv/mejash Who's your favourite!?
  11. I agree with the sentiment! like GrayPanther2018 above I have done it and had it done to me. Just one other thing to keep in mind is while in the font line don't run in front of someone who is lined up on an enemy with torps and drive right between the ally and his target. As an example I was in the lead with my trusty Gallant while another lad in his trusty Gallant was following to my right rear (RR) I was torping to the right at a BB and a couple cruiser's and he kept driving into my line of fire. So I had to stop and warn him off. I did this about 3 times and he eventually ate one and kept blaming me for torping him. So While I did not like hitting him. the folks in the rear need to be aware of what is happening in front of them.
  13. Is it really gambling? there is no chance of loosing your money. You just bought a mystery loot bag like a kid in a candy shop who doesn't have the money to buy what he really wants. NOW THAT'S GAMBLING!
  14. mcraig66

    10 Air Supply = LOL

    Good question I often wonder about that. Especially when they give the CC's free crates. the CC's do a nice video showing the amazing rewards that they get and then we try and get bilge water. On the other hand try this on for size. I tried 5 crates and got. 12,500 Coal 20 Scylla 20 Leviathan 20 Sci-Fy Camo 20 Wyvern Then being of very weak brain couldn't resist and went back for 20 crates. 20 Basilisk 160 Camo 40 Leviathan 20 Wyvern 20 hydra 20 Dragon 20 Scylla 20 Red Dragon 12,500 Coal Enterprise Kaga Graf Zeppelin So looks like a mix of luck. We will have to wait and see if the luck dwindles over time.
  15. Well 5 crates so far no CV's. I'm not a CV player so much so I don't know why I even bought the 5. 12,500 Coal 20 Scylla 20 Leviathan 20 Sci-Fy Camo 20 Wyvern Happy with the coal and the flags. not so with the camo. AND really disappointed with no CV. Not fair to be so dissappointed but there it is. Can't see my way to paying $100.80 (Canadian) for 20 crates way too steep WG. Well so obviously I have no will power. Went back and bought the 20 crates. AND GOT OF THE CV's!!!!! Everything but the Saipan. Guess I'm going to have to learn to play CV's!