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  1. mcraig66

    Anzac Day - The 15 Perths

    Very nice. And thank you for that bit of information that the Achiles was a New Zealand. ship. I did not know that. I live in Ajax Ontario Canada. Named after the HMS Ajax from the Battle of the River Plate. We continue to keep the remembrance alive. i.e. most Town streets named after members of the crew. http://www.hmsajax.org/town-of-ajax/4561196397 Also, if any of you have seen the TV series 'Bombs Girls' it was modeled after the munitions factory here in Ajax.
  2. mcraig66

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    My thanks to the art department for creating this wonderful looking camo! Unfortunately, my crowbar was unable to open my wallet so I could not get the $40 Cdn. required. Not to mention the extremely high cost of the Hayate itself. 2 Million Free XP? After the price increase of the tier 9 FXP ships from 750K to 1 Million doubling the price for 1 tier is just so far out of reality. Sorry Charlie. Not me.
  3. mcraig66


    The business end!
  4. mcraig66

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Wait... What? There is a News section...? ... I am so confused...
  5. Well lets start with this is nice. Thank you WarGaming. Next --> but I work all day and don't keep screen shots of all the prices of all the premium ships. Why do i have to to figure out whats on sale? Throw a guy a frikken bone WG and just tell me clearly what is on sale please. And finally --> I agree with much of the commentary that people would spend more money if the prices were more reasonable. Same price for a tier 9 DD as for a Cruiser and battleship? that is not your pricing model for lower tier ships.
  6. You can already convert steel to coal. WG will never give you the ability to convert coal to steel. Just like we will never get the ability to convert Credits to Doubloons.
  7. Too Too True!!! And while we are at it. What the heck it the point of Ranked Battles with NO STEEL REWARDS!?!?!? Now while I like the idea of moving it around to different tiers...COME ON WG! Pay out at least some Steel!! WG while you are inflating prices, Kronstadt 750K Free XP --> Alaska/Azuma 1 Million Free XP, you also need to offer more opportunities to get those currencies. WITH STEEL BEING THE BIGGEST ONE!!!!!!
  8. Hi Wargaming! Did you make a mistake here and exclude Tirpitz in the article?
  9. "Nice" to see that WarGaming has updated the Large Camouflage Collection. And of course for their trouble they had to raise the price $5. Well glad to see that something hasn't changed! Oh sorry if that was uncharitable!
  10. mcraig66

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    Well here's my entry! Thanks for running these. I find them quite interesting and entertaining!
  11. Yeah. Excellent idea. I watch quite a few. here are a few of my favorites. Keviseeb is my current favourite he is very relaxed and has a lot of fun while playing. plus of course CC give aways. https://www.twitch.tv/keviseeb One of my top favs is Mr__Gibbins unfortunately he is in the UK and i rarely get to watch him as he streams during the day in NA. https://www.twitch.tv/mr__gibbins One Armed Bandit fairly relaxed...https://www.twitch.tv/one_armed_bandit81 Another good one is ASHLEYakaASHLEY quite a nice change of pace from many other streamers. https://www.twitch.tv/ashleyakaashley And of course Mejash always good to watch and learn from. https://www.twitch.tv/mejash Who's your favourite!?
  12. Yep! being a developer myself sometimes the dev is not very imaginative. But just as often it is the people making the business and design decisions. And the dev gets in trouble for going outside the requirements and not moving on to deliver the next piece quickly enough. The dev is often not consulted on these things and if they were they would frequently say just a little more effort and I could have given you that. Now it will cost a ton to go back and change it.
  13. Well WG there seems to be A LOT of common ground here for you to consider. We do not like the CV rework. Apparently especially not in Ranked. and while your ignioring these comments how about only 1 CV per side in Random's? When you come up with fun innovations, Arms Race, Stick with them! Mix up the Tiers in Ranked seasons equally. Maybe not all tiers but the mid to high Another thought maybe here would be to have 2 different tiers in a season. All the other rules the same just 2 different sets of ranked battles. Now rentals? I, not being a tier 10 guy like the idea while i understand the more experienced folks aversion to folks playing above their skillset. That being said why handicap them? NO CAMO???? Either allow us in on an even playing field or DON'T. Well...looking forward to being ignored once more...zzzzzzzz......