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  1. i am responsible for 5 players on this game and we are all leaving after all these years. i post this in hopes that the Devs will see this. I would just like to give some feed back. I would say my biggest complaint is CV is OP. the class in its current state, doesnt even need to exist if you ask me. a class where you can fire at a ship that cant fire back at you is not a fun and engaging experience if you are on the receiving end. the second biggest complaint is, how many 16" shells do I have to put through a DD for him to actually sink? every single update encourages the BBs to star further and further back. I hate staying back, i want to battle! The game, as of late, has taught me to keep my BBs 22km away from any red CA. I am no pro and don't claim to be, but this is my experience and everyone I play with agrees. They are done with CV ruining the game play experience. I wish the best to players on this forum and am greatful for the fun I used to have here. Thank you.
  2. might as well, cant be any worse the CVs screwing the game up
  3. Kerabatsos

    Rented Graf Spee

    So i sign into my account and a random Graf Spee is in my port and says rented for 9 more days. I must of missed something, but why is this there?
  4. Kerabatsos

    Web Speed affect Game play?

    got booted out of 2 out of 6 games tonight. now i am counting
  5. Kerabatsos

    Web Speed affect Game play?

    my hat is still on. maybe its not the speed of my web. its just inconsistent as f. i have come to expect to be kicked out of the game every 1 in 5 games only to sign back in and find my ship destroyed. and also the screen will lag or just freeze up for a few seconds then come back. it didnt used to be like this. i am about to move again. maybe i can get better web at my new spot
  6. i moved back in feb to a new state. the internet here isnt terrible but isn't near as steady and fast as it was at my past house. you can see since FEB, every month has been a downward slope in my win average. all my stats are down. i get way less Cits than what i used to. I am wondering if my web speed has screwed up my aiming maybe? or... right now my internet test speed shows 9 down and 10 up. even thought its supposed to be 200 down and 15 up. sometimes its only 5 up. or do i need to remove my tin foil hat?
  7. i was embarrassed this game because i got the kraken plus 1...then my dmg was only 87k. sorry dont have the dmg screen. at T9 i should of had more, lol. thats 14.5k dmg for a T9 BB, lol
  8. Kerabatsos


    yes i expect all my T2 ships to keep up with T9 ships. makes sense
  9. Kerabatsos

    Ships that get no love!

    i love the izumo. its a cit machine
  10. Kerabatsos

    shinome vs fubuki

    okay i see it a bit more clearly what i was missing on why it was a better ship now. thank you
  11. Kerabatsos

    shinome vs fubuki

    i read in older threads how shinome was better than fubuki. but as of now, fubuki seems to be better? conceal is equal maneuver is equal AA is better on fubuki Torps go 10km on fubuki but 59 instead of 63 torp reload is 3 seconds apart so almost equal fubuki wins at 11km range on guns but only has 4 guns shinome has 6 guns but range is 9km fubuki wins reload by 1 second from 9 to 8 hit points are equal
  12. now whats going on. it may be my age, but WG has so much going on at the same time all the time, i just play the game and dont pay attention to anything on the left side of the port screen
  13. Kerabatsos

    Got my Yamato today.

    pretty much plays like iuzmo... has bit cit. play 20km back.