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  1. RickPatton

    Preloaded weapons

    They are not loaded or armed till deployed.
  2. RickPatton

    For operations: Arizona or West Virginia 1941?

    I have no regrets getting Arizona. It is a tug boat but can take some damage.
  3. RickPatton

    PEF Campaign End Date

    All the info is here, https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/january-missions-2019/ Start: Thu. Dec. 27 3:20 AM PT / your local time: Thu. Dec. 27 1:20 AM End: Tue. Jan. 22 3:20 AM PT / your local time: Tue. Jan. 22 1:20 AM Disregard the local time, that is my time zone when it ends.
  4. RickPatton

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Good Ship....Bad ship....free is free....free is a good thing no?
  5. RickPatton

    is alaska here?

    You will it here. Alaska (66.160507, -153.369141)
  6. RickPatton

    Hostility among teammates

    Great forum reading while drinking beer....Burp!
  7. RickPatton

    Sweet gift from my Kid Brother

  8. RickPatton

    Steel to coal

    Steel is hard to come by. Do not convert to coal. The way it is done is if you are close to getting a ship with coal and short, it will give you the option to covert your steel. Right now there is a Coal rush so you can accumulate more coal than ever.
  9. As big as they are, in size and firepower, they do fall hard to with this disadvantage they have too. You have to play the style of "David and Goliath".
  10. RickPatton

    I Got a Ship For Completing Belle Epoque!

    Congrats! Camos and flags and camo and flags and camo and flags.
  11. RickPatton

    Preparing for Navy Boot camp

    Thank you for serving! Be humble. Boot Camp, you will reflect back later and want to do it again. God Speed and Good Luck! USA - 1980
  12. RickPatton

    So who is finished the Belle Epoque Collection?

    Same here, half way there....I think.
  13. RickPatton

    server blow up????

    I believe we all lost some great battles due to this glitch. I too thought it was my connection, reset and tested and it was not on my end. Must be a holiday overload. Travel safe during this holiday season everyone.
  14. RickPatton

    Winning streak, Merry Christmas :)

    Outstanding! Congrats! Merry Christmas Everyone!
  15. RickPatton

    Gold Rush on Atago

    Same here with the Tirptiz-B which I got on Black Friday. The gold is for only the regular Tirptiz. They should just change it and allow us to complete this mission regardless.