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  1. RickPatton

    Flag-o-Rama 2022

    Someone is drinking salt water again.
  2. RickPatton

    Twitch drops, delayed?

    Same here. Just logged in to check again and nothing yet.
  3. RickPatton

    Drops de Twitch no recibidos

    Same here. Nothing yet for todays drops.
  4. RickPatton

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Reward Drop

    Same here. It has been over 10 hours. I logged in earlier and nothing. Just logged in now and still nothing.
  5. RickPatton

    Merry Christmas folks!

    Mele Kalikimaka Hapa!
  6. RickPatton

    Cossack Drop from container.

    Not a DD player but a fun DD to play. Got it during the promo for .99 cents. Worth every cent.
  7. 1st Mega container. I will claim the other two after I come back from work. Not bad. Happy Holidays everyone and stay safe.
  8. RickPatton

    No Xmas 360 day premium discount this year?

    Good timing for the B-Day coupon. I used my B-Day coupon. 100% back in doubloons which i can use it for the Christmas crates.
  9. RickPatton

    Merry Christmas

    Great early Christmas! Congrats!
  10. RickPatton

    Returning player - need an invitation

  11. RickPatton


    Mahalo for the code.
  12. RickPatton

    Yoshino is she worth it ? Review video

    It's a enjoyable ship to play.
  13. RickPatton

    Super Container Emotions!!!

    Shipping logistics must be improving if you getting containers.
  14. RickPatton

    Sell or keep both same premium ship?

    Yes, never sell a premium ship. Not a DD or CV player but when Black Friday, & Snowflakes events, I play them in Co-op.