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  1. RickPatton

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    Fly swatting increases your experience too.
  2. RickPatton

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    You won the Teddy Bear Captain.
  3. All ships that only have spotter planes should be given the option of being able to choose a fighter plane.
  4. RickPatton

    Smolensk or Thunderer

    If it was me, I go with the Smolensk since it is going away and then build-up for the Thunderer. I used the coupon to get the Smolensk and now close to getting the Thunderer. But I will wait till June for my next coupon to pick it up. By then from saving from the discount, I am close to halfway of picking up the Yoshino.
  5. RickPatton

    Anyone else have this happen to them? Lol.

    Regardless, that is a real bummer. Got the Devonshire on my 4-5 bundle and the Hawkins during the last 100 tokens. I will be using the Hawkins mainly in Co-Ops.
  6. RickPatton

    Did Graf Spee get Nerffed ???

    8k. it would be nice if it was 9k.
  7. RickPatton

    How are your ARP missions going?

    You are right. Just completed it tonight in Random. Used my stock pile of Dragon flags and got it done. A good week, getting the Hawkins last night and the Devonshire a couple of weeks ago.
  8. RickPatton

    How are your ARP missions going?

    I should finish Part 2 and 3 of Chain 3 tonight. Part 4, Fire and Torp by tomorrow night. 100,000 commander pending how long it will take to get done.
  9. RickPatton

    5 new free weeb boats.

    A colorful event I must say. Challenging but achievable to get at least one or more of these ships. Not like the unrealistic missions that WoT makes you grind for just one tank.
  10. RickPatton

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    Maybe WG will let you do a 1 month R&R back home.
  11. RickPatton

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    Going that far "down under"...Honolulu, Hawaii on the radar soon? The two most historic ships during WWII.
  12. RickPatton

    How are your ARP missions going?

    Working on part 1 of the ARP Kongo right now. Thanks goodness for the dragon flags I stored up on. Hopefully I can complete this by the end of this week.