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  1. RickPatton

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Reached the Collector II last night with the Yoshino. In another 4-5 years maybe reach the Elite.
  2. RickPatton

    Submarines Gone ....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Yup, that is what I did too. I got the subs on the first day, 1st level, and right-clicked it and purchased all three of them one by one. Still have them in port.
  3. RickPatton

    Warhammer Containers

    I just noticed last night I had five crates and only camos. I cannot complain with free crates and camos. Congrats on your ship though.
  4. That is a first I seen that happen. One thing for sure, you really went warp speed in reverse.
  5. RickPatton

    Moskva vs Stalingrad, do they play the same?

    Me too. I missed that mission due to having my thumb joint reconstruction which was a big bummer.
  6. RickPatton

    Moskva vs Stalingrad, do they play the same?

    Yup, Kronstahdt was removed the same the Musashi was. I choose Musashi.
  7. RickPatton

    Just got this in a SC

  8. RickPatton

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    The automation of the PT rewards are good butI agree the old way is better. I will check when I get home. Stay safe and in good health everyone. Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa!
  9. RickPatton

    2 bugs (maybe?) with the new patch

    Mahalo for the reply and no I have not due to it is inconsistency when it does happen. After the battle, it is like it is struggling similar to how the Amory lags before it pops up. Not a big issue for me but just noticed it is happening more often and know other players are experiencing this too. Stay safe and in good health.
  10. RickPatton

    2 bugs (maybe?) with the new patch

    Been getting more of these lately after the end of a match. Seems to be happening more than before. Yes, my system is "honky dory" and do not use mods.
  11. Yep the manual self serve patch did not work and I am playing vanilla. Do not use mods.
  12. RickPatton

    can't access dockyard

    That is good to know. Already have the GS from a loot box last year. Do not expect to get the Odin. Like we have spare money to be throwing into this game at a time like this buying doubloons.
  13. RickPatton

    can't access dockyard

    Followed Happa's step by step after downloading the patch fix. The patch did not fix it.