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  1. Besides the tier schedule and announcing at the start, we had our Lurker Camo and Pirate flag. Once visible, the chase and hunt was on.
  2. Same here. I claimed both but only got the mission but no Twitch container.
  3. RickPatton

    Question about KOTS container....

    Mahalo for the clarification. Thought so with the collection not starting over again. Credits better than nothing.
  4. RickPatton

    Question about KOTS container....

    So of you completed the collection from the last KoTS event, you cannot get another T7 ship container on this current event? It is only giving me credits for the ones I getting now.
  5. RickPatton

    First post after shutdown?

    Okay who forgot to pay the electric bill this month?
  6. Has this schedule stream been canceled? Nothing yet on Twitch.
  7. RickPatton

    Last Free Gift Container lol

    Free is free and a free ship is better than 5 flags. Happy New Year everyone!
  8. RickPatton


    Same here and redeemed. Will check it out when I get home from work. Mahalo WoWS and have a nice and safe New Year everyone!
  9. RickPatton

    Charity Stream?

    What's with that and no notice it is being canceled. Nice.
  10. Opps! you are correct. I was mixed up the the Salem. Mahalo for the correction.
  11. It's just a T10 Atlanta with smoke and the torp range is longer. The firing range, both are same.
  12. Mahalo for the code and link. You can use the translate to change to English. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  13. RickPatton

    Santa Crates

    If they do it manually, it will take them close to a week or more of not being able to play on my account. If they do a rollback, it will mean over a week of grinds done. Also, we will not have the three Santa crates from twitch again then. Heck, might as well forget it and take the loss. Not buying WoWS crates again. WoT, got more than my money's worth on prem time, gold and one of their new T8 tanks. They should learn from their sister game.
  14. RickPatton

    Free Xp Vermont, or save for a Fxp ship?

    Save your FXP for FXP ships.