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  1. I would ask where the bad boats set you on fire but since you block you're stats to be seen there is no way for me to assist you in this endeavor. So in closing I will say it must be user error and "Get Gud"
  2. Filthy_Pelican

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    Flamwho? Filthy_Pelican is on record saying that the USN Ohio is the Best Battleship in the game Hands down.
  3. Filthy_Pelican

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    I will answer that for you: They are not OP. OK so whats the next question?
  4. Filthy_Pelican

    mid tier play is the way to go!

    Mid Tiers 6-7 is generally a more enjoyable intense game for me. Tier 8-10 is where more beat downs take place, Completely unbalanced most the time when it comes to ships and skill levels. I really dont enjoy T10 play as much anymore since I end up playing Ranked Battles and Clan Battles in T10 also.
  5. Filthy_Pelican

    Anyone still playing Kleb?

    We played 2 different Clans running 4 of them last night...or was it 3? ....I dont remember anymore....But they took their Klebs and left with that L....
  6. Filthy_Pelican

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    Since your obviously not very bring if I Keep a ship and get compensated the equal amount for it how is that a devaluation. Maybe you should try watching a simple math tutorial on YouTube if you need assistance. But you sure seem to have a lot of [edited] advise for someone who exclusively plays co-op and has no shot at pretty much earning anything much less a high tier premium ship.
  7. Filthy_Pelican

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    So you feel you should be given steel you didn't earn? That is also an equally stupid idea. If you didn't earn it or jump through the hoops to get it then you dont deserve crap. For the Flint and then the Black I Busted my [edited]playing ranked for Several seasons to earn those ships. If they are going to be given away for coal now then it is only right that they either compensate me for the equal amount of steel vs what they will be paid in coal or take the ship out of my port completely and give me the steel back as a choice the same as they did CV's when they changed the way they were played in 8.0. There was no early access clause to get these ships, they had to be earned by more than just logging in. If they are going to cheapen them then that's fine. But Compensate the people who actually took the time to earn them.
  8. Filthy_Pelican

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    I would rather be compensated in a percentage of steel to the devaluation of coal. 5000 per boat should do it.
  9. Filthy_Pelican

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    Are you serious? That is just stupid. Steel was never meant to give you "Early Access" It was meant as an actual reward to earn something. This just waters down the ships they have decided to make into coal ships. Steel should be compensated either back at the very least of 5000 per steel ship going to coal ship or we should have the option to sell them back for full steel compensation.
  10. Filthy_Pelican

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    That is complete Bull. We should be compensated for the ships at the least. Don't come off with that early access crap. They were awards for Real Time put in. 5000 Steel per ship should be compensated back.
  11. Filthy_Pelican

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    I have the T6, T7, T8 and they are all decent for their tiers. There Guns hit Hard but slow load. Decent concealment. T8 has some very good AA. They arent for everyone.
  12. Filthy_Pelican

    Old ships you still love.

    The Atago and the Blyskawica My very first and second premium ships. Both are still hard hitters and 2nd to none in their tiers if they are in the right captains hands.
  13. Filthy_Pelican

    British Cruiser and AP Bombs

    So I am curious since I haven't been able to play today. Do British Heavy Cruisers take Japanese AP Bombs just as well as their Light Cruiser counterparts?
  14. Filthy_Pelican

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    Bye. Make sure to stick with your decision. Be a Man / Woman of your word.
  15. Filthy_Pelican

    Clan Battle: PR, Stalingrad, Moskva

    All 3 are good ships. Cant go wrong any way you go as long as they are in the right hands.