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  1. Filthy_Pelican

    Draw Matches In Ranked

    I was in a Draw match not too long ago where there were 2 ships left on both sides. I don't think anyone should have lost or gained a star. But it was treated like a loss on both sides.
  2. Filthy_Pelican

    Ranked this morning. Why are teams so Bad?

    I think it's your gameplay. get better.
  3. Filthy_Pelican

    Thank you WG for Hood changes.

    The Hood is Actually a lot better ship. I wanted to like it since I first got it and the play was so bad that I ended up selling it, then I got it back in a Christmas crate. So last night I played it for the first time in a while, 19 point captain in it and the update has made this ship great. It is now like playing my Vanguard at tier 7. I managed to sink a Nagato, and not 1 but 2 Musashi's in the same round! Great ship for tier 7 now!
  4. Filthy_Pelican

    Tier 7 CV's replacement or refund

    Thanks. I looked at my account stats and saw no change so maybe it doesn't happen till I log in when I get home.
  5. So what is WG giving me for the loss of my T7 Hiryu with premium camo? Anyone know?
  6. Filthy_Pelican

    first new cv impression; TERRIBLE

    What did you get for the Hiryu? I want to know what to expect when I get home!
  7. Filthy_Pelican

    The Million Free XP---We're Waiting Club?

    I got about 1.5 mil just waiting. No Coal Ships to buy, No Free XP ship to get, And I don't have enough steel to buy anything at the moment...Thanks, WG!
  8. Filthy_Pelican

    Is tomorrow the last day of clan battle?

    I use the "Play2Much" cheat to hit shots like that! It works great. You don't have to download anything either! All you gotta do is Play Too Much, Like 20,000 rounds and then you too will be able to make those shots too! It's amazing!
  9. You don't get this many rounds in without completely blowing off Family, Friends and all Adult Responsibilities... I am not proud of this.....
  10. Filthy_Pelican

    Why do you play Ranked?

    I played Ranked for the Prestige of Ranking out and to earn the Flint and the Black, 2 ships that I hardly use at all but I thought I had to have. Now though I will just play to get steel and Harvest Salt if I play at all. With so many Changes to the ships I already have and the constant whining to Nerf ships I paid for this game is starting to die for me. This will more than likely be my last few months playing before I move on to something else.
  11. Filthy_Pelican

    Ibuki is steel bunghole

    Why you gotta bring up my Montana Stats Bruh!?!?
  12. Filthy_Pelican

    Clan Battles Season 4 Wrap-Up

    I don't know about the meta of multiple Stalin's going down. Last night I saw a ton of teams running either Double Stalin Double Henry Or Double Stalin Double Moskva. Our DD did not appreciate the latter. We had a good night either way. I as a player know I need to learn how to exploit the Stalingrad weaknesses a little better.
  13. Filthy_Pelican

    Favorite Premium

    Atago it was my first Premium ship and with almost 1000 rounds in it, I still love to play it. Whether its up-tiered or down-tiered it is always a formidable opponent in the right player's hands.
  14. Filthy_Pelican

    10,000 games

    I hope to reach that one day! Congrats. Now go give your family a hug and see if they remember your name still.
  15. I honestly hate this ship. Worst ship at tier 6. I never thought that there would be a worse premium ship in the arsenal than the Krazny Krym, But then this came out. Once the missions are done this thing is going straight into a retirement museum ship in my port or being sold.