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  1. Halsey campaign, and best ship him?

    I move around a lot and I need those turrets to be turning as quickly as possible, especially since I have to cover 2 different cap points most of the time. Plus the reload time to switch rounds between HE and AP. It works for me.
  2. Average Hours of Gameplay

    sometimes a few hours a week if I have a lot going on. Other times I have logged as much as 20 hours in a week (I'm not proud of that or the amount of time I have wasted playing this) But I would rather play this then watch TV most nights in my down time.
  3. Halsey campaign, and best ship him?

    I run with him in the Montana, Currently this is my Clan Battles go to BB.
  4. Gneisen-ooooooooh.

    Great Boat! Best AA Battleship at T7. Punishing guns, Torpedos. What more could you ask for?
  5. Scharnhorst discount price

    great price for the Scharnhorst. If I didn't have it in my fleet I would buy it.
  6. World of Atlantas (todays sale)

    I will be on later tonight Harvesting this bounty of Atlanta's. I am actually excited about this. I think my personal record is 3 Atlanta's that were div'd up awhile back. I hope I can break that. Wish me luck!
  7. my playing style is to maximize damage to ensure a win. If I'm in a random I do as much as I can since 1/2 the time most of the team will be wiped out in the first 7 minutes of a game if I don't.
  8. Ships you don't want to play

    It may be time to retire the ole girl before the Nerf comes with the Update.
  9. your not supposed to show the names Spuds. Gonna have to bust you down to a private now...KP duty for 2 weeks!
  10. I expected bigger numbers to be honest. Here is what my best usually looks like.
  11. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    I do this only when people run their mouth and say how others don't know what they are doing and how terrible they are blah blah blah. Then I laugh when they say they checked mine and how bad I am. (I'm not a very good player btw)
  12. I kind of miss being able to sink my random teammates on a whim, sometimes it was like culling the herd for the benefit of the group as a whole.
  13. I want a refund for Roma!

    I don't Play mine all that much, But when I do it's usually for the win. you just have to learn how to play the boat, Its strengths and weaknesses and then adjust your game playing style to it. It is not an easy boat to play so you have to think when you play it, Pick your targets and use her strengths.