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  1. Filthy_Pelican

    Favorite Premium

    Atago it was my first Premium ship and with almost 1000 rounds in it, I still love to play it. Whether its up-tiered or down-tiered it is always a formidable opponent in the right player's hands.
  2. Filthy_Pelican

    10,000 games

    I hope to reach that one day! Congrats. Now go give your family a hug and see if they remember your name still.
  3. Filthy_Pelican

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I honestly hate this ship. Worst ship at tier 6. I never thought that there would be a worse premium ship in the arsenal than the Krazny Krym, But then this came out. Once the missions are done this thing is going straight into a retirement museum ship in my port or being sold.
  4. I only have 146....I'm such a scrub....
  5. Filthy_Pelican

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Last Night In Clan Battles I erased a Full health DM from 24km out Sitting behind an Island with my Montana. Used my Plane to spot and WHAM! Triple Citadel for the win. But I like them both.
  6. Filthy_Pelican

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    PEF is a port queen. Nothing more. Nothing Less. Her Best Games are when its left in port.
  7. Filthy_Pelican

    A sharp increase in USS Black population

    Not Them.
  8. Filthy_Pelican

    A sharp increase in USS Black population

    I found this match last night to be interesting.
  9. Filthy_Pelican

    To spend steel, or not to spend steel?

    Just Buy whatever you want. You may be dead tomorrow, Hell you may be dead later today. The Point is enjoying every moment while your here. Spend it! Spend it all!
  10. Filthy_Pelican

    Tier VIII Match Making

    I think this may also be a form of Bullying you. These Tier 8 players just need to stop! And when they shoot at you before the round starts is just complete [edited]!!! Oh, wait that's me doing that so it's all good!
  11. Filthy_Pelican

    Tier VIII Match Making

    I think matchmaking is just giving you the opportunity to get a win in randoms. You should be thanking matchmaking.
  12. Filthy_Pelican

    Super Unicum needs help

    Can someone teach me to be Super Unicum??? Will I get a Super Unicum Cookie for achieving such a goal???
  13. MY 1,000,000 FXP is waiting along with my 19 point Admiral Halsey to Board his new ship.
  14. Filthy_Pelican

    Roma Balance Discussion

    I seem to do Okay in mine. You have to play it more like an IJN Cruiser. Be stealthy even though you're in a BB and don't waste shots, set them up first. Most the time due to MM I seem to automatically get in T10 games with it and I'm able to hold my own. Just keep out between 11.5 and 13km out and ambush everything!
  15. Filthy_Pelican


    Sitting in smoke is stupid. I will delete you eventually. Smoke was never meant for that, it was always meant for conceal and evade. not conceal, stop, and keep on firing till smoke is gone.