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  1. I would have used my repair mods, had my flags up and easily finished the round.
  2. The Ranked Report

    Seems like I have been bouncing between rank 8-10 for a week now. So I have been taking a break from it, not playing as much as I usually do.
  3. Ranked Out

    Let's see you finish a season of ranked and where you end up. Oh yeah thats right. You cant finish. Its too hard.. LOL.
  4. Ranked Out

    Best of luck your gonna do great!
  5. First tip: DO NOT charge in and get sunk the first 2 minutes of the game. Wait for your cruisers to get into position to back you. It does not help your team at all to have you dead in the first 2 minutes, typing, telling everyone else what to do for the next 15. So no YOLO!
  6. Ranked Out

    It warms my heart that you quit before having to tank games at the higher levels. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.
  7. Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    Haven't had a single problem sinking either of them when I see them. Just another day at the office.
  8. I might be done with USN DD...

    I love the Fletcher and actually play it more than my Gearing. It is a great all around boat. It may not be the ship it may just be your playstyle. But I do well in both my Fletcher and my Kidd. Both with full AA builds so I can help Keep my team along with myself alive in CV matches.
  9. fears of tier 10 ranked battles

    I don't sweat the Woosta, I generally delete them fairly quickly as long as they aren't hiding behind some Island, and even then I just put up my plane and get some range and send them on to port. my new thing is smacking them with my Haragumo from range.
  10. Haragumo

    Sank Every Haragumo I came across with my Z-52 and Lo Yang last night. It is only as good as the person using it. Flamethrower for sure but definitely beatable. Also I will point out that I have one and I think its just okay.
  11. Worcester in new ranked season?

    It should do well if played correctly. they can definitely cause a lot of damage.
  12. I enjoy the T10 Battleship Play. You just have to play the ship the way it was made. firing from between 15-25km back until your team has an advantage, A BB's job is to support from distance which I do very well. I have All T10 BB's in port.
  13. That should work out for you then. Enjoy the lower tier battles, I go down too sometimes to seal club the noobs every once in a while.
  14. Adapt. That's all you gotta do. A ship that fires like a Khab without the speed will be easy pickings. Sometimes its almost like people want the game to become easier.