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  1. just point to where it happened and we will get this confidentially reported for you.
  2. Filthy_Pelican

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    Sounds like you need to work on your disposable income and not worry about other peoples ships. Also, keep in mind without premium ships there is less money for Wargaming to do anything at all.
  3. I may be looking. dm me. 

  4. Filthy_Pelican

    Benham: is it Reasonable?

    I whale that hard.
  5. Filthy_Pelican

    Benham: is it Reasonable?

    I like mine. Lots of torpedo soup to be served.
  6. Filthy_Pelican

    Conclusion of Ranked

    Ranked out #1. This time took me 242 rounds. Should have taken less than 200. Carriers weren't a huge issue for me. My problem was rental ships and people that don't understand when a CV is in the game you need to stay near other ships so you don't get singled out by the entire enemy team or their carrier or both. I am now enjoying my Neustramshimy. Please accept my sincere apologies if I dumped any salt on you since some nights I was laying so much salt on the road I needed to leave to get a drink and a resupply. And if you were one of the few who decided to tell my clan members what a terrible person I am. Thank you. It helped give me more street cred about being a fast typing online tough guy. See you all next season! <3 Pelican <3
  7. Filthy_Pelican

    Rank 1 again...

    Ugh... I need 2 more stars....Should have had it last night...
  8. Filthy_Pelican

    Sold my Montana?!

    This has got to be a joke right? Montana is probably my best T10 BB hands down. The problem is not the boat the problem is you.
  9. Filthy_Pelican

    Salty Attitude in ranked battles

    You can buy the Georgia with real money, along with the Alaska, Jean Bart, Azuma, and so on.
  10. Filthy_Pelican

    Salty Attitude in ranked battles

    I felt I was moving at a pretty good clip and then once I hit rank 5 it has been the ultimate win one lose one, win two lose 4, win 3 and so on. Currently Sitting at Rank 3.3 and trying to get it done. But my skin is getting thinner and thinner. Hoping to get this done in the next couple days. ( tonight would be nice).
  11. I do believe that I have now officially moved from being nominally lowkey to extremely salty in ranked play. Between watching ships go out by themselves in a carrier match only to be gone minutes later or watching the rental ship hug the back of the map or just YOLO right into the cap at the beginning of a round only to be completely destroyed by the entire enemy team and then whine that the team "didn't back them up" I have completely run out of patience with people. I am not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes. If I snap I do apologize. But I do not like to lose.
  12. I think tonight I'm going to use a Rental BB just to farm some salt.
  13. Filthy_Pelican

    Henri IV is THE BEST ship for ranked season

    You played some low level ranked games and did fairly well in them. let me know how it goes in the HIV when you are in the TOP 10 - 1. make sure to post those up on youtube. The way a ship works for you in rank 10 and below is not the same vs the better competition you will face at rank 9 - 6 and will be even harder at rank 5-2. Good luck. I hope to see you on the other end of my BB turrets.
  14. Filthy_Pelican

    Pelicans New Kremlin

    There was still 11 minutes left in that round silver. But I sank the Shima that was left right after I finished taking selfies
  15. Filthy_Pelican

    Pelicans New Kremlin

    Isn't she pretty with her New Russian Captain and Flags.