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  1. Sounds like your having a bout of "Ship Envy". Don't you worry it will pass soon. But while you wait The Belfast is a decent CA but not all that overpowered. I have had ZERO issues playing vs a Belfast and hardly even use mine.
  2. Filthy_Pelican

    Ranked: The First League vs The Second League

    I can't wait to play unicum players and get chat banned. Hopefully it happens tonight!
  3. Filthy_Pelican

    Future Rank suggestion, Stars

    Let people div up.
  4. Filthy_Pelican

    Khaba needs some serious buffs...

    I would make one change to the Khaba now that there are so many other DD's at its tier. give it back it original Torpedos with some decent speed. It is still a great boat if played right but it needs its torps back to compete with the new DD's in the T10 line.
  5. Filthy_Pelican

    [--K--] Kraken is expanding

    whats a clan? Is that like a gang? Like the Dead Rabbits or True Blue Americans?
  6. Filthy_Pelican

    How did your Sprint Season 11 compare to past seasons

    It was over so fast I dont remember much of it...All Solo...
  7. Filthy_Pelican

    newish player, bit frustrated

    I have been playing for awhile and DD's are just a hard ship to play well in the era of the CV players. What I do now is stick somewhat close to the fleet ships for a push to use their AA and presence to keep the CV player from locating me along with having help if they do find me. Best of luck.
  8. Filthy_Pelican


    The Guns are supposed to be much better right?
  9. Filthy_Pelican

    The Phantom ... Spotted!

    So I played mine last night Just because I haven't used in in months. Pulled a Kracken the round I played it and still lost. Back to the port with it.
  10. Filthy_Pelican

    The Phantom ... Spotted!

    Its made of paper. you dont want it. Trust me. Fun to play sometimes but can be destroyed from any angle.
  11. Filthy_Pelican

    Which Premium is the highest 'Earner'?

    Missouri is a great ship. #FAKENEWS
  12. Filthy_Pelican

    Game is Unplayable

    Something tells me you pee sitting down and cry if its not yellow. Just a hunch.. FYI this is just a game.
  13. Filthy_Pelican

    if ya wanna throw cash..

    Too Rich for my blood. I'll wait on it.
  14. Filthy_Pelican

    Private Profiles and Clans

    Who cares what anyone here thinks. Don't let the nerd herd in the basement define you. Just have fun. If that doesn't work try it with a nice whiskey. I could personally care less what anyone thinks. It's just a game for your amusement and nothing else.
  15. Filthy_Pelican

    [--K--] Kraken is expanding

    we are doing great buddy. Better than most. I hope you and your family are doing the same.