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  1. Ihitu

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Well Done! Well Done! Well Done!
  2. You're more than welcome to join ANKER.  I let the CO and XO know.

  3. Ihitu

    Next tech tree announcement

    Need new Japanese Cruiser line.
  4. Ihitu

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    GOLIATH seems like garbage too me. The fire rate ruins the ships consistent level of damage each game. It's so dependent on fires. The heals are strong, but it makes you play passively in the back so that you don't get focused and allow your heals to work.
  5. The KOOTY. I dominate even t10 in my t8 KOOTY.
  6. Ihitu

    Champagne, is it worth it?

    No, no it's not good. It's a secondary build ship that fails at brawling.
  7. KHAB needs to be BUFFED. It's probably the second worst DD in game.
  8. Ihitu

    Des Moines — American Tier X cruiser.

    DES MOINES is statistically one of the worst cruisers in the game. It has the lowest average damage (63,000) of all tier X cruisers, 4th worst win percentage (below 49.25%), 4th worst average frag/kill rate (.79), and 4th worst average XP out of 12 tier X cruisers. Russian cruiser radar with a 2km advantage and other cruisers with higher DPM and smoke have made the DES MOINES mostly obsolete, except in the hands of very skilled captains with the legendary mod. Stats as of 11 Nov 2019.
  9. Ihitu

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    This feels like peeing on a building fire... not much help. Still not coming back to play until more is down to fix/nerf CVs.
  10. Ihitu

    CV Rework Feedback

    First, CVs needed to be fixed. However, right now CVs are just too strong and making all other ship classes much less fun to play. CVs seem to have more planes and their torps are very hard to detect now... making them very difficult to avoid. I think a simple solution is to make the torps either slower and/or detected sooner. In the meantime, I consider this a game. I play it for fun and right now it's so unbalanced that it's not fun and thus not worth my time. I'll do other things for the time being. Wargaming has a habit of buffing ships too much, then nerfing them over time... so I'll just wait a month or two to come back. In the meantime, WG will have one less player and one less person spending money (it's not much, but I know if a dedicated player such as myself feels this way - then it's likely others do as well).