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  1. Team Special Forces is recruiting both casual and competitive players for clan wars / supremacy league (team-sf.com).
  2. The Revolution

    Never questions Russian power... or you could get 30ml of radiation therapy in a needle
  3. I like this poll. Hopefully WG notices BB gameplay seems broken (sniper BB is the trend vs brawler BB).
  4. Games are MM Rigged?

    Surprised more people didn't vote yes.
  5. looking for CW clan

    You should try asking in-game players during a match to division up and check out their clan(s). It's a good way to join a clan, rather than finding a random clan through forums in my opinion.
  6. Ernst Gaede is a slug

    Gaede is a below average DD. This is known... look at DD tier 6 stats (she's at the bottom). If you can play the Gaede, you can play most DDs.
  7. Amazing review. Wargaming 101 - PowerCreep is real.
  8. Anti-American bias

    I blame Pres. Trump for the anti-US bias in this game.
  9. I officially agree with the OP's comment. DD's are getting nerfed overall. Big push to support casual players who more often play BBs. I can understand this though, because without casuals - how am I going to get as many kills?
  10. Clan wars will be a joke.

    No CVs, one BB, and rental tier 10s??? Anyone who's played CV to tier 10... WG just called you worthless. Whoever decided on this structure for clan wars should not be involved in Clan Wars ever again. Welcome to World of Khabs.
  11. What is the best destroyer nation?

    Everything > German DDs. Anything but German DDs. German DDs will suck because German BBs are great, German cruisers are average... so destroyers must suck to maintain the balance in the force.
  12. German Destroyers are horribly bad!

    I don't know how the higher tiers are for KMS destroyers, but tier 5 and 6 feel much weaker than USN and IJN (haven't played Russian line yet). I don't hear people asking for German DDs for competitive play.
  13. Winona Ryder's response after hearing about Wargaming focusing on Clan Wars for 2017...