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  1. It seems more than a few seem to be of the opinion that most of the suggested RCN ships suggested aren't really truly Canadian ships, as while they were under Canadian command, and had Canadian crews, they were laid down in either the U.K. or the United States and then later transferred to the GWN. i am willing to concede this point, and as consolation will accept the imminent release of HMCS Toronto. ;-)
  2. Still no Haida in sight????

    Ohhh that is sooo long away, but if anyone is going to be right it is you. Ok now off to read your vampire review..
  3. Still no Haida in sight????

    LOL. (although I think only Cheech is Canadian)
  4. Still no Haida in sight????

    A future in which the USA is a canadian province. They don't mention THAT part! ;-)
  5. Still no Haida in sight????

    I hear you. With it being Canada's 150th I thought it would be a no-brainer to spring her on us on Canada day, but instead, we didn't even get a mention on Canada day. I've just got back to playing WOWS and I'm still not sure why I didn't uninstall, but I didn't. I am still really not happy with Canada being completely dismissed, but from recent posts from Pigeon of war, it would seem that while it is far from a fait accompli, it is also not a dead issue, and so I am holding out hope. whether it will be before the year is out seems maybe less likely but we can hope. If nothing else we have a couple of good picks for legendary Canadian captains in James T kirk and Malcolm Reynolds.
  6. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Well to be fair you ARE a talking pigeon...
  7. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    OK that does help. That being said, I always knew that you had brought the idea forward, so the reports that WG rejected the Haida makes me still hesitant to feel hopeful. I guess at least it isn't a 100% dead issue yet. It must seem like a silly fuss to everyone who isn't Canadian...
  8. Haida this and Haida that; no love for Sackville?

    Well obviously we agree with each other, or they would have done Canada day, or at least shown some real progress on a Canadian premium... No, clearly you don't care about Canada, Wargaming clearly doesn't care about Canada and I can only assume that most American's don't care about Canada. The issue is that Canada cares about you. Enough to send our sons and daughters to fight and day in conflicts (usually started by the USA) from Iraq to Afghanistan. Enough to risk our lives to rescue American hostages from Iran. Enough to send volunteers and official disaster relief teams alike when natural disasters strike the USA. Enough that a Canadian town of 10,000 people almost doubled it's population to take in 7,000 American's stranded there by 9/11. ( https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/on-sept-11-a-tiny-canadian-town-opened-its-runways-and-heart-to-7000-stranded-travelers/2016/09/08/89d875da-75e5-11e6-8149-b8d05321db62_story.html?utm_term=.512ac062d3be ) Oh and we are also your neighbours. Would you rather share a 8,891km border with Russia? Maybe Syria? ..it's not like we are asking for a lot...
  9. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Clearly WG has no interest in moving forward with this.
  10. Tec Tree for the Commonwealth ? Why not .

    The point is that they are actually a few days apart. WG could have done a Canada day thing on July 1st and then from July 2nd until eternity you could do your stars and stripes garbage for all i care. As it is, though you are right that WG will not be doing any kind of Commonwealth tree or a Canadian ship. As far as I am concerned War Gaming can blow me.
  11. Haida this and Haida that; no love for Sackville?

    Looks like there will be no Canadian ships period. Why appease Canadian players (and naval history fans) when you can just make another USA Cruiser line. All we asked for is one damn ship, on our 150th birthday.
  12. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    I have stopped playing over the whole Canada Day thing, but have not uninstalled. Hoping they can make things right.
  13. Canada Disrespected

    ..and of course they could do Bastille day (and so they should).. It is, as many have said, just a game, but my country is my country and to have it so carelessly dismissed does not sit well with me. I will play the game again I'm sure, but right now I just can't. So War Thunder it is..
  14. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    Just wanted to add something for people who were looking for ways to make the Haida a little bit more interesting or unique here is something that while I don't think was specifically used on the Haida is a Canadian innovation and might make her stand out a bit (or not as the case may be) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffused_lighting_camouflage
  15. Canada Disrespected

    Just a quick update that WG did make a Canada Day post on their Facebook page. It may not seem like a big deal (and yes it is just a video game) but we ARE neighbours and well we are us and not say... North Korea ..or Iran or any other bunch of countries less friendly than Canada and I think a decent chunk of us Canucks throw our hard earned loonies in to the game and well I had just hoped that a 'Happy Birthday' (especially on our 150th) is just something a good American neighbour would do. Ok now where's my Haida???