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  1. LeiTbadDream

    Votaciones Parte 3 Top 10 Acorazados 2018

    T8 - Bismarck Saludos
  2. LeiTbadDream

    Contenedores Regalo de Santa

    Muchas gracias por la info, se me habia colgado y no me daba nada - 4 camos - 2500 de carbon
  3. LeiTbadDream

    Votaciones Parte 2 Top 10 Cruceros 2018

    T 8 Atago / Chapayev / Baltimore T7 Fiji T6 LA GALISSONNIÈRE Saludos
  4. LeiTbadDream

    Votaciones Top 10 Destructores 2018

    T6 - Fubuki T7 - Mahan
  5. I agree with you (and any other ideas you have) As long as you keep your avatar
  6. LeiTbadDream

    Will terror of the deep ever end? So boring...

    Only use it to comply with RN directives. I do not like it at all and I will not miss the subs.
  7. LeiTbadDream

    Bonus Code Steam Celebration

    Muchas gracias
  8. LeiTbadDream

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    I bought 90 days premium
  9. LeiTbadDream

    Creditos generados con barcos premiums tier 8

    - Hiciste una buena partida con mas de 100K de daño - Dañar a tiers mas altos te da mas créditos - Tenes un monton de "modificadores" puestos Conclusión: Es normal dadas las condiciones que mostras.
  10. LeiTbadDream

    How does one...

    I would follow the recommendations that my colleagues are giving. With 600 battles to play in Tier 8 where most of the games are against Tiers 10 is not a good idea. Go back to T4 or 5, until below and little by little. You are already living what it feels like to be in high tiers with so little experience. It's just advice, take it or leave it. The problem is not Bismarck, I consider it an excellent BB
  11. LeiTbadDream

    Match making and Captain skill

    Are there any witches? I do not know!! What does WG do with its algorithms? I do not know... I only know that I had a WR of 57% with my Bismarck and my Chapayev until I get to have captains of 19 points in them. Today my WR is 50% on those ships ... Are there any witches?
  12. LeiTbadDream

    Bonus Code I Found On FaceBook

    Many thanks!
  13. LeiTbadDream

    Degradada la calidad de juego/jugadores

    Pedir por chat a lo loco que reporten a alguien que juega mal (o nos parece que juega mal) es tan malo como ser manco en el juego. Para ser PRO se necesita que alguien juegue peor que nosotros, para ser noobs tiene que haber un PRO. Nos necesitamos. Y todos tenemos que aprender. @Talleyrand escribio mas arriba: "... se comentaba que la comunidad latinoamericana era la más toxica, y creo que puede tener algo de verdad". Hoy siento que es una verdad absoluta.