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  1. Can Anyone tell me how to add Coal, Steel or Doubloons to the Clan Treasury
  2. Dawggy69

    clan struggle to the next league

    What up Skp, LOL
  3. Have you had this issue or still having it, and if you had this issue and found away to generate more interest in playing in a clan would love to hear how you did it
  4. Dawggy69

    Cross Realm Server Test Cancel

    Yea it was Horrible , you teased that it would happen on certain days and times and nothing, it was so bad that the last X-tra sessions we talked about it but out of 45 players 42 of us knew it wouldn't happen. Its great that you are trying new things , and we would of love to seen what could or would of happened, and honestly if you publish dates and times you should do every in your power to hold to those commitments In the future, rather than outright cancel, you could have allowed for local server battles to proceedthing