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    Myoko class Giant killer

    Do you guys use these Japanese cruisers in rank battles? I am having some issues really find my role in this type of battle.
  2. oceantwentyfive

    Asashio versus Shimakaze

    Thank you very much for your replies. With the Asashio the only moment I use the 20 km rage is at the very beginning of the game when I don't see any BB yet and spray the area. Almost all the time I hit someone...then I play much closer trying to get between 15 and 10 and under when I am chasing a BB. Now if the Shima torpedoes are slower and seen before I assume she will then have to use much more her guns. I hope they reload faster than the Asashio because she is a pain with that :) the only time I use the gun on the Asashio is when I control the fight by surprise or someone running away. Each time I had a duel with another DD I lost it...So I am being very careful. I am a bit disappointed that the Japanese line DD are not the torpedoes anymore. IT was my understand. What other nation has good torpedoes (my definition of good meaning fast, low detectability and range ^^^ - I know^^)
  3. oceantwentyfive

    Asashio versus Shimakaze

    Good morning. I am playing the Asashio and I love it. I like the scouting role, cap, and the torpedo ambush part. I am going now for Tier X DD. I see that the last torpedo destroyer in the line is the Shimakaze. Same torpedo long-range than the Asashio, little bit less concealment, but globally it is the same type of boat. I assume that being a tier 10 it must be better than the Asashio. She is definitely faster and her torpedos are efficient against all ships and not only BB. Is she really the big sister of the Asashio?
  4. oceantwentyfive


    I just bought the Bayar and looking for advice for the module. I scan the forum but didn't see any. Thx you! Also, I am wondering if for more competitive gaming I should stay in the Japanese line or the french line. I have been watching some tournaments video and didn't see many french cruisers.