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  1. Yakuza137

    Old CV Player

    "Not to mention, the reduced economics of CVs that continue to this day. Personally, i like both systems. But the rework CV system should have been used for CVs with unsustainably small or specialist air wings; while the RTS CVs should have been maintained for the fleet Carriers." That last part I'd like. If It was something like that I'd still be around.
  2. Yakuza137

    Old CV Player

    Overall, give wargaming a break the devs and the people who worked on the new carrier gameplay worked hard to bridge the gap and skill disparity. So it would be more enjoyable. Lots of people viewed it and got to test it. Majority of people thought it was a good idea. They only tried to make the community happy.
  3. Yakuza137

    Old CV Player

    As a old CV player. I would have to say I'm pretty surprised right now. When I played back in the day I played just carriers. I have 50+ 60+ win rates on my old CVs. Games were a win or lose depending on the carrier skill. There would always be complaining about the skill difference between carriers. As well as from normal ships who get absolutely deleted off the map from the start of the game. Especially for destroyers who got bum rushed by torp planes within 3mins of the start of the game with planes cross dropping them. Pretty much if you had a CV in your game and you were targeted you were either going to die or lose 80% of your HP or survive because the CV player sucks, but if that CV player indeed sucked he wouldn't be able to get his bombers there in the first place as they would already be taken out. The new game style I really disliked and I left the game, but I recently overheard of complaints of CVs in my discord channel for another game. Compared to the past where we could instantly delete people and have the other opposing CV total be shut down. I viewed the new game play as CV's having way lesser impact of the game due to alpha damage from there armaments. Especially from the one plane run compared to having 5+ flight lines of offensive squadrons that can all be up in the sky at the same time. The complaints for the old RTS CVs were extremely high, but it was rare to get into a match with CVs as not many people played them. The spotting of destroyers happened in old CV gameplay its really nothing new. The new First person CV were talked about for a very long time throughout the duration of its testing phase and people seemed to like it even though some of us RTS CV players were opposed against it. Whether its the old CV gameplay or new it seems like everyone is going to complain about something. lol
  4. Yakuza137

    Returning player

    Well, I had to go away for a bit due to school and I came back. Didn't know they change CV gameplay and I missed the window for refund gg. Will mothball my CVS lol. but anycase at least i still have yamato. New Cv gameplay sucks.. enough said.... Hope to see yall on the seas :D
  5. Yakuza137

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    Its k we can't stop it so ill murder every single ship each game, enjoy getting farmed until rework >.>
  6. Not to mention the new CV rework makes battleships CAMP EVEN MORE lol considering how much planes we have now.
  7. Yakuza137

    CV Rework Feedback

    As someone who supports the Current cv gameplay, but understands a need of change. I disapprove. You cut down a Carriers job. Currently, a carrier has multiple jobs from offensive to defensive stances and having map awareness and strategy. You eliminate 90 percent of the carriers work to one THING. just a small part of OFFENSIVE which is sinking ships. A player only has to SOLEY focus on spamming torps and bombs onto a ship until it dies which is brainless, boring, and I DONT think that can really decrease damage output to the ground. the other 90 percent? What? Spotting/Air dominance/ Keeping planes and ships in check/Sinking ships/ Protecting ships and more... and seriously our planes can reload in the air?... Kind of confused Current set up it makes us fly back to our ship to reload..
  8. "Subs can stop them" are you serious? Us carriers players already pummel battleships who hang back because they have no support. Even Cruisers who hang in the back are no exceptions and they get deleted in one go. What makes you think "Subs" will do anything different.
  9. Yakuza137

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    You can't really miss your shots in the rework... The only problem is that with Dive bombers is that it obviously misses just like current mechanics with dispersions so that's normal. Anyone can pick up the carrier and hit something.
  10. Yakuza137

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    Obviously, I was saying that people should rely on each other for AA. Not all ships require a group. For instance, MInotaur can hold down an entire sector and make a no-fly zone by itself. New mechanics have even more FLOODING and fire than the current one as well... What, your average player complains about ships getting hit by torps already? It's literally even more IMPOSSIBLE to miss your shots in the new rework. and you don't need to be within 1.5km for AA don't over exaggerate. AA Area of effect is big.. and you haven't played more than tier 6 to understand the concept of how difficult it is to bomb a ship at high tiers. As for STRAFING, it was useful considering most players cant dodge torps for their life and we have to use them to babysit other ships. HECK even ships with DEFAA don't even use them a lot of times and when they use them ... They pop it last second.... Duly note" It's the players fault for getting hit by torps" The same reason why a battleship would cit a broadsided opposing battleship. You exposed yourself so you suffer the consequences. AS FOR LESS DAMAGE I'm not sure that will be the case. A cv has all of his jobs cut down. TO ONE PURPOSE. It's on the offensive and to slam ammunitions into your ship. In current set up A CARRIER HAS MULTIPLE responsibilities. Air Superiority/dogfight shoot bombers and fighters down. Keep enemy planes in CHECK You do not have to engage... you just keep him from doing a single thing if you can't achieve air dominance. You just have to buy time and keep his planes circling and have him waste time. Keep enemy ships in CHECK. You can make ships get off caps without launching a single torp or bomb.. DD's usually back off caps as soon as they see planes. Diversions. When your planes show up everyone's eyes are glued to that position literally. Support/Spot Bombing targets at the right time for your allies to finish it off while your main planes go for something else. As well as spotting ships that your team mates can't see. Sinking Ships REMEMBERING SHIP VALUES for AA and such. Picking your targets accordingly to how the match is going. BOMBING random ships don't help. At the start of the game, there is a display of ship comparison. Your offensives should be based on that. It's not like we just fly to a random ship. Kill Destroyers as soon as the game starts. = this is difficult If you would like I can post a picture of tier ix planes shot to ribbons against a single ship lol.
  11. Yakuza137

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    "I think the focus in the future is going to be on carrier players learning which ships they should attack first to have the most impact on the surface battle. That's going to be the fine art in the new form of the game." We already do that right now. Some of us spend time looking at the stats for each ship on the heads-up display before the game starts. It makes a comparison to each ship and you can find their values for AA/ARTY/HP/CAMO/ECT. At the start of the game DD"s should be aimed and killed off at the start of the game for obvious reasons, but you have to take care on which dd to go for since some carry DEFAA. It's not like we bomb targets randomly.
  12. Yakuza137

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    I mean that's where your CV comes into play.
  13. Yakuza137

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    So I know this is still in the works but bear with me. and yes I tried the testing. I mainly play carriers and I have up to Hakuryu. Pros: I guess its balanced in a way considering RTS was the main issue. Carriers can't entirely carry and turn games in their favor with a flick of their hand. Low skill floor: Any new player interested in carriers can start learning pretty easily. It doesn't take that much skill to do. If you miss your torps to be honest something is wrong with you... with the exception of dive bombers. Cons: Low skill ceiling: compared to current mechanics it lacks immersion and complexity. No tactics or using your brain to out-think your opponent. By the way, you can reload in mid-air instead of returning to your carrier? what?? Majority of players complaining for the rework don't even play CARRIERS. Let alone make it to tier 7 or higher. The removal of manual functions at lower tiers made it even worse for the average new player to even start. TIER 6 is when you receive manual functions, but most players don't even practice when they do. Also, let me remind you TIER 7 is seal clubbing zone for some of us cv players. A few of us farm there and yes I have encountered tons of players daily who don't know how to use manual. As well as buying a Saipan expecting it to be OP without learning the basics which obviously costs them the game since it's pretty dang feasible to get around a FIGHTER package Saipan. I understand that people were tired of getting killed at low tiers against carriers, but it really helped get the situation worse by not teaching the new carrier players the basics. Don't say that because no one taught them, gave advice, informed. A bunch of us type in the in-game chat to explain how to ALT-manual while we play if they are new. More than once people will respond that it's too difficult, but that's because they don't practice. I was just like a normal person when I started. Always getting strafed out of the sky, but with practice and practice over and over again I got better. I mainly carry games whenever I go into them with my carriers, but that's because I practiced. The main reason why you would get sunk in the first place is that you isolated yourself from your group. I daily have games where I have players complaining, ranting, cursing at me after I sink them for making a mistake of being alone. *Carriers themselves are not OP It's the players who are behind who spend hours on end practicing. This isn't just my opinion, but also from others Carrier players. My apologies if my writing is poor.
  14. Yakuza137


    Though as a carrier player I'm kind of sad they weren't able to keep its RTS and have it function in a way that we couldn't affect entire games by ourselves to keep it fair. Instead of making us work so hard to learn how to play the current way only to switch it around >.>", but I'll try it and wait and see. Even though I admit RTS was sort of the main issue for unbalanced game play lol.
  15. Yakuza137

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Uh i used jack battleship and i did survivability build. Had a good team and we beat it with 5 stars first try :x. i think you get 3 battleships 2 cruisers and one dd. 1 battleship left and right of trans and last one in front of trans. dd stays middle cruisers middle and rear. all the way till the end. battleship on the right side of trans rams the last ship boss and the rest give supporting fire until it dies. = win o-o you should only lose a single ship due to ramming.