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  1. Your Karma

    My score is 39 so it is definitely not 1-10 scale. It means that 7 more people have liked the way you play verse those who do not like the way you play. Or at least of those that have bothered to make a note at all.
  2. I was one of those that wanted a British line. I have been complaining about it from the beginning of the Closed Alpha weekend. The Royal navy was the largest standing navy at the beginning of WW2 and all we had were 2 premiums a bb and a tier 3 dd. After saying this I am a little disappointed in the CL line. I have come to the conclusion that it will take a while to get used to playing them as they are very non forgiving if you make a mistake. I have had some really good games in them but have had far more early exits to the port. This of course is NOT due to the ship but to my ability to play the ship. I am not as aware of the good points and the bad and it is a big learning curve. I am not there yet but getting better. The German cruisers took a little getting used to as well so I just need to learn to play them better. I will agree that this line is probably best for the better than average player definitely not for the new player. Would I like to see better guns on these cruisers .... yes but they are Light Cruisers and not heavy cruisers so .... there you have it.