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  1. Since I never saw a specific answer to this and for those who read in the future. Wargaming has their WG Check system/app which also generates a file report which can be sent to WG for them to find issues due to a crash/crashes.
  2. Herufaia

    CV streamers?

    I stream CV gameplay on twitch. Usually average 50-90k damage a battle. (UzumeGaming)-shoukaku and so does CompassRose. She is a monster of a cv player from what I watched with 100k damage average every game. Her twitch is compassr0se
  3. The only issue I am having with CV's is with lining torpedoes. Since every time we slightly adjust or don't fly straight our spread widens again. However for new players things I would remind of is. Make sure to keep varying your plane speed and don't fly in a straight line. Try and dodge as much of the flak as you can (the black puffs) as those are what wreck you. Dive bombers. When you go up in a dive your circle will go forward but then it will move backwards slightly as you descend. Keep this in mind when lining up. Also remember that all planes will follow you through an attack run and will take AA damage so don't fly (at) a group of ships to do a single attack. Rockets are the easiest to use. It's better to attack a ship broadside for the most hits but if pressed you can hit straight on. Rocket planes are also generally your best for scouting and hunting ships so these are what you want to start a battle with.