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  1. Ephemeric

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    I swear, this is where they gotten the Ramming concept from. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKQ-U-rnLdo
  2. If memory serves, from Alpha... Rock Paper Scissors Battleships would help delete cruisers Crusiers would help delete destroyers Destroyers would help delete battleships But today, that no longer is relevant. Today, everyone spams HE at things and instant win. I still remember when destroyers had citadels but that was removed because too many complaints.
  3. All i got was some flags, 300 doubloons, and a Krasnyi Krym (premium Svietlana) citadel box
  4. Ephemeric

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Doesn't matter when you have a ship with AA 100 rating, and planes just fly over your head like no one's business while dropping their ordinance to ruin someone's day. Lose what, 2-3 planes on the way back?
  5. Ephemeric

    Complaint Box. Let's hear it!

    RNG sparing people who are mindlessly broadsiding against multiple battleships. Shells doing 0 damage when the ribbons are showing that shells penetrated (no module indicators of any sort) on full HP targets. Fires magically reappearing the very millisecond of Repair going into cooldown in the same exact spot
  6. Ephemeric

    Montana should get a speed nerf

    Then again this is a game where radar, hydro, AA can go through islands while having no visibility penalty in your own smokescreen (can see 20km through dense fog)
  7. Easier to hit, everyone tends to focus on them with HE, because they're not as agile compared to cruisers and destroyers. Basically having a huge billboard sign on the conning tower that says "XP PINATA HERE - USE HE"
  8. Even better when they're deep water torpedoes that magically appear from a non-existing destroyer that just happened to never be spotted the entire time (not even shown on 'last known position')
  9. That applies to already damaged targets, not 100% HP targets doing 0 damage after pens when they previously were not shot at yet, which is what I've been noticing. for example; Target A: 50100 HP / 50100 HP 3 shells hit the target: 1 Overpen, 2 penetration, no module hit indicators anywhere, grand total of 1030 damage inflicted (assuming it was from the overpen). If this was applied to a ship that was already beaten up pretty badly and already below 25% total HP remaining, then yes, that would make sense. But, to 100% unscathed targets?
  10. Doesn't explain why pens will do 0 damage at full HP targets, when they do not hit any modules and the shells go through torpedo protection and through casemate armor. Or, there's additional information not being sent to the user on why exactly the pens did 0 damage, like a ribbon saying "Shell penetrated the outer layer of armor, but the deeper layers of armor mitigated the shell". Something along the lines of that... which wouldn't that fall into "Non-Penetration"?
  11. Pretty much the best way to deal with it (even though it isn't all that great), if you catch 1 fire, let it do its thing, so what if you lose a tenth of your health. But, say you got two or three appear, then hit the Repair. The part I disagree the most: When the repair ability just now enters cooldown, bam, another fire instantaneously.
  12. Worst part is, you can't angle and block HE shells.
  13. Stat shaming to boot? Check, Check, and Check.