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  1. LieutenantJebStewart

    Stop playing video games at work!

    Huh? Work? That's so yesterday! This 2021, post-pandemic America.....NOBODY works!!!
  2. Harrumph!!! You NEVER see such outrageous signage in Antarctica!!!! No nude penguins...indeed!
  3. LieutenantJebStewart

    I actually like the Sgt Schultz DD (tier 9 DD in new KM line)

    As far as the Schultz goes, I know....nothing! I see.....NOTHING! (RIP, John Banner.)
  4. LieutenantJebStewart

    Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity

    I'm so disappointed! Who knew that the Prime Directive was actually going to turn out to be: "Book your flights about four or five weeks in advance for most holidays that fall on a three-day weekend."
  5. WHAT, an update...TODAY???? Why do they do this to ........((((((((>>>>>>>> MEEEEEEEE<<<<<<<<))))))))??????? (After all, it IS all about ME! Mommy say's so!) It's so unfair!!!! Why does WG hate ME????? I DEMAND compensation time!!!!!!
  6. The confusion and miscommunication reminds me of DesRon 11 and The Honda Point Disaster.
  7. LieutenantJebStewart

    PSA: Opt In Mission

  8. LieutenantJebStewart


    Well, being the natural cynic that I am, I gotta thank WoWs, big time, for the server downtime compensation. 2 days of premium time (plus flags) for less than a day missed play time, in the form of WG containers that can be opened at a player's discretion? Plus, a day compensation for those that lost premium time and signed in during a fair period of time? YEP, that's more than fair, period! This is the type of business model that will build a loyal player base. (Now, don't go blowing all that goodwill capital that this will build, by doing something silly stupid in the near future.)
  9. LieutenantJebStewart

    Permission to Go Ashore

    Good luck and Semper Fi, Bro.
  10. LieutenantJebStewart

    Modernish ships?

    Well, WG could look at it this way, if they went with more pre-dreadnoughts in the game, the Russia line could have a lot more ships in the game that ACTUALLY existed!
  11. LieutenantJebStewart

    WG - Please Give Special Abilities to Commander Leroy Jenkins

    Like all Veterans, he already has special abilities. “This is tough work, this is nasty work; but if I had to, I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” he said. “This is where your freedom comes from.” -Leroy Jenkins, commenting on his time in the USN, 7/19/2005 (The real life aquatic | | lsureveille.com)
  12. LieutenantJebStewart

    COOP Match Maker 2x7 Match Selection Anomaly

    No, a very definite change HAS taken place with co-op MM. As I recall, on the queue page, it says something to the effect of players "in your range' or "in your ships range," not just the total number of ships, by type in the queue, and that in-of-itself is not anything new. I'm aware of this because the 2/9 human player change has prompted me to reexamine everything in order to try to figure out just what is going on.
  13. LieutenantJebStewart

    COOP Team Rosters

    YES, I concur!
  14. LieutenantJebStewart

    Another one of those "what is this" questions...

    Hazemeyer twin 40 mm Mark IV gun mount, with the Type 282 radar director.
  15. LieutenantJebStewart

    Just to let you all know about "Kiwi1960"

    Ahhh...Kiwi1960, you warned us this day was coming. Rianne, my most sincere condolences, to you, all of the family, and his friend also. Thank you for letting us all know of the situation. I too like to think of myself, as I know he did, a realist, but I am in total awe of your husbands straightforward approach to his cancer. I can only speak for myself, but he will be an inspiration when I face life's impossible spots (I am his age.). I believe your husband is a man I would have liked to have had as a, real world, friend. Again, let me express how very, very sorry I am for your loss.