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  1. Darkn3ssF4lls


    well said back in the day we had a delay in launching of planes this could be brought back as a solution.
  2. Darkn3ssF4lls


    How does one use your team to spot ships outside their spotting range for attack runs? Are you requesting your DD's to flank the enemy and be out of place with no one to suppor them so that the CV's can than fly over and see a target ?
  3. Darkn3ssF4lls


    I agree some of the most fun i've had this year has been this CV rework and I just want to know why you would make me feel useless again?
  4. Darkn3ssF4lls


    ah thank you, when i think of radio communication than I think of the tall towers on the land. It does make sense out at sea as theirs nothing in the way.
  5. Darkn3ssF4lls


    I agree Wargaming, can you please be more transparent about major changes like this. We don't understand these pengelum switches, we need to know where you are going with this what is the plan?
  6. Darkn3ssF4lls


    this is a perfect solution establish something like the radar change maybe the carriers don't relay for quite some time or only as the map markers etc. Those pilots gotta come back to the deck and let the people know, I don't think radios were amazing back than.
  7. Darkn3ssF4lls


    i agree with this, the DD's who are complaining the loudest I feel are the ones who were already running into the cap circle and yelling that they were getting no support when their opponent had their teams support and they were deleted. Balance is needed but when balancing Wargaming please keep in mind alot of us enjoy the new gameplay and already find it very hard to do meaningful damage in support of our team. We already can't provide supporting fire very well for our fleet, we can't counter the enemy carriers. What we can do well should be allowed to be done well.
  8. Darkn3ssF4lls


    Firstly, thank you Wargaming for being on top of getting hotfixes out there to balance the game in the wake of this massive change. I have to ask why have breathing life into this class you are now smashing its damage potential even farther into the dirt? The AA mechanic continues to remain the same with your planes getting completely wiped with very little effort by the ship captains. You are rewarding the captains now who can get close and actually hit these fast moving targets with now not even being able to see them on top of them being very fast to hit. Please consider all the community, the ones like myself who enjoy the changes you've brought to the CV rework. We may not scream loudly because the game is doing great things, but we do not want a paperweight in port which is what the continued nerfing of the revitalized class feels like is happening.
  9. Summer camp for the next Season of Clan Battles starting now. Looking for active fun players for both casual content like operations and daily divisions as well as folks who are committed to learning and growing in competitive play like Ranked and Clan Battles. Anyone interested in joining feel free to contact any officer in either of our ports AOD_A or AOD_B or just start up the conversation over at http://warships.clanaod.net/ (account registration required).
  10. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Clan leader is gone for 658 d's

    Sadly this is in the clan disputes are dealt with by the clan members themselves clause. I am unawares of anyone successfully arguing contrary.
  11. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Deputy Commander Question

    Can someone explain besides clan battles are not clan wars why they haven't sorted the clan management to be like tanks ? People who can do clan wars [your battle callers] people who can manage recruitment etc etc.
  12. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Am looking for a clan

    Why until October 1st?
  13. Join ClanAOD Today! What do you get? The Angels of Death brings you a clan with twenty years of gaming experience. We have over 3000 members playing over 18 fully supported gaming divisions. We support these with servers, ports, Teamspeak rooms, forums, and what ever else they need. Most importantly we create a place for everyone to come together and have fun. We offer a place free from drama, politics, and the other things the plague you in real life, we are here to have fun and play games. Do you have any requirements? Our requirements for membership can be discussed with your recruiter. As a general rule the following things can be expected of our members. We do not accept intentional team killing, team damaging, or in other words we have a overall policy against cyber bullying. We do require that you have a working microphone to apply and have Teamspeak 3. We do require that you be older than 16. We want to maintain active members but we do not have stats, tiers, or requirements for you to be on every week. We want you to have fun! You can find out more at the apply here link above or contact a Recruiter + in AOD_A or AOD_B. These are our NA server ports all others are not ClanAOD.net. Sounds great but how do I join? Click the Join Link Above Click the Apply Follow the Instructions on the Screen (Create and Account, Activate Account, fill out application) Our recruiters will contact you shortly after you submit your application! Inspirational Footage
  14. Darkn3ssF4lls

    LF EU time friendly clan on NA server.

    Hello there I think we are exactly what you are looking for. We have groups on both servers and are pretty well covered throughout the day on the NA. If you want to talk with me add me in game or check us out at http://www.clanaod.net. In game on NA we are AOD_A and AOD_B.
  15. Darkn3ssF4lls

    ClanAOD.net Angels of Death are Recruiting!

    Clan battles is going great for our Team in AOD_B. Our membership continue to grow with over 70 members playing on the NA side full time and over 120 full time players on both servers. AOD_A and B are both about to go up in port slots and we are looking for more active members to join our ranks. If you love to have fun as an organized group in division play, in ranked play, and in clan battles come check us out at http://clanaod.net/ .