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  1. Happily we welcome Baghi and Smokejumper to the family. We have been having an awesome time this clan battles season. Running CB from both ports this time around. We would love to chat with you on our public, it is also there to help folks get in touch with us to join. Love to team up with you for fun in operations, or events. Swing by the website http://clanaod.net/ or join our discord today http://discord.gg/clanaod for more information.
  2. Darkn3ssF4lls

    looking for Clan with lots of members

    Hey there Reza, I saw you memo here and have reached out to you in game to talk about us. If you don’t see it swing by our website http://clanaod.net and check us out. Else reach out to us on our discord. Hope to chat with you soon, good luck on your search.
  3. Glad to have ZanderCage and Freedom_Dispenser joining the clan. We additionally wanted to let folks know that our discord is open to folks to interact with us in addition to helping folks get setup in the clan. http://dicsord.gg/clanaod
  4. Welcome all the folks who have joined us in this last month. The clan is enjoying the tier 8 clan battles this season. We are additionally loving our operations nights and look forward to the uptick in events as the colder weather comes nigh.
  5. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Returning Captain skills

    In general players who’ve participated in clan wars have gotten to change their captains skills at the end yes.
  6. Darkn3ssF4lls

    I'm torn on what to do.

    I would concur with folks here. Building from the ground up sounds great in theory. In reality it is a heck of a lot of base building and member management to do on your own. It would be better for you to find an active home in search of folks to play with and contribute to. Plenty of good groups out there to choose from. If your looking for an active fun place we’re always looking for active fun people.
  7. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Announcing SKIPPER

    Well played, though would be hilarious to add such a feature.
  8. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Creating a new clan - is it worth it?

    Like the above post I too do not understand the want that everyone has to open a new clan every day. I sit in the recruiting chat and see so many people forming new clans. I could see this as a need if there were no good groups out there, that just simply is not the case. If your a super duper stats chaser there’s a already well established clan for you. If you are only into pve and operations, there’s a clan for you. Like they say everything costs oil to get the bonus for the port. Your options for getting it are, clan battles (7or14xtier 10s able to earn a crap ton of oil for I believe 3 wins a day max something like 50 oil a win), daily containers 10 oil each , buying containers 10 oil each, and this new naval battles system. Regardless of how you earn the oil it is, like coal a time gate. This means that you will be behind having just joined and enhancing an established clan. An example is our AOD_A port has been grinding out 50 member cap (you start at 30) since November. It costs 65k oil to build just the 45-50 member upgrade. If it wasn’t for this naval battles we would still have been grinding. Our ports been around now for over a year and a half. Our B port does clan battles all the time and is farther along and is younger. So it’s quite the undertaking, not just spend doubloons and gather people to “” grind it out. Is it possible, sure if you get a group of 30 clan battles players to start your port. Otherwise it’s more worth your time joining a group that is the type of group you want to be in. Spending your time and energy on their port and just enjoy playing the game. Hope that was helpful, I’m always available via pm or discord (send id in pm) if you just want to get a snap shot of costs beyond dubloons.
  9. Greetings Yenrich, I would love to chat with you about http://clanaod.net/ Angels of Death. If you would like to chat you can pm me here, I also have discord, additionally if you seek out a recruiter from the ports AOD_A or AOD_B we always love to chat. The best part is we love to help get people up to speed and into the game. We love to both do casual things like Operations and Random Battles in divisions as well as competitive things like Ranked and Clan Battles. We have a forum where we post up guides on ships and what is coming out next like the Fly Strike Win Event and its rewards.
  10. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Two Factor Authentication?

    No problem, its a setting from the authority basically they would have to invalidate your launcher's login session for it to require it. For what ever reason its not requiring it, you could if you were interested in such things log out and just login manually.
  11. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Two Factor Authentication?

    It wouldn't work this way, you've already authenticated your launcher [assuming your using wargaming launcher]. If you are using steam than that is already authenticated via the steam authentication app. I would assume similarly if you use twitch to login. Think that's about all we can do not having more info.
  12. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Sudden loss of clan members?

    Aye I think sneaky has hit the nail on the head here. There’s probably no reason to have so many deputy commanders. If it’s for clan battles a recruiter can launch them and do recruitment. DC manages port, kicks people, and can edit a whole lot about the clan to include its name. I would recommend re-evaluating your layout. A lot of API based sites like wow-numbers let them mess with your clans things externally too.
  13. It is with great pleasure that I get to welcome Boom_n_Zoom, Gooner89, Sougmou, and Aura_Reaver to our family. Sink you all out there on the high seas.
  14. I would love to participate in this glorious event, I am a daily player and with access to the large group of AOD I will be able to have constant groupings out there to keep the public entertained.