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  1. Thanks, its been a pleasure chatting with y'all recently.
  2. This has been an exciting clan battles season for us. We are pleased to welcome Dan-B054 to the team. Check us out on our website http://clanaod.net/ or chat with us on our discord http://discord.gg/clanaod
  3. It is always a pleasure to hear from folks who have had a great time in this community. I joined this great group of guys and gals back in 2009 and have no regrets! It is really a place for anyone to find folks to play the games they love to play. Whether they are the the 23 major titles and umbrellas or just an independent game that folks get together to play. We have a blast, we even enjoy playing karaoke fun nights too!
  4. Happily we welcome Baghi and Smokejumper to the family. We have been having an awesome time this clan battles season. Running CB from both ports this time around. We would love to chat with you on our public, it is also there to help folks get in touch with us to join. Love to team up with you for fun in operations, or events. Swing by the website http://clanaod.net/ or join our discord today http://discord.gg/clanaod for more information.
  5. Glad to have ZanderCage and Freedom_Dispenser joining the clan. We additionally wanted to let folks know that our discord is open to folks to interact with us in addition to helping folks get setup in the clan. http://dicsord.gg/clanaod
  6. Welcome all the folks who have joined us in this last month. The clan is enjoying the tier 8 clan battles this season. We are additionally loving our operations nights and look forward to the uptick in events as the colder weather comes nigh.
  7. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Two Factor Authentication?

    No problem, its a setting from the authority basically they would have to invalidate your launcher's login session for it to require it. For what ever reason its not requiring it, you could if you were interested in such things log out and just login manually.
  8. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Two Factor Authentication?

    It wouldn't work this way, you've already authenticated your launcher [assuming your using wargaming launcher]. If you are using steam than that is already authenticated via the steam authentication app. I would assume similarly if you use twitch to login. Think that's about all we can do not having more info.
  9. It is with great pleasure that I get to welcome Boom_n_Zoom, Gooner89, Sougmou, and Aura_Reaver to our family. Sink you all out there on the high seas.
  10. I am glad that we turned out to be all you wanted and more. I can attest that once you come on in you never want to leave. I've been here for 10 years, always can find something to keep my interest. New titles coming out all throughout the year, people getting together and just playing DND, you name it the entertainment value is here. We are always trying to improve this to make our support top notch for both new and old players. Angels of Death - www.clanaod.net/ continue to grow and build our family here in World of Warships. We always have an active division running and run custom events on the weekends to break up the grinding monotony. It is with great pleasure that I get to welcome Lonestar69, Treekeeper14, Gooner89, faelsep. If you would like to learn more about us, post here, DM a recruiter in AOD_A or AOD_B, or better yet come on by the forums and engage in conversation with us.
  11. What did i just read lol
  12. This is great to hear Razgriz, I am glad that we are the home that you hoped we would be. I would love to welcome our latest family members to the clan. It is a pleasure to welcome JamesonRoosterBennett, PurpleCheeto, Spicoli21, Jester, Darkone264, Traveler04, BIG_Haase, Xeon, JustinXClay, Eye_of_akatsuki, Nuadax, ThisArmyGuy, and USS1Maine to the fight.
  13. Summer camp for the next Season of Clan Battles starting now. Looking for active fun players for both casual content like operations and daily divisions as well as folks who are committed to learning and growing in competitive play like Ranked and Clan Battles. Anyone interested in joining feel free to contact any officer in either of our ports AOD_A or AOD_B or just start up the conversation over at http://warships.clanaod.net/ (account registration required).
  14. Join ClanAOD Today! What do you get? The Angels of Death brings you a clan with twenty years of gaming experience. We have over 3000 members playing over 18 fully supported gaming divisions. We support these with servers, ports, Teamspeak rooms, forums, and what ever else they need. Most importantly we create a place for everyone to come together and have fun. We offer a place free from drama, politics, and the other things the plague you in real life, we are here to have fun and play games. Do you have any requirements? Our requirements for membership can be discussed with your recruiter. As a general rule the following things can be expected of our members. We do not accept intentional team killing, team damaging, or in other words we have a overall policy against cyber bullying. We do require that you have a working microphone to apply and have Teamspeak 3. We do require that you be older than 18. We want to maintain active members but we do not have stats, tiers, or requirements for you to be on every week. We want you to have fun! You can find out more at the apply here link above or contact a Recruiter + in AOD_A or AOD_B. These are our NA server ports all others are not ClanAOD.net. Sounds great but how do I join? Click the Join Link Above Click the Apply Follow the Instructions on the Screen (Create and Account, Activate Account, fill out application) Our recruiters will contact you shortly after you submit your application! Discord <- Have questions, reach us on our discord. Inspirational Footage
  15. Darkn3ssF4lls

    ClanAOD.net Angels of Death are Recruiting!

    Clan battles is going great for our Team in AOD_B. Our membership continue to grow with over 70 members playing on the NA side full time and over 120 full time players on both servers. AOD_A and B are both about to go up in port slots and we are looking for more active members to join our ranks. If you love to have fun as an organized group in division play, in ranked play, and in clan battles come check us out at http://clanaod.net/ .