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  1. Eine_Handgranate

    So Tier 5 French Cruiser....

    oh, i didn't know that. thanks for pointing it out. ++ but then again, having any kind of bridge view obscured by AA gun still sounds bit funny.....
  2. Eine_Handgranate

    So Tier 5 French Cruiser....

    We don't care if our view from bridge is obscured by AA guns because we only retreat...
  3. Eine_Handgranate


    me having 170 Juliet Charlies means... that's a lot of boom boom happened to me then
  4. Eine_Handgranate


    didn't they give you 100 Juliet Charlies per Detonation?
  5. Eine_Handgranate


    detonations in a game! WG just handing out 300 Juliet Charlies here.
  6. Might be nothing compared to some super-unicum captains out here but it was a very tasty returning match after a week of busy working. It's a lost game, but I really couldn't care any less . Although being chased by Des Moines and Essex as a sole survivor DD was not the best experience.