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  1. Or, in other words play WITH THE TEAM AS A TEAM PLAYER, *WITH SKILL*, not solo COD rejects that they've been for, as you said, the last 3 years.
  2. If yer crying about the current meta and claiming you are unable to do anything; *you* are the one saying it.
  3. It was aimed at rabbit, not you. But, simple reality is, no , the game has changed but DD drivers with actual skill, not COD rejects, are doin just fine.
  4. *Swish* Sailed right past em didnt it. Shows how well this one was paying attention - which, in turn, really exemplifies why DDs have *ZERO* grounds to complain on this patch.
  5. You are correct on the first half - BBs have been on the bottom of the pecking order since beta. They've repeatedly complained about it only to be trolled, treated like garbage, and constantly hounded by the DDmafia. Now that WG has finally done *ONE* thing right in an [edited] backward way, DDs are crying to the moon - and the rest of us are delighting in their long overdue tears. Like I said. Karma. The only thing DDs have earned is the ridicule, scorn, hatred and general GFY that the player base is expressing to them right now.
  6. Out of + Or youd be getting them en masse.
  7. Now THAT was a multi-citadel hit.
  8. 17 pages (and growing!) Of delicious DD tears. Ever since Effin BETA, BB and many cruiser drivers have complained of being perpetually lit, perpetually targeted, burned, torped and wrecked before they could contribute. Didnt matter the skill or strategy; BB/cruisers were constantly bent over. Now? All of a sudden DDs are catching a minuscule fraction of same, and they are leaving the game in droves. Well, ill give 8.0 one thing - tis flushing out all the COD rejects. The simple fact is, DD drivers with actual *SKILL* are doing just fine in the new patch. Its merely a bunch of very, very weak players that had no skill outside of what WG granted them to get anywhere, that they are finally being flushed out. Long. LONG bloody overdue.
  9. YukonHunter

    Lets talk about possible fixes

    Of course, Maaaaayyyybbeee its time that DDs develop some, oh, i dunno, SKILL, and play WITH the team rather than as solo ninjas.
  10. YukonHunter

    Mino AA.......useless? aerial torp detection range ?

    Welcome to 2019, year of the Sky Cancer. Where the meta has been changed so CVs are 100% more godly than before, AA doesn't matter, and the only silver lining comes from the river of tears from DDs.
  11. As bad and disastrous for the game as the current buff is, i have to admit - I am *delighting* in DD tears. It has been a very, very, *very* long time coming.
  12. YukonHunter

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    Here we see WOWS propaganda in full swing. Of course, it ignores one teensy tiny little detail that gives rise to the complaint of "AA being nerfed" (Despite, of course, the blatently effing obvious of "read the ships stats before and after and the numbers tell the tale"... CVs now have unlimited aircraft. This, on top of much *BETTER* control for aircraft (love how WG managed to shove WOWP into WOWS), aim bots that are even more effective than before, extra high damage weaponry in the name of rockets, and not having to manage fighters at all, but primarily the unlimited reloads (the same nonsense that DDs have gotten away with on torpedoes) have resulted in the following - Sky Cancer. Got Buffed. To The Effing Moon. Quit trying to tell us otherwise, the playerbase has already wised up on this cold hard reality. So staying in operations and PVE until this [edited] is dealt with.
  13. YukonHunter

    Texas AA sucks???

    Just another example of how AA across the board got nerfed, in a desperate attempt by WG to make 2019 year of the sky cancer.
  14. That was a direct citadel hit. As vids from certain prominent players have already demonstrated beyond question, no, the player base need not play every ship, they need only encounter it to see the pure nonsense that has been this patch.