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  1. Oxy_Clean

    Research Bureau regret is thick this AM

    So I'm guessing you lose all the ex from the ships entirely if you hit the reset?
  2. Oxy_Clean


    This is total [edited]. Seriously, you have completely broken CV play in the game. I like the concept of making the 1 person control with the planes, but ALL AA is op against planes, it's near impossible to pull damage on ships, especially against matches where you're not top tier, which near all of them. And even with effective strikes on dd's with the strike bombers, you can't really do anything against dds effectively, especially when they take advantage of a huge flaw you created in that they sneak through a gap and get the CV (s) and even though the CV stays on the dd, the CV will get sunk and not do much damage to the dd. WG, you really need to pull your head out of your [edited], this game is not balanced in any way shape or form at this point.
  3. AA is rediculously too strong, at same tier ships all my planes are eaten up before I can do a single attack. Not to mention when I see matches with ships one and two tiers above. It's too op, all planes can do is spot. Fix it, you broke it. All you had to do was get rid of the manual strafe with fighters
  4. So you're not offering to sell any of those premium ships outright. I'm not taking a chance of getting a POS premium ship I don't want, when there's only two on the list I want. You guys don't exchange ships so I'm not buying any containers.