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  1. _Duke__

    How Strong was Italian Navy?

    Royal Navy finished them. I think eating spaghetti was their major strength. Same as the Italian army going to Ethiopia and getting kicked out. Spaghetti di mama was calling...
  2. Be nice CV planes did the same in the game...
  3. _Duke__

    Convinced MM is rigged

    Yes, game is rigged and it takes the fun out of it.
  4. Really, "Honor and Glory" of the Russian Navy
  5. As a WOWS player since 2015 i have seen the game evolve in areas which are making it so bad now that i am really unhappy. The aspects which are not right in my opinion: - Random match making mechanism; Not really random but skewed on player skills. Puts the +50% players with the -50% and makes it real frustrating for the better players. The reason i believe WG'ing is doing this is to try to keep players around the 50% mark as to keep them interested and spend money. - Introducing new ship lines and over powering them with no historical sense; The players who want to win will have to get Russian, French and Italian stuff. The nations with real Navy's and powerful ships (IJN, USN, RN) and even the Germany Navy are average. Guess what, most players who are not in for just winning end up pulling on the short stick. - Radar introduction and Smoke and subsequent Smoke changes; DD play changed significantly and when Smoke worked as expected and it made sense to get RN cruisers they nerved them - And now 0.8 and 0.8 hotfix; CVs from being dominating before are just now shear over powered So instead of introducing new ships and balancing things, all the upgrades by WG'ing are not real improvements or balanced and have made me want to stop playing (and get my money back)
  6. I guess not play for a month and see what happens
  7. Yep, Wye so serious is a unicum CV player, all makes sense now. Aircraft Carrier Next level: Super Unicum (+4.1%) 60.87% Unicum
  8. Stop playing and certainly do not invest any money. The game can be changed dramatically one day to the other and then you suddenly face frustration and in fact anger. The CV issue is on top of nerving previous ships you worked towards and spend money on in addition to the random match making which is not random and puts better players in less teams to keep everything around 50%. Must be the communist approach of eventually messing up everything...
  9. _Duke__

    question to dev and anti cv whinners

    Well pointed out. Team play with new CV setup is further in the drain making the game less and less enjoyable to play.
  10. After hotfix 0.8 the CVs are still over powered. Game is messed up right now. Suggest DD, CA and BB players stop playing for a month and certainly not invest (makes no sense as CVs rule the game right now).
  11. _Duke__

    question to dev and anti cv whinners

    DavidNXS, Based on your replies and forum pic you must be a CV player and maybe a good one. So we all understand that your happy with the last upgrade, however if about 1/4 of the players each enjoy DDs, CA's, BBs or CVs, about 3/4 of the population is currently frustrated and unhappy and feels the game has been significantly changed for no reason. It even goes so far that money we have put in to play ships we enjoy is now a waste and just leads to more frustration and in fact anger. Actually the game is so bad now that i would not doubt for 1 second to leave for good in case i can get the multiple 100 of dollars i have put in back right now. In absence of an option like that or a class action against WG'ing (i know the EULA, however i still feel they dramatically changed the game), the next best I guess is to not play for a while and ask my fellow DD, CA and BB players to do the same. Just boy cot the game for a month and see what WG'ing does. Certainly do not invest money in it any longer if you are a DD, CA or BB player. Enjoy your CV play and i will not be playing for a while until WG'ing comes to their senses.
  12. Well, in my opinion the game is still such that the CVs are OP despite the 0.8 hotfix. Today participated in multiple games dominated by good CV players. DDs and BBs basically getting torn apart by rockets and multi torp throws (i think CVs working together as well). If about 1/4 of the population is playing each class of ship (DD, CA, BB or CV) and half of each class are above average players (i.e. > 50% winrate players) then creating a game where CVs are way over powered makes about 1/8 of the population happy, 1/8 trying to be better CV players and 3/4 frustrated and unhappy. Whatever CV owners say, the fact that CVs are out there now in great numbers with often 2 CVs each side means CV owners also know they are OP and are trying to bump up their winrate. All in all I wish there would be either: - a switch to say you can play a game with or without CVs - return CVs to pre 0.8 setup - or better, just give my money back - basically when i invested in the game before, things were reasonable balanced and they no longer are. It would be nice to start a class action against WG'ing as they have dramatically changed the game. They already in the past created a situation where you put money in certain ships and then they nerve them. Now bumping CVs screws about 3/4 of the WOWS players. I know the EULA probably has disclaimers in there, however i still feel miss lead. So advice to new players, please do not invest money in this game and actually look for something else as its not worth it and just makes you frustrated and angry.
  13. _Duke__

    The magic Shimakaze

    That is exactly what is wrong in the game, together with the ridiculous OP of the CVs at the moment (even post 0.8 hotfix)
  14. _Duke__

    question to dev and anti cv whinners

    Looking at the initial post; I only get in my T10 BBs 100k or more damage every now and then. I would expect the T10 CVs pre 0.8 to be able to do the same. So i agree with Brohk that actual damage data pre 0.8 would be useful to look at. What i have heard is that pre 0.8: - A good CV player can pull the win to him or her at 70 or 80% probability (data on this i do not have) - DD, CA and BB players where enjoying the game with already this heavy handed impact of skilled CVs After update 0.8 the CV impact is just outrages. Maybe 0.8 hotfix us slightly turning it down although i see the same stuff happening today (CV players sinking BBs with repeated torp attacks and rocket fighters easily damaging DDs). All in all i expect about 1/4 of the population likes either DDs or CAs or BBs or CVs, about 3/4 of us felt screwed with the 0.8 update. There is a poll on the forum showing 58% unhappy players and about 24% in favor (the 1/4 playing CV's) with the rest undecided or no opinion. IMHO its time WOWS creates a CV on/off button so players can decide whether they want CVs on their team.
  15. 0.8 is messed up and i wish i could exit and get my money back See this link with a poll. Maybe that will help at some point.