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    I do stuff you dont care about :) But I'm a level, even-keeled kind of guy. I don't know what to write here. 9% of my thoughts feelings, processes, work and hobbies have nothing to do with anything you would want to know about me. I guess the easiest thing to say about me is I am chill :)

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  1. I think that a Super Tester is someone that is invited to try out new things in the game before it actually goes to the Beta stage. The Beta stage occurs before it is actually put into the game. Therefore a Super Tester, comes before a Beta Tester. It's been so long since I played WoWs, I can't remember any of the Super Testers. I'm not even a Beta Tester, and I've played for over a year. I guess you aren't a Beta tester either. And you are way more advanced than I am. Fair seas!