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  1. Pre Clan Battles Bump
  2. bumpy. Always open to finding new members.
  3. Hello Kalman81, I have sent you a message.
  4. Coming Up from the depths to Sea Level. We are always looking for players that are looking for a decently competitive clan, If you have the skill, We have the spots.
  5. TopSide and YA for clan battles finally starting up
  6. Hiya HansiSolo, ive sent you a discord invite. Feel free to stop by and chat to see if you like the place.
  7. Daily upward movement

    Just looking

    Hello Uncle_ownter. I invite you to take a looksee at KSC/KSD. We made typhoon in both 2nd and 3rd season. This is our recruitment forum if you would like to take a look to see if you are intrested. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if I am unable to answer, I shall gladly direct you to a member that can. I can send you our discord In a pm if you would like. Wether you join or not you are always allowed to hangout in or discord to div up or any other shenanigans we my be up to if you like.
  9. Tuesday Bump. If players are still looking for somewhere to compete in CB. I encourage you to take a look around KSC, KSD/TSN