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  1. Cuesta_Rey

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    Generally speaking, I would choose this ship near last in a rotation of ships I wanted to win with. It ranks down there with the krispy kreme in terms of weak ships in this game. Where is it weak? Detection range, guns, no torps, and very squishy. Not to mention the fact that everyone knows it's a weak target and it quite often has multiple enemies targeting it because they know it's an easy kill.
  2. Cuesta_Rey

    Why bother with Puerto Rico?

    Why bother? Well, I guess it's not for the Puerto Rico, but the extras that come along the way are darned nice. Just now, I completed stage 3 and with it received the free Santa Mega Gift container. Turns out my container coughed up the Gascogne with a 10 point commander. I'm jazzed up about the freebie.
  3. Cuesta_Rey

    My take on the PR scandal.

    I smell shills
  4. Cuesta_Rey

    Ranked Sprint is a Success!

    The payout for wins is pitifully low. I thought there would be a little more coal for winning, kinda makes it not as fun to play.
  5. I'm puzzled why WG has not included 10 point Italian captains in the Premium shop or the Armory. Has there been any word on when they might offer Italian captains for sale?
  6. Cuesta_Rey

    Alt Accounts - why?

    Another question, maybe an even better question, is why not make an alt account? Seems there are far more reasons for making alt accounts than for not making them. Now as to whether or not you should spend money on an alt account, that's another set of questions/answers entirely.
  7. Cuesta_Rey

    torpedos lmbo

    Pfft...you'd be wise to watch for your team mates' torpedoes. Regardless of what you think of the moron who fired them.
  8. Cuesta_Rey

    $142.49 down the toilet

    Here's a free tip that's potentially worth thousands...never ever go anywhere near a casino.
  9. After three plays poorly reports, the player must lick the sole of a boot that's walked through a barn, then they are pistol whipped, and last, they must serve two weeks in motivation platoon.
  10. Cuesta_Rey

    I'm better than you

    I bought three crates and got two missions.
  11. Cuesta_Rey

    Am I the only one who likes the Research Bureau idea?

    I'm pretty sure you are the only one.
  12. Yep...just like the CV's. I kept telling those CV captains the big nerf bat was coming...and it did. Same thing will happen to Friesland. They will lure buyers/investors in to get her, then snatch the rug out from under their feet.
  13. This is exactly the kind of crap that makes me say hell no to investing any money in a premium DD like Friesland that's coming soon (in testing right now). That new DD is such a one trick pony, a single nerf could cause it to be a total waste of time, energy, and particularly money.
  14. Cuesta_Rey

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    I hope everyone realizes that if they nerf this ship either before or after it's release, it's a sick, malnourished, one trick pony...a big loser. As it stands, it's desireable for me, but on the other hand I know too well how WG plays games with nerfs.
  15. Cuesta_Rey

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    It was that way in a lot of places besides Tennessee. Only winos complained about it.