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  1. Yep...just like the CV's. I kept telling those CV captains the big nerf bat was coming...and it did. Same thing will happen to Friesland. They will lure buyers/investors in to get her, then snatch the rug out from under their feet.
  2. This is exactly the kind of crap that makes me say hell no to investing any money in a premium DD like Friesland that's coming soon (in testing right now). That new DD is such a one trick pony, a single nerf could cause it to be a total waste of time, energy, and particularly money.
  3. Cuesta_Rey

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    I hope everyone realizes that if they nerf this ship either before or after it's release, it's a sick, malnourished, one trick pony...a big loser. As it stands, it's desireable for me, but on the other hand I know too well how WG plays games with nerfs.
  4. Cuesta_Rey

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    It was that way in a lot of places besides Tennessee. Only winos complained about it.
  5. Cuesta_Rey

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    I have not ranked out, though I haven't played it a lot, either. Been using the Fiji and am more than satisfied with it's ability to get the job done. What has me less than enthused about ranking out is the weak prize at the end. The coal that's offered as a top prize is rather weak encouragement to grind it out. Paltry amount, really.
  6. I can't understand why you would not be thrilled with the fact that CV's have close to a 75% survival rate.
  7. Cuesta_Rey

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    Lots of us have lost loved ones to cancer. The fact remains, you better learn to deal with other people's words and focus on controlling your own. People always have and always will say things you won't like. That's called reality.
  8. Cuesta_Rey

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    Hey, a (close to) 75% survival rate is perfectly balanced.
  9. Cuesta_Rey

    Coal Ships Dilemma

    Yes, I have JB. It's a good ship with features that give you breathing room in a tight spot. It's not as good as Alsace, but still a good ship. Way better than the tier 8 French ship, though they are very similar in appearance.
  10. Cuesta_Rey

    Coal Ships Dilemma

    I'm holding out until I see what else they come out with. A 6 gun tier 9 BB doesn't light my fire, a tin can tier 10 Japanese CA doesn't light my fire, and neither does the Salem.
  11. Cuesta_Rey

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    Pfft...sorry, but not buying that. Tier 5 and 6 are ridiculously bad in my opinion.
  12. Cuesta_Rey

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    I just don't have the interest to find out whether they get better/good later on. Up to tier 6, I despise them and have no interest in finding out how much pain I can endure to go further up that line. And besides, they are ugly as sin.
  13. Cuesta_Rey

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    Please explain why it's a bad idea for "the game as a whole" for Premiums to be in ranked battles. Besides how it makes you feel (I don't give a crap about how you feel), how do Premiums make a negative impact on the game as a whole? Where does making a profit fit into the "game as a whole" senario?
  14. Cuesta_Rey

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    The only way I am strongly opposed to this idea is if it's made mandatory to re-grind a line. More end-game potential to earn a better ship is not a bad idea on the face of it. People are going to get curb stomped regardless, so that's not a factor as far as I'm concerned.
  15. For the time being, I'm all in for the possibility of re-grinding my way through to earn stronger ship/s. This game must have more end-game potential and that is what they are considering here. Is it an idea that might need some polish, yes, but I am glad they are forward thinking. Just playing the devil's advocate.