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  1. Cuesta_Rey

    Neptunes and Minotaurs completely gone

    It's a good practice to minimize smoke for escape, 'cause good captains will crucify a CA sitting/firing in smoke.
  2. Cuesta_Rey

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    You have taken the discussion/comment out of its context.
  3. Cuesta_Rey

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    I understand why you might see it that way, but I see it from a little different perspective that prevents a dogmatic "I know" and instead, I think.... Take this last ranked season (3) sprint for example. In my main account I played Leander 12 times winning in just 50% of the games. It took me something like 38 games to rank out. On my secondary account, I played Leander, winning 83% of the time. Took just 17 games to rank out. Again, I know this is just anecdotal, but either there is a lot of RNG luck involved in all this or else there is some kind of MM bias that tends to keep higher WR players teamed with like players. There is no other rational way I can explain how remarkably different two different accounts played by the same player can turn out so differently.
  4. Cuesta_Rey

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    A long time ago, I started a 2nd account. I did this because it took me a couple thousand battles before I began to figure out what I was doing and during that time had made mistakes that hurt my win rate. To make a long story short, my 2nd account is a solid 4 percentage points better than my primary account at around 53% WR vs: 49% WR. What I did different on my 2nd account was to play the ships I tended to be better at playing, and avoided playing ones where my WR was lacking in my primary account. This I believe has lead to the better WR percentage. However, I will say that it seems there is some credence to your observation that a less than 50% WR tends to get you matched with less than 50% players on your team, whereas being better than 50% WR tends to get you matched with better team mates. I have not kept records but have observed this happen many many times. None the less, my observations are anecdotal.
  5. Cuesta_Rey

    Murmansk is best T5 cruiser

    At one time, it was a lot better...when the guns had more range with captain skills. Now, The Furry Taco is far better than Murmansk IMHO.
  6. Cuesta_Rey

    lost in translation

    I must be British.
  7. That should read, Only the Shadow Knows
  8. Cuesta_Rey


    You might be getting a phone call asking to help fund "the wall". You reckon?
  9. Cuesta_Rey

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    OP didn't mention this one, but it is rarely seen in battle. I enjoy playing it and particularly the camo scheme Southern Dragon
  10. Cuesta_Rey

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    Forgot the Makarov
  11. Cuesta_Rey

    Top 5 Rarest Premium ships?

    Fujin Kamikaze Nikolai Gremy
  12. Just be glad they didn't release this floating horse puke before Christmas and then give them out in Santa crates as a "prize".
  13. Cuesta_Rey


    How you could play a ship for 3 years and not realize it's strengths and weaknesses, and therefore also realize it's not fit for battle (particularly a ranked battle) is beyond ridiculous. I'm afraid you have no credibility at this point.
  14. Cuesta_Rey

    WOWS should be sued for POS Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    40 hits and 9 kills? That is highly unusual for any non torpedo ship indeed. Never have seen anything else like it. Congrats.
  15. Cuesta_Rey

    Last 5 santa crates and a surprise!

    1. You are going to get a lot of grief from team mates when you use your DD as a cruiser. They won't care that your DD is not a cap contender, so be prepared to endure the chat craptastic criticism you will get. Ignore the chatter. Try to play that ship like a typical DD and you will die within the first five minutes. 2. Like others have said, the Kutuzov draws a lot of attention and you almost certainly will get focused fired when you are spotted. Experience is always the best teacher, but try to remain as stealthy as possible and stay at range 16 km - 18 km. Get too close, and you're dead.