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  1. Cuesta_Rey

    Newbie Hit hard with the WAW Bug!

    Is there any news about new campaigns on the horizon? Once I finish Epochs, I'm all done.
  2. Cuesta_Rey

    Research bureau playwall seems insurmountable

    Thanks, I found it. 1 month until the multiplier is applied. Now, will the multiplier be applied to a line I've already researched but not purchased, or only to a line I reset after the multiplier is applied?
  3. Cuesta_Rey

    Research bureau playwall seems insurmountable

    When does a new season begin and the old one end?
  4. Cuesta_Rey

    CV's in Ranked Battles

    Utter nonsense. I know exactly what they (WG) do, but that does not make it competitive. And I disagree, there is no other ship class that has more impact on a ranked battle than a CV. Basically, there is no defense against the CV if you are a DD.
  5. Cuesta_Rey

    CV's in Ranked Battles

    To begin, I want to make it perfectly clear I do not wish to ban CV's from ranked battles. HOWEVER, WG needs to do something to balance the player competence of the CV captains. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that tilts the balance of a ranked battle more than to be stuck with a crappy CV captain on your team. If one side has a dominant CV captain while the other has a mediocre or worse CV captain, that side is doomed before the match even starts. It's just too unbalanced and it seems to happen far too often in ranked battles. Nuff said.
  6. Cuesta_Rey

    Back after 2 month hiatus

    That's very good logic. Thanks for your insight Taylor. Any idea when that adjustment might take place. Next patch or down the road another patch or two?
  7. Back after a 2 month hiatus and it seems I missed a lot. Feels like the whole game graphics are different than it was before. I know I need to reassign captain skills but man, the combat just feels so much different than before. Seems more "arcade" in looks and feel now more than ever. Any hints or tips?
  8. Cuesta_Rey

    My santa crate haul so far.

    Big shout out to WOWS for the Santa crates this year! I have bought 2, 20 packs of the Mega gifts and 2, 20 packs of the Big gifts and received at least 20 different ships! plus over a year of premium time. Very pleased with my purchases, excellent value. I received so many ships, I don't have enough credits at this time to fully equip them all and will do it gradually. Received some excellent aircraft carriers and don't even know how to play those yet. All told, I spent over $200 for the crates but feel it was well worth it.
  9. Cuesta_Rey

    Kansas is a bore to play

    I agree. This is a terribly bad battleship. It's an impediment to a team.
  10. Cuesta_Rey

    Returning after a few months off

    Where are you going cupcake?
  11. Cuesta_Rey

    Returning after a few months off

    I played several random battles in my Gremy, tier 5. Every single battle had multiple bots on both sides. Game has turned to crap since I was last here.
  12. and upon return, there are now multiple bots in random battles? Are the developers deliberately trying to sabotage the game?
  13. Cuesta_Rey

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    Generally speaking, I would choose this ship near last in a rotation of ships I wanted to win with. It ranks down there with the krispy kreme in terms of weak ships in this game. Where is it weak? Detection range, guns, no torps, and very squishy. Not to mention the fact that everyone knows it's a weak target and it quite often has multiple enemies targeting it because they know it's an easy kill.
  14. Cuesta_Rey

    Why bother with Puerto Rico?

    Why bother? Well, I guess it's not for the Puerto Rico, but the extras that come along the way are darned nice. Just now, I completed stage 3 and with it received the free Santa Mega Gift container. Turns out my container coughed up the Gascogne with a 10 point commander. I'm jazzed up about the freebie.