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  1. pizzapoppie

    Research Bureau Season 3

    Great, thanks
  2. pizzapoppie

    Research Bureau Season 3

    Do you know the exact date for the release of that patch
  3. pizzapoppie

    Research Bureau Season 3

    Anyone know when the next season of research bureau comes out? Thanks in advance.
  4. pizzapoppie

    IFHE, revisited all over again, part deux

    The IJN 100mm guns actually have 24mm HE pen stock
  5. pizzapoppie

    Premium CV Camo Compensation

    Great thanks!
  6. During the Halloween event, I got the Great Gorgon camouflage for the Shokaku for free from the daily halloween crate. I have never owned the Shokaku. Am I able to get doubloon compensation for the camo? Thanks in advance.