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  1. suicideclyde

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    Yeah - same issue here. Ive disconnected and reconnected both twitch and amazon as well as logged out of everything and back in multiple times. There's probably a "correct" order on how to do this, but I haven't found it yet. I have successfully received twitch rewards in the past with connected accounts - had an issue like this with last months Tanks drop, but was able to fanagle that one to work....odd. I have submitted a ticket to try to get my container. Here's hoping.
  2. suicideclyde

    National Voices no longer an Option?

    Yeah - some of my friends still have them as well, but I don't seem to be t he only one with this issue. I found this thread, which seems to be abandoned....
  3. I assume this is a bug and not intended behavior, but I can no longer select National as a voice option for my captains. Special captains like Dasha or the Anime captains seem to work, but my run-of-the-mill non-US captains all sound like US captains right now (i.e. my Russian Captains and Japanese captains sound American). Anyone come across this? Is there a fix I can do on my end? Thanks, - A
  4. suicideclyde

    Sound in general is messed up

    I've been waiting for a fix, but since the update I can't hear my guns firing at all. WHen I turn up the sound option for that, Torpedo firings get louder, but guns don't change at all. Is anyone else having this issue? EDIT: By turning every single volume to max (step one of the sound update guide posted in an above post, I can now hear my guns....something something sliders purpose changes partway along the slider scale something something, poor design.....whatever, I can hear my guns again.
  5. Update - Actually, Dasha and all of the Special Captains I've tried seem to work (a couple of the anime captains). Its just the national voices that seem to no longer be an option. Has anyone found a solution?
  6. I've got the same problem - crapped out on me mid gaming session. Suddenly no more Dasha in my ears, just some smarmy US captain. Help WG! Help! I may try to reinstall after playing a few matches tonight.
  7. Even if they weren't all co-op this right here is sound advice. Though i may suggest that #2 is only true if you aren't a low-detect dd - and even if you are you still want a wall of friendly ships behind you. You can't win a 12v12 on your own. Good luck.