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  1. clyde_plays

    What happened to WoWs in Twitch Prime Gaming?

    Looks good to me? https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/worldofwarships
  2. clyde_plays

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    This is very good advice if you are unsure.
  3. clyde_plays

    Sevastopol or Incomparable?

    I voted for Incomparable - steel is more limited access than RPs, as RP is comprised of two "cheap" currencies, credits and xp/fxp. Good luck with whatever you choose. Yuzo put up a YouTube video sharing his thoughts: And I did a fairly detailed analysis as well:
  4. clyde_plays

    Lazo Tier 7 Premium

    LOVE Lazo....she's a great little boat. Easy recommendation from me.
  5. clyde_plays

    Sevastopol is finally here -- Wednesday, Aug 10th.

    I had the chance to play the ship this last week and created a detailed comparison against the other soviet super heavies....you can check it out if you're a giant nerd like me. If you're not a nerd, this video probably isn't for you, haha.
  6. Those are good points @jakob_knight. Its true that smoke and submerging are different, although I think "penalizing" is a strong term for the suggestion I've made - though perhaps only slightly. Battleships that reload in 30s only get to fire their guns 40 times in a 20 minute match, so missing a salvo "penalilzes" them for 1/40th of their potential damage. I have never wanted for more dive capacity in a match, although I should probably log a few more sub games to really to test this theory. I'm sure others have had a different experience (I've gunboated many subs who ran out of dive capacity - so maybe I am alone there), but as the second comment in this thread describes I spend my sub time on the surface when possible/safe. Its possible that subs are perfectly balanced in the localization department....but the ability to submerge whenever I get a whiff of danger, seems very powerful to me. Rarely are good ideas a good idea from the start so this could use some workshopping, heh. That said, it could also just be another idea - and not a good one. Edit: I'm going to add some of your notes about smoke vs submerging to the original post, Jakob - as I think they're relevant.
  7. Apologies if the hyperbole was lost on you - I've updated the original post.
  8. I'm filling out the WG survey about the current patch and submarines.....and I came across this question: What difficulties did you face while searching for enemy submarines? This was my answer: I mean, I'm no game designer, but giving a sub more meaningful decisions sounds interesting to me. Thoughts? Not looking for hate-fueled sub raging in here....but hey I don't spend a lot of time in the forums, so who knows what I'll get....lol.
  9. clyde_plays

    Total confused On 21 point capt

    I had come in here to post my my 21-Point Captain and Hot dog, rick beat me to it! Thanks DownriverRIck!
  10. clyde_plays

    Reminder: X2 RP bonus rolls over soon

    Thanks. Yeah, its definitely targeted at a first time RB resetter. A "refresher" video for a more experienced player who's been around a while would probably be a good idea, and I'd wager one exists out there.
  11. clyde_plays

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    This is one of many....the video is like 45 seconds long.
  12. clyde_plays

    Reminder: X2 RP bonus rolls over soon

    I put together a YouTube video on this topic that you may find helpful....the Research Bureau is quite complicated - but optimizing it is simple once you understand the relationships between the currencies involved. You can check it out here:
  13. clyde_plays

    Research Bureau grind question

    This is rather obscured, and probably somewhat intentional (RP are "fun bucks" that are distilled down from other "fun bucks" in the form of XP and Credits)...I explain this in detail in my video coming out Friday (see my above post). I cover this topic exhaustively, so if you decide to watch it you'll have a good sense of what it "costs" to get a Research Bureau ship.
  14. clyde_plays

    Research Bureau grind question

    Hey OP,I made an extensive video on this topic that will be landing on my You Tube channel on Friday morning. In the video I break down some of the best ways to optimize the grind and I also show the true cost of each RB ship. EDIT: Video is now LIVE!