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  1. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    The Ottoman Empire Turn 18 April-June 1910 Army Navy Military Activate all armed forces and reserves Economics Internal affairs Declare all areas that have rebel activity under state of emergency Diplomacy Due to the current political climate in Europe, politely but firmly decline German intervention in Ottoman matters Operations Virus Pacify
  2. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    The Ottoman Empire Turn 17 January-March 1910 Military Economics Continue expansion of the mines previously done is turn 16 with small railways to be constructed to connect the mines to the main lines running thru Antolia. Diplomacy Offer Ottoman territory in Macedonia region to Bulgaria for a price of £3 million Internal Affairs Due to the unrest in the nation, call for a meeting between representatives of the Sultan and representatives of those who are agitated. At this meeting we will discuss what greivences the people have against the current government and how both the government and people of the nation can work together to alleviate them. (Done on mobile)
  3. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    The Ottoman Empire Turn 16 October-November 1909 Army Navy Military Strike all ironclads from the roster and salvage any useful armaments from the ships. The have them sold for scrap. Strike the Lûtf-ü Hümâyûn and have her sold for scrap Economics Have the money made from the sold ships be placed in a fund for the construction of the Caucus region railway and the Antolian industrialization project Diplomacy Offer the territory of Tripolitania to the Italians again for the price of £6.2 million Internal Affairs Begin expanding the mining operations of gold mines within the Erzincan and Usak provinces. Aim to reach a monthly product goal of 10,000 oz. Research and Development Operations
  4. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    The Ottoman Empire Turn 14 April-June 1909 Army Navy Military Cease all military operations against the Communists and allies in Russia, request a cease fire and ask to meet to discuss peace. New military tactics and infantry composition (pm'd) Economics Attempt to get trade deals with the new countries formed out of the old Russian Empire. Offer raw resources. Diplomacy Offer the territory of Tripolitania to the Italians for a price of £12,000,000 but be willing to discuss the price, possible lowering it in exchange for ships Italy has aquired from the K.m.K CSSR meeting specifics (pmed) Recognize the CSSR as a legitimate nation Internal Affairs Have the 100 dockyard workers sent to France begin teaching the heads of each work team the French method to constructing ships. Begin planning the locations of the government owned factories in conjunction to the current and planned locations of railways. For example, ports closest to oil railways will have oil refineries and equipment to ship the oil. Cities that have iron ore transit thru will have steel refineries and large port cities will have machining tools and textiles manufactured there. Also keep in the mind the cancelled ammunition and arms factory project that was stopped due to the war. Request the Germans to help in the construct a railway connecting the already existing lines in Antolia to the Russian lines in Azerbaijan and Georgia. Invite local businessmen in the Caucus region to invest in regional railway construction. Research and Development Operations
  5. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    The Ottoman Empire Turn 13 January-March 1909 Army Navy Military Have the Hamidiye be decommissioned, it's armaments salvaged and placed on the market for scrap. Begin production of another batch of M1907 uniforms, 200,000 in count. Form a fleet with goal of defending Ottoman ports in the Mediterranean and Balck Sea in times of war. It will be made up of the old ironclads and battleships that are being purchased from Germany and France along with the Messenger and her sister ship the Hamidiye which is being constructed in Italy. Economics Diplomacy Send a diplomatic mission to the United Kingdom to discuss the problems of nationalism in the Khedivate of Egypt and possible solutions to thus said problem. Request permission to send observers to Luftschiffbau Zeppelin to observe the construction of Zeppelins and possibly experience a ride on one of the airships. Also express an interest in purchasing an airship for army use. Accept the offer of struck ironclads from Germany and pay £1.5 million for them. Purchase 3 Marceau class battleships and the Terrible class battleship Requin from France for £800,000 Ceed the lands of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the USAH in exchange for help in the construction of military factories in strategic points in the Empire. Internal Affairs Request a meeting with the Azerbaijan nationalists to discuss a possible compromise between them and us that is mutually beneficial Research and Development Operations Müdahale Bekçi köpeği
  6. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire Turn 11 July-Sept 1908 Army Navy Military Send a small detachment of about 1500 men to the Black sea dockyards that are under our least to guarantee the safety of the ships beng constructed there. Have the lessons on defense and the failures of the Russian offensives be examined and mold our defensive and offensive strategies off those lessons. Order 100 Hotchkiss M1900 machine guns in our rifle caliber from the Hotchkiss company for market price Recaliber our machine guns to take rounds similar to the caliber already in use with those guns (Gatlings and Hotchkiss go 7.65 and Colt- Browning goes 6mm Daudeteau ) Order 100 Colt Browning M1895 in 6mm Daudeteau for the Market price Economics Diplomacy Internal Affairs Begin focusing on bringing our debt back to pre war levels As thanks for their effort in the Black Sea War, combine all the provinces where the majority of the populous are Armenia into the Armenia Republic, a Hamilik state that can currently decide on internal affairs but diplomacy and military protection in temporally Ottoman business. The Armenia Republic will stay in this state for a period of 10 years until the region it is in is stable, the region is properly industrialized and there is a satisfactory defense force for the Republic. Research & Development Operations Intervention Guard Dog Preparations
  7. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire April-June 1908 Turn 10 Army Navy Military Two Sampsun class destroyers, launched T17, ready T18 1907 coastal defense plan turn 9 continue project extending it's continuation to the end of 1908 Armored cruiser complete turn 16 200,000 M1907 uniforms turn 11 Naval plan for 1908 Repairs for all vessels damaged in the war The purchase of 4 protected or light cruisers The purchase of 16 additional torpedo boats The purchase of 14 destroyers The purchase of 10 modern submarines Give an estimate of how much this plan will cost and an estimate date of it's completion. Economics Prepare to make trade offers with the Future nation's of Poland and Ukraine Diplomacy 500 Madsen LMG turn 10 Accept Russia's surrender and agree to sent a repisentative the negotiations taking place in Vienna Agree to the Austro-Hungarian Military alliance offer and invite the sailors of the K.u.K Marine that fought in the 2nd battle of Trebizond Harbor to take part in the Victory day parades in Constantinople along with the defenders of Trebizond. Have victory parades take play in all major cities of the Empire (including the Constantinople parade above) Begin returning the Russian PoWS to Russia if they so desire. Order 100 M1900 Hotchkiss in 7.65 Argentinian and 100 Browning M1895s in 6mm Daudeteau. Internal Affairs Oil search turn 10 Begin a project to map the easiest route for a railway connecting the Antolian lines to the rail lines in the Caucus region. Research & Development Design a metal helmet that'll use the Kabalak as the base shape for the helmet. It'll have a cloth cap built in to provide the wearer comfort as they're wearing the helmet and a leather adjustable strap attached to the helmet itself. The design should be able to shield the wearer from falling shrapnel and be thick enough to bounce at least 9mm pistol rounds. The metal in mind for the design is Hadfield steel or Manganese steel, a steel alloy. Use Austro-Hungarian facilities to make and test the helmet prototypes and work with the fellow helmet research project going on in Austria-Hungary Design a Spitzer version of the 6mm Daudeteau round Operations Kılavu (cont) ended Büyük kral bekler(cont) ended Arazi onunla(cont) ended Reddedildi(cont) ended Adalet(cont) ended WIP
  8. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire January-March 1908 Turn 9 Army Navy Military Two Sampsun class destroyers, launched T17, ready T18 1907 coastal defense plan turn 9 (place this project on hold until the war is over) Armored cruiser complete turn 14 200,000 M1907 uniforms turn 11 accept the battleships from Austria-Hungary and name them after the 3 men who where confirmed death in the Abdul Hamid submarine incident. Economics Request loans from the United States and France if we're in dired need of them Diplomacy 500 Madsen LMG turn 10 Thank Chile, the United States and France for honoring their MDAs with the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires Make a bid of £1 million on the Admiral Makarov armored cruiser being constructed by France Promise those who ordered the attacks on innocent civilian and medical vessels will hang once this war has been won. Order 1,400 M1895 Daudeteau rifles and 80 M1900 Hotchkiss Machine guns from France State this as the Russian conditions for peace 1. they restore the Kars and Batum territories back to the Ottoman Empire 2. they cease hostilities against the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 3. permit the separation and Independence of the Poles, Finns, Ukrainians, Georgians and Armenians Internal Affairs Have PoW camps be constructed in Macedonia along with barracks for the troops guarding them. The camps are to be either big enough or noumerous enough to hold 400,000 troops. While the construction is going on, offer Prisoners of Polish, Ukrainian, Finnish, Armanian, and Georgian nationality the choice of forming battalions made up of other prisoners like them with the goal of fighting for their respective country's freedom. Expand the size of the current training grounds for the army, have them large enough to be able to train groups of 50,000 per 3 month period Have the wounded prisoners be treated along with our own wounded and diseased prisoners be quarantined along with our own diseased. Have willing Russian prisoners be interviewed on how the Russian army treats their troops. Have the worse experiences be published in newspapers and used to make propaganda. Have all transport, medical, and cargo ships be provided an torpedo boat escort within the Black Sea and the parts of the Mediterranean near our land. Oil search turn 9(request mission report from the teams) Research & Development The Kabalak sun helmet, turn 9 done Research a modification for the Hotchkiss M1900 that adds a hopper to the side of the gun enabling continuous fire. The hopper should be able to hold 4 strips and loader a new strip into the gun once the current strip had ran out. Research a metal helmet version of the Kabalak that is streamlined and helps shield a soldier from shell fragments falling down on his neck. Operations Kılavu (cont) Büyük kral bekler(cont) Arazi onunla(cont) Reddedildi(cont) Adalet(cont)
  9. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire October-December 1907 Turn 8 Army Navy Military Two Sampsun class destroyers, launched T17, ready T18 1907 coastal defense plan turn 9 (place this project on hold until the war is over) Armored cruiser launched turn 8, complete turn 16 Begin the production of the 1907 uniform for a count of 200,000 uniforms. They are to be stored until production is finished. Economics Diplomacy 500 Madsen LMG turn 10 Request the Nations that signed an MDA with us honor the MDA Formally declare war on the Russian Federation and inform them while they did throw out the Hauge conventions we will treat PoWs to the convention's standards Internal Affairs Task artists to create anti-Russian propoganda Give a speech denouncing the attacks made by the Russian federation Draft 50,000 men for infantry Research & Development Khaki, Brown and Olive Green uniforms turn 8 done The Kabalak sun helmet, turn 9 Operations Kılavu (cont) Büyük kral bekler(cont) Arazi onunla(cont) Reddedildi(cont) Adalet(cont)
  10. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire July-September 1907 Turn 7 Army Navy Military Two Sampsun class destroyers, launched T17, ready T18 1907 coastal defense plan turn 9 Armored cruiser launched turn 8, complete turn 16 Economics Diplomacy Place a call for tender for a capital ship with all big guns, a high rof (for capital ships), speeds between 19 and 22 knots, the ability to have a 8 gun broadside and the design must low budget friendly (between 1.5 million pounds and 2 million pounds) Order as many rapid fire weapons from France, the UK and America as they're willing to sell. Age does not matter. Accepts the French's offer of heavy artillery and order the maximum amount given. Agree to United State's and Chile's MDA proposal and formally invite both country's presidents to tour Constantinople with the Sultan 150 10cm mountain guns turn 7 Declare the Turkish Straits closed to Russian shipping and due to Germany's rabid support of the Russian Empire, impose the same tax that was previously imposed upon Russian ships. Denounce both the Russian Empire and German Empires with this speech Apologize for the previous offer to Compagnie Madsen A/S for 500 M1902 Let maskingevær in 7.65mm Argentina. Increase the offer to the cost of production along with 16% the CoP Internal Affairs Recruit 100,000 men, specifically making a point to recruit descents from the refugees of the Caucasian war Propose a military reform making it possible to abolish the bedel-i nakdī and the bedel-i askerī systems during wartime. In addition to this abolishment, increase soldier's pay by 8% and have the ages for draft be between 25 and 45 but give the option to decrease the age depending on the progression of the war. Research & Development Khaki, Brown and Olive Green uniforms turn 8 The Kabalak sun helmet, turn 9 Operations Köstebek(cont) Kılavu (cont) Büyük kral bekler(cont) Arazi onunla(cont) Reddedildi(cont) Adalet(cont)
  11. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire April-June 1907 Turn 6 Army Navy Military 1907 coastal defense plan turn 9 Armored cruiser launched turn 8, complete turn 16 Task the Imperial Arsenal dockyards with the construction of 5 Samsun(Durandal) class destroyers Economics Diplomacy Secure a license to construct Durandal class Destroyers from France with a payment of 5% COP (Cost of Production) per ship Demand the Russians return the surviving members of the Abdül Hamid within 30 days or the Turkish strait will be closed off to all Russian shipping and any ships attempting to pass thru will be interned until the men are returned. Condem the Russian Empire's illegal actions against American citizens, stating that it seems the Russian government is trying to destroy itself via idiotic foreign diplomacy and poor treatment of their people Agree to United State's and Chile's MDA proposal and formally invite both country's presidents to tour Constantinople with the Sultan 150 10cm mountain guns turn 7 Place an order with Compagnie Madsen A/S for 500 M1902 Let maskingevær in 7.65mm Argentina. Offer 14% the CoP (Coat of Production) for the weapons. Internal Affairs Extend the factory project time span for as long is needed Begin a recruitment drive with the goal being 20,000 men recruited for active duty. When that goal is met, continue to recruit men for reserve duty until no more volunteers are left. Swear to the citizens of the Empire that if a Russian soldier so much as sneezes over our border, war will be the response. We have had it with their attacks on our nation [edited] the usual response to the sinking of a ottoman ship would be war, it is unknown the specifics of the sinking. Research & Development Khaki, Brown and Olive Green uniforms turn 8 Develop a sun helmet for the army to be know as the Kabalak. The cap is a khaki kalpak with a distinctive top or dome the same color as the coat collars of the uniform being worn. Officers have gold (non-combatants silver) ornamental bands on the crowns. Operations Köstebek(cont) Kılavu (cont) Büyük kral bekler(cont) Arazi onunla(cont) Reddedildi Adalet
  12. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire turn 5 January-March 1907 Army Navy Military 1907 coastal defense plan turn 9 Armored cruiser launched turn 8, complete turn 16 Task the Imperial Arsenal dockyards with the construction of 4 Dutch O 1 class submarines, pay the Dutch £130,000 per submarine for licence cost and payment for the supplies sent. Economics Internal Affairs Acknowledge that the costs of the factory project will increase be if the project is still doable, push the have the project approved. The need for us o produce our own ammunition and guns is great. Celebrate the reintroduction of the General Assembly Have the KGB agents captured be placed on trial. The prisoners will be heavily escorted to and from the court house. All Russians, save a translator, will be barred from the court house for security reasons. Reporters will be allowed but only if they submit to a pat down for weapons. The trial is to have a daily highlights published in the newspaper and announced on the radio. Check on the progress of the Berlin to Baghdad railway Diplomacy Demand a reason why the German government has blacklisted the Ottoman Empire.Has the 20 years of diplomacy between both nations meant nothing? The Russia ships are to be taxed based on the weight of the cargo. Also report the amount of ships inturned ever 3 months. 50 Ivel Agricultural Motors Limited tractors turn 6 Purchase 8,000 Mauser C96 pistols from Spain for £22,127 250 15cm howitzers turn 9150 10cm mountain guns turn 7 Operations Köstebek(cont) Kılavuz Büyük kral bekler Arazi onunla Deniz olduğu gibi Aslana dilekçe vermek Research and Development
  13. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire turn 4 September-December 1906 Army Navy Military Daudeteau rifle field testing period to end 4 months from now (turn 6) Cruiser maintenance turn 4 Order 1 armored cruiser from France for £1,438,289.60 1907 coastal defense plan Order 30 M1895 Colt-Browning machine guns and 30 electric powered M1893 Gatling guns from the US for testing Put an order into the Mauser company for about 2,000 Luger pistol carbines able to fire 7.63x21mm Mauser and an order of 1000 C96 semi automatic pistols, offer 120% of the cost of production for the order Economics Internal Affairs Oil search (cont 4 turns, request progress on mission for both parties) request a statement on mission progress from both teams Add these specifications to the planning of the ammunition factories They must be located near a train station or any sort of location where the ammunition can be sent 0n it way speedily. The factories must be able to quickly switch production of ammunition depending on what's needed Locate 2 additional locations within the military centers for further production expansion The end of the planning phase and beginning of construction will take place this time next year Diplomacy Denounce the Tsar, Nicholas II, for the actions of his "KGB" against the Ottoman Empire and the attempt to steal the hard earned money of the Ottoman people. In response to this illegal action, the Ottoman Empire will begin taxing Russian trade exiting and entering the Bosphorus. Each ship going thru will have to pay £2,000 per ton to enter the strait or they will be interned. Have this action be enforced by the Ottoman navy, with coastal defense ships, gunboats, and torpedo boats guarding the entrances to the strait. Send 100 maintenance workers to France to learn how to successfully maintain the systems of the Armored cruiser being built for the Ottoman navy. Also thank the French government for the good word it put in with the former Russian investors Send Germany a message of good will and a hope that government's choice in allies will not lead to their downfall Contact Ivel Agricultural Motors Limited for a purchase of 50 of their newest tractors in an effort to compare their effectiveness (agriculturally and financially) with current farming technology being used. 250 15cm howitzers turn 9 150 10cm mountain guns turn 7 Increase security around the captured KGB agents Operations Köstebek(cont) Koruma(end this operation and have the units be deactivated) Research and Development
  14. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire Turn 3 July-August 1906 Army Navy Military Place the 600 Daudeteau rifles thru the same sort of trails dine for the current equipment use by the Marines and Calvary. If the rifle passes these trails, begin phasing out the rifles in current us for the Daudeteau rifles. Have the cruisers of the navy go thru maintenance and bring them up to optimal conditions Rename the Hamidiye the Nüsretiye and rename the Superb the Hamidiye Have the crews of the former battleships be transfered to the new battleship and cruisers purchased and have a 3 month training exercise for the crews in the Black Sea. Economics Place the hulls of the battleships stripped of armaments on the open market for scrapping Internal Affairs Oil search (cont 3 turns) Begin planning a military focused industrial project that'll have ammunition and gun manufacturing factories in each of the cities where each Ordus is based Diplomacy 250 15cm howitzers turn 9 150 10cm mountain guns turn 7 Voice support of Austria-Hungary against the aggressive diplomacy of Germany and send diplomats with the offer of a defensive military alliance between the 2 empires. Make a bid on the Russian ships that Japan current hold ownership of. Offer at most, twice their original cost for the ships Contact the Ansaldo company and offer contract for them to rebuild the Hamidiye is the same manner they did to the Mesûdiye. Offer the same payment as was with the Mesûdiye job but make sure to adjust for inflation. Order 200,000 rifles from Spain, payment being the price of production plus 25% of the price Operations Köstebek(cont) Gölge Koruma Research and Development Develop new uniforms for the Ottoman army and navy. These uniforms are to be anew uniforms for the Ottoman army and navy. The army uniforms are to be modernized versions of the current army uniform with colors ranging from white to green-khaki to brown, depending on what region the troops are stationed at. The head coverings are to stay the same. Keep most uniforms the same, save changing the naval infantry colors to a khaki color. The previous uniforms are to be kept as dress uniforms. Research a armored train artillery car. It is to have 2 turret spots for 1 heavy gun ranging from 15cm to 10cm and a medium gun ranging from 9cm to 6.5cm. The turret locations are to be the front and rear of the train car on the roof. It is to be armored, up to 40mm thick on the sides and 20 on the roof. Research an agricultural tractor design, it is to have a watercooled 2 cylinder 6.2 ci 20 hp gasoline engine. It's to weight about a ton with a length of 7 feet, a height of 5 feet and a width of 4 1/2 feet. Rear wheel diameter is to be 4 feet and front wheel diameter is to be 2 feet. It's transmission is to have 3 gears in forward and 1 in reverse. The tractor is to have 4 wheels and will have a 2 wheel driver. It's designation will be Model 1A.
  15. The Gamechanger RP: Gameplay Thread.

    Ottoman Empire Turn 2 April-July 1906 Army Navy Military Dockyard clearing turn 2 Contact Louis Marie Daudeteau and request either he or a representative of his demonstrates his Model 1895 B carbine and Model 1895 S carbine. If the rifles seem to be of good quality and use to our Calvary and Navy, order 300 of each for field testing Strip all battleships unfit for service of their armaments and have them stored until a use for them is found Economics Increase tariffs on foreign imports from 5% to 10%. Begin stripping all weapons off of torpedo boats unfit for service and offer their hulks for sale to scrapping companies, both foreign and local Have to iron mines increase production of ore in anticipation for the French built railway Internal Affairs Move to end the abuse of the Armenian citizens of the Empire by replacing the local authorities to abused their power with a mix of new Turkish officials and elected Armenians who'll follow the specifications given on the Armenians in the Treaty of Berlin(1878) Order 250 15cm howitzers (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/15_cm_schwere_Feldhaubitze_M_94) and 150 10cm mountain guns (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/10_cm_Gebirgshaubitze_M_8) from Austria-Hungary Diplomacy Order 200,000 M1903 Mauser rifles from Germany Since Germany did no respond to the cruiser order, permit the Navy to purchase the cruisers offered by the nation of Chile, the protected cruisers will be named Drama and Doxato, and the Armored cruiser Erzerum. Also since many of our current battleships are extremely outdated, make a bid on the French battleship Carnot for £460,000. To sweeten the deal, give France concessions so that they may be able to construct a railway connecting the cities of Beirut, Baghdad and Basra. Operations Köstebek Research & Development