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  1. Glasnost86

    West Virgina 1944

    they should design "re-fit" modules (like in the tech line ships with hulls etc.) that you can add to the WV 194,1 which would once selecting those modules would increase it's teir. players could add/remove depending on which version/teir they wanted to play. Be easier then a whole new ship, war gaming could make an event to unlock the modules, in random creates or however they want to do it. plus they'd sell a whole bunch of WV 1941's. how many ship could they apply this system to? I think it would really engage the community to get "re-fit" modules for appropriate ships that would change their teir and how they played. they would make money and it may be less time consuming then a "whole" new ship. Just an idea.
  2. Glasnost86

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    I bought it. I actually enjoyed the 2 matches I've played so far. But considering that I average more damage in the New Mexico then I do the Kurfurst it came as no surprise. I think running in a division will help, as you really need a team member to spot constantly as to make the best choices with where to sail. given its speed you can't really balk to where to sail amd need to commit to a route and stick with it to ensure you're in the fight and putting those guns to use.
  3. Glasnost86

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Yeah... I'll be passing on the JB, I barley have 30k coal.. I'm not sure how people have managed to get anywhere near 100k let alone the coal to get the JB. I'm sure as hell not paying $110 Aud. for it. I've spent way to much real money on this game already then I care to admit. If war gaming want to charge for premiums to make money fair enough, it's how they stay in business. I'm not disappointed or angry, I just can't afford it, I miss out, my loss I guess. who knows if I happen to get Christmas containers I might get lucky.. if not, oh well, I'll make do with the 60 odd ships I already have. people need to vote with their wallets and live within their means, sure you want the ship.. but don't blame war gaming if you don't like the price.. thats their price, either save your money or do without. I understand the communities anger at the business model.. the older I get the more I'm resenting in game purchases/premium accounts etc. I'm moving towards just not paying money and enjoying what I have. Just my two cents. if you can afford it, and are comfortable doing so, I wish you all the best in your shiny new JB.