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  1. Coolhand2323

    What happened to all of the mods?

    A lot of those aren't working either and need to be updated including win timer and MMM.
  2. I wouldn't say it was unplayable. Propulsion mod makes it bearable but you gotta keep your distance even more so now.
  3. My argument is still quite valid because one person's opinion does not equal consensus.
  4. I don't know, Kremlin had no trouble deleting me when playing Henri, even with some very whacky angled shots. Henri isn't the invulnerable ship people make it out to be. I think it was the perfect counter to Stalingrad. I will admit, some people were crackerjacks at playing it and very hard to kill but there's an elite player for every class of ship. They happen. You will see them. They do what they do because they are good, not because a ship is too OP. If a ship was too OP, everyone would perform well in it and I simply don't think this was the case with Henri. Too much of a nerf Wargaming. Too much.
  5. They left Smol and Kremlin alone. The token "Nerfs" they did were meaningless.
  6. Am I the only one scratching my head about the Henri IV acceleration NERF? Like, who was complaining about this? Why was this necessary? The ship isn't exactly outperforming other classes and its speed is the only thing keeping it attractive to the niche' playerbase that mains in it. In a meta where fires and fire damage and HE spamming paper boats are out of control, why did the Henri get nerf'd? If anything needs to be Nerf'd its the Smolensk, Kremlin, and the fire mechanic in general. Hosho is a little stupid still as well because there is no AA at tier 3/4 to defend against it yet...let's Nerf Henri....because reasons....?
  7. Coolhand2323

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    Seems to be worse in binocular mode.
  8. Coolhand2323

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    Did it just start with this recent patch?
  9. Anyone else having problems with their FPS since this last patch? I hover around 130 FPS. Since the patch, Ive noticed that when in binocular mode, my GPU seems to be loading down and the frame rate drops to 50's and at times can hit the 20's. I've never had this problem before. I didn't do anything new or different. The last several patch haven't changed my FPS one iota. Its only been since this last patch.
  10. Coolhand2323

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    The Kremlin is a bloody mess. Yes, it CAN be killed but not in the way or as easily as other BB's. The biggest gripe with it is the AP penetration. It can cit at the strangest angles, angles a Yamato would bounce with. The ship is a tier 11 in a tier 10 game.
  11. Coolhand2323

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    Without getting into the nitanoids of the stats for each ship, I can say one thing with absolute certainty. One needs only to look at the comps for KOTS and see they were heavily in favor of Russian bias. Those with double Krem, many Stali, and many Smols won over most traditional comps. It wasn't even subtle. I can also say that even with the nerf, Krem is a monster. It can pen/cit from seemingly any angle. Shots that a Yamato would not have landed or pen'd with are cits from a Krem. The penetration for that thing is insane. As far as not being accurate at range? Cool story bruh... If only one shell hits, it still seems to be a 13k cit with a quartering shot. Its also so much more difficult to kill than other Tier 10 BB's. Its basically a tier 11. It DOES have a citadel and it CAN be punished for poor play but it is also a lot more forgiving of mistakes. Stalin is the number one performing Tier 10 cruiser according to warships today. Its been giving some more vulnerability recently but its still an awesome ship. Hiding behind a steel wall still has kept it from proliferating too badly but its definitely a force multiplier for competitive. Smolensk is just rage inducing. Yes, it is fragile IF you can see it. Compared to Colbert, it is much harder to kill and can autobounce kremlin shells from the right angle. IF it didn't have smoke or had comparable range to other HE spammers, it probably wouldn't be the source of consternation it is. For those that have ever been melted down by one, it isn't very fun, is it? It harkens back to when Khab could invisifire and just burn ships down with impunity. We are back there again. Moral of the story is Russian bias is, in fact, real and its not very subtle any more. CC's are making videos about it and competitive lineups are bringing russian bias out of sheer necessity. Only the DD's are still interchangeable because thankfully, Neustra isn't a Tier 10. Im sure that will be breached soon too.
  12. Leaving a less competitive clan and joining one that put much more effort into that breathed new life into the game for me and Im having fun again. Hopefully more will do so.
  13. That would be nice but as you have noticed, less and less clans are playing super competitive. Talent has been getting poached and consolidated into less and less super-uni clans. If that continues, your field will get even smaller.
  14. There isn't much of a fix for that. I wish MM only put you in the same league and there was no possibility of seeing higher/lower league clans, especially in struggle. The reality for you is you will only ever play the top 1%. Not much of a solution there. Its kinda like ranking out when it forces you to stop upon reaching the top. There seems to have been a noteable lack of advancement for several clans that typically reach hurricane but didn't quite pull it off this season. Not sure what caused that. Tier 8 maybe or a lack of interest?