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  1. Detail within gameplay

    Yes they do. Get a kick out of watching them on alsace
  2. Meh I love playing high tier cruisers so I don't have a horse in the race. Just found that picture ironic given that there were more BBs than DDs in that match
  3. How many BBs are in that game....?
  4. Combine that with the gun bloom mechanics and I basically don't run aft on any USN dds... just not worth it to me
  5. Glorious Victory!

    Yeah even a win isn't very satisfying when it's a steamroll
  6. Criss Crossing at start

    I see it more midtier but it happens infrequently in high tierd
  7. Criss Crossing at start

    Drives me nuts man
  8. IFHE work for Belfast?

    It works very well on mine
  9. Don't be afraid to disengage when you are at a disadvantage, you're much more useful alive
  10. Guess who's baaaack

    Is it wrong that I was hoping you were going to say kyogre?
  11. Now it makes total sense...
  12. So where should the xp on a rental ship provided to allow you to play clan wars go?
  13. Finally got the Nelson!

    Fire is the last thing I fear in my nelson...
  14. Well done. I love Atlanta but t9 matches in it are rough