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  1. Yeah I've had several problems with it as well
  2. It's why I quit playing WOT
  3. Only 2/8 were mods with my SCs (one of which was the radar mod that I wanted) and rest was free xp, camo, flags and premium. Worked out for me
  4. 100k free xp, week of premium, some camo, flags and 2 modules. I'm happy
  5. Agreed. I still play it the same and quite well I would add.
  6. Meh I love my Sims, don't regret buying it at all... do wish the torps hit a bit harder but no big deal
  7. That's usually called sealclubbing
  8. That's usually called sealclubbing
  9. I have no problem at all hitting the citadel of either of those ships. You guys must be doing something way wrong...
  10. Way better than the old days when you might face a higher tier cv on your own or even better when you were 1 v 2...
  11. This. I love when the slowest (generally) ships with the longest range head behind a mountain where they can only influence 1/20th of the map...
  12. I enjoy epicenter when I play dds
  13. 2nd try failure, 3rd try 3 stars and 4th try 5...
  14. Umm tried this morning for the first time. One guy asked if anyone had a strat/experience with it... everyone responded that it was our first try, we ended with 4 stars. Don't seem the problem here.
  15. Scenarios are a bad idea? Can only be done with teams/hardcore players? Didn't take long with total randoms for me to get 5 stars on each scenario except for the base defense one... willing to bet plenty of people disagree with your assessment of scenarios