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  1. Unfortunately that happens frequently regardless of who is spotting the DD
  2. Spotting is another big part of this issue. Good AS players keep enemy ships spotted and make capping very diffucult. While some good strike cvs also spot I find it less common and crappy strike players run out of aircraft early and can't spot for thier team. Often makes a big difference.
  3. I would much rather see an AS Ranger on my team than a strike one...
  4. Additional incentive is that killing off red DDs often leads to winning
  5. For sure, taking out red DDs gives your team a massive advantage... that's always my goal playing DDs
  6. MM isn't broken, it deals with the ships that are in the queue. BB heavy games are common because people play them in large numbers.
  7. I see 5 BB matches fairly often
  8. To be fair that guy has quite a few wacky posts, just more of the same
  9. As long as you like that USN style it's well worth it
  10. If you like usn DDs you'll love it
  11. Yes I agree with your point here which is why your original rant about how hard DDs hit compared to BBs made no sense to me. Potential flood damage is devastating, again I agree... HOWEVER, in practice I barely ever get flood damage due to people being smart about DCP. My point is that most DD games don't see that as a large percentage of thier damage, high flood damage games are outliers, not the norm.
  12. That's basically my point. I expected them to suck and the last two I remember played very well. Others might have a different experience, was just relating what I have seen.
  13. Smoke change hurt Sims? Can't say I've noticed a problem
  14. Could Tirp and Bismarck survival rates be lower due to the play style of a brawling BB?
  15. For the record I play DD and BB and have no issue with TDS but reading what you said gave me a good laugh... not sure where you got these numbers on flooding damage and the like (actually I have a hunch they were made up), all I know is flooding damage is rare since most ships hit DCP as soon as they are torped... As for the other damage numbers you talked about... all I know is I love my Fletcher and I love my Missouri and it's a heck of a lot easier to do way more damage in my Missouri. Again I have no problem with that, just found your argument to lack basis in reality.