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  1. Just look him up, you will learn all you need to know...
  2. Dath_1

    WoWs Myths and Legends

    Did that hurt u ?????
  3. You have 0 initiative if you chase him. Heading away towards a cap forces him to come at you or lose on points. Unless he is the last ship and you must kill him there is no other time I chase him... to do so is stupid.
  4. Head to a cap and make him chase. Or if possible go dark until he turns. Not many situations where it is smart to get kitted in a T10 BB
  5. Trap was originally set up that way, the teams were divided like that and it was fun
  6. Dath_1

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    I liked all of them from T5 and up
  7. Yes they did. Also during open beta during regular randoms the teams were occasionally unbalanced in numbers as well
  8. Dath_1

    Wargaming is Creating Some Severe Imbalances

    I find myself playing a lot of Thunderer to take advantage of this situation
  9. Dath_1

    Could’ve had a great battle, until....

    Yeah definitely turn that off ASAP, hate that feature
  10. Dath_1

    Getting Yoshino in current state of game

    As long as you are dead set against Thunderer then go for it. Yosh is very good for what you want to do with it. I personally would buy Thunderer first but you won't be disappointed with Yosh given your preferences
  11. Dath_1

    From Russia With Love

    It's a good time to take a break from playing DD. My Thunderer enjoys it though...
  12. Dath_1

    Getting Yoshino in current state of game

    It is very powerful when kiting and the torp angles like other IJN favor firing to the rear, likewise in that situation you are less likely to hit friendlies with torps. A well played kiting Yosh is very nasty
  13. Dath_1

    Getting Yoshino in current state of game

    If you like long range fire starting then it is a solid choice. The guns hit hard and you will set plenty of fires. The 20km torps are a fun bonus as long as you're careful. Just have to play cautiously as it is very easy to citadel
  14. Dath_1

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    Nice. I thought those were flak bursts until I read your caption