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  1. Dath_1

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    I'm on Brindisi but I've found them all to be pretty good
  2. Dath_1

    opinions on the Richelieu

    Same, the lack of reliability drove me nuts. Love JB though
  3. Dath_1


    Because the typical mentality of those players is to passively hide behind the cap because they are scared in the first place. And those rare times this happens is fun and glorious. Sadly this usually is not the case.
  4. Dath_1

    Shatter Tatics 101

    The map and his explanation were pretty easy to comprehend
  5. Dath_1

    stop spawn division on middle

    Yeah drives me nuts, especially on maps like Two Brothers where you know you will end up causing a lemming train
  6. +1 for you if you actually understand what OP was saying...
  7. Dath_1

    Best t7 Torp dd?

    This is def my favorite as a torp boat in T7. Only thing that sucks is with all the CVs these days it can get dicey with no smoke
  8. Uh I dont have to and while I will fall short I will not choose to buy it. I will enjoy the other stuff I got out of the event however.
  9. Dath_1

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    That was pretty funny. I enjoy Gorzia, fun ship
  10. Dath_1

    Minotaur still good in current meta

    I actually love Neptune but hate Edin, go figure :)
  11. Dath_1

    Your favorite 'challenging' ship

    I've enjoyed the T5 Italian cruiser and Trento in spite of many saying they suck
  12. Dath_1

    Finally broke 200k!

    Congrats! I find quite a few of my high damage games are losses sadly.
  13. Dath_1

    The Core issue with CVs

    If he has backup and it puts you at risk I agree. If not you're missing out on an opportunity