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  1. Dath_1

    Invulnerable Smoke

    If you angled he would have been lucky to do 500 damage a salvo
  2. That was my div mate, I'm the one who had the lucky shot to finish you off
  3. I was one of the Guilios in your last match. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing it from the other side. Great game there, I was certain you guys had the win
  4. Me either. I think I had a 2 minute wait once... I lived
  5. No it applies across tiers, you did not read that wrong
  6. Dath_1

    I love the Asashio

    I thoroughly enjoy playing it
  7. Dath_1

    I don't trust YOU!!!

    Especially when I'm in a slower reloading BB, I'd rather someone finish it off so I dont waste a salvo
  8. Dath_1

    Been playing too much CV/DD

    Yeah... tell that to cruisers that get dev struck from a single BB salvo.
  9. Dath_1

    Why is the montana so bad

    I still enjoy playing mine, it's a good ship
  10. Dath_1

    Salem vs Jean Bart

    JB is an absolute blast to play. Highly recommend getting her
  11. Dath_1

    IJN Hayate (New IJN DD)

    For players that know what they are doing its freaking awesome
  12. Dath_1

    IJN Hayate (New IJN DD)

    Ashashio is definitely not gimped...
  13. Had a college roommate from Maine who always talked about it. He finally brought us some during spring break and your description fits perfectly