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    I fear AP far more than HE when I play my BBs. It's not even close
  2. Makes me play BB more, it's fun to farm dev strikes on all those shiney new cruisers
  3. Especially in their titles?
  4. Let's Talk Gearing

    I prefer SE on all my USN DDs, cap fighting is a dangerous business and that extra health has saved me many times
  5. Alabama What's wrong

    Odd, I definitely am not bottom tier EVERY match in my Bama
  6. Alabama What's wrong

    I enjoy mine thoroughly and don't even have a problem when its uptiered
  7. I hope people keep spamming HE. If they don't know how to use AP properly they are that much easier to beat
  8. Is radar annoying? Sure it can be but my fletcher begs to differ with your conclusions
  9. Agreed, I love playing my Groz and really don't think it needs buffs
  10. Cant say I find it unfair atm
  11. I enjoy playing BBs, DDs and cruisers these days. I found that once I became good with cruisers it really improved my play in those other two types.
  12. To much HE in the game?

    I think this game has too much AP, HE, and torpedo spam. I demand WG fix all three problems
  13. Would grab it if you don't have it, darn fun ship to play
  14. Or learn how to manage your damage control, works fine on my BBs...