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  1. True except he said he asked the cv to spot...
  2. Except there are plenty of ships (such as cruisers with 203s) where IFHE is useless and thus not ALL ships require it. Likewise the fire penalty is a tradeoff and some will not want to take it as well. This is not a required skill for all captains
  3. Or when you were were in a Lexington ultiered against a Hak... Or when trap had split fleets and you were spotted right away and had nowhere to run... it was definitely rough
  4. It's a blast to play, love that ship
  5. Great guns and the heal is amazing. Only prob I have with it is if I face t9 bbs, when top tier it dominates. Great ship.
  6. MY DDs play just fine. Not sure what your problem is
  7. The number of ships that scored below them is a bit sad...
  8. My Zao loves high # of BBs in a match, oh the glorious fires
  9. The Atlanta is OP

    I love popping my spotter plane and dev striking those types of cruisers when they camp behind an island and think they are safe...
  10. This is the biggest problem I see as well. A good cv captain lights the map early allowing your team to adjust accordingly. It makes life hell for DDs as well as any stealth build cruisers or BBs. When you get stuck with a terrible CV driver your team is at a massive disadvantage.

    Can I borrow your hat? It's made of tinfoil I presume
  12. Merely commenting from my perspective, not global averages but I average 50k damage in Sims and with Mahan torps I would feel dirty playing the ship. That said I am not against the torp upgrade and agree the sea mines can be frustrating, I guess I'm just saying that a torp upgrade would definitely make Sims the best T7 DD by a wide margin.