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  1. Dath_1

    Is Raptor Rescue a bit too difficult?

    Meh.. one lost, one five and one four star w/total randoms. I'd say its fine
  2. Dath_1

    Buff the Black please

    Only if we buff Belfast while we are at it...
  3. You mean Missouri? WG has not yet stated Alaska will be free xp though many seem to assume it. I am holding on to my FXP until we know. Bought Salem for the extra crate and there was nothing else I needed.
  4. Dath_1

    IFHE on Cleveland

    It makes a big difference. As stated above I'd take CE first as well
  5. Dath_1

    The new Islands of Ice

    I prefer both of the previous versions by a long shot. Definitely not a fan of the change.
  6. Basically all I can think of is link up with friendly ships and stay close for support as it does put you at a huge disadvantage. Alone? No good answer for you there. Seems I always get cyclones in Khab and Zao so I feel your pain.
  7. Or just give kitakaze radar and you're there...
  8. I definitely prefer the two older versions. Now seems to play similarly to several other maps
  9. Dath_1

    Rocky start on the Fletcher

    Getting crap teams will level out over time as well... the wins will come
  10. Dath_1

    Rocky start on the Fletcher

    Typically it takes me a little while for a new ship to click, keep at it
  11. Dath_1

    Why do people bother playing?

    Why bother? Because I have fun. If it becomes not fun I'll take a break and play something else. Haven't gotten sick of this game yet though...
  12. Dath_1

    Nay sayers

    Entertainment isn't a waste of time...
  13. Dath_1

    Thanks WG.

    My favorite T8 BB by far. Enjoy
  14. With the new minimap indicator it has become fairly easy to hit ships in smoke