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  1. Dath_1

    WG - I would like to participate

    Agree completely
  2. Well said. It's always a nice feeling when your team overcomes a significant disadvantage for the win. Makes victory sweeter.
  3. Dath_1

    Tier X cruisers

    Zao is my favorite. Enjoy the stealthiness combined with the rail guns and ability to effectively torp.
  4. In most cases. On some maps my div mates have been spread out (such as Hot Spot) by 15+ km. This is as recent as last Sunday.
  5. Dath_1

    Tips for DD Duels

    Were you broadside? German AP is nasty and if you didnt angle they can kill you very quickly.
  6. Dath_1

    Fun with Jean Bart

    Nice game. I also enjoy playing her as well... it's a fun ship
  7. Thank you for your service and a pretty darn good message o7
  8. Likewise, even kept it after getting Hindy
  9. Dath_1

    Sail! Strike! Win!

    Thanks for the laugh, good times
  10. Dath_1

    The problem with ranked

    I've seen plenty of Musashis play very well, its definitely not a bad BB for ranked
  11. Always resources for me
  12. You are not, I saw the same similarities
  13. Dath_1

    How do you view T9

    I play the heck out of Fletcher. Also still play Kitakaze and Yagumo for fun as well even though I have their T10 counterparts.
  14. Dath_1


    I second your motion