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  1. Sounds like a detonation, or a glitched one.
  2. mavfin87

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    I'm not defending their choice on this, but, I feel like it's like WoWP 2.0. The decision has already been made. You can try to make the new CV way work better, or you can try to return to something that simply isn't going to happen. You may be completely right about what you quoted...but it doesn't matter in the least whether you're right or not. WG isn't going back. So, I deal with the world as it is. As I've said in other threads, it's their company to run. I can play, or not play, and I can spend money, or not spend money. If they don't make it a game that I want to play, then I'll move on. If what they do works out, then that's fine.
  3. mavfin87

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    As I've said, I'm pretty sure any "I want it to stay the way it is" feedback is ignored, because the decision has already been made to do something else quite a bit different. Feedback on how to implement the new way might make a difference, but feedback that says "I don't want the rework to happen" is most likely flogging a dead horse. Your opinion may be different, and you have a right to that, but, I have a right to my opinion that I just stated as well. If you see that as being hostile to your feedback, that's your affair. I'm not hostile to your feedback, but I tend to ignore any feedback that starts with "We don't need the rework" because I think it's going down a road to nowhere.
  4. mavfin87

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    I also suspect that the 'We want the current way to stay' feedback is falling on deaf ears. It appears that the decision has already been made to do something different. Feedback on details of how that may be accomplished will probably be considered, but keeping what is here is most likely not even a choice they're considering no matter how loud people scream here.
  5. mavfin87

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    So, we do agree, at least on what I quoted. I guess I go from the standpoint that it's the company's game to run, and if they don't like my feedback, or yours, or Joe X's feedback, they may have reasons, and those reasons may be wrong or right in the end, but, I feel like so many people think that 'giving feedback' is where they try to tell the company how to run their business, and that's not how that works. The company makes the changes they think they need to do, and I either play the game and/or spend money on them...or I don't. I have no way of telling what is actually needed or not needed. If they change the game such that I no longer like it, then, well, I go find something else. Of course, armchair game designers are also a pet peeve of mine... Edit: Also, people automatically think that if WG doesn't do what the person giving the feedback wants, that they're not listening. They're listening, but they always have other data to look at to make decisions around. That goes back to my second paragraph. I don't get insulted if they don't like my feedback. It's up to them to run the game. I just play it, or don't. I don't take it personally if I turn out to not be the audience they wanted.
  6. mavfin87

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    But, also, remember that 'majority opinion' and 'WoWS forums' are not always the same thing at all, and are many times mutually exclusive.
  7. mavfin87

    PT boats

    Yeah, WT does Higgins boats up through DDs and a single cruiser as the top thing in the list. US, German, Soviet, and soon, Brit ships If you want small boats, you can try them there pretty well.
  8. mavfin87

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    More of a chess match than a contest of who can twitch quicker...
  9. mavfin87

    A Good Game Gone to the South

    The word you're looking for is validation. Posters like this want the validation of someone agreeing with them that the game is dying, and ideally, a majority opinion that they are right or correct. People that can't make the decision to go or stay on their own w/o someone else's validation usually make this kind of thread. You see this kind of thread all the time, really. Usually a person's friends say "Why are you playing that s--t game?" or something similar, so the person has to get validation from someone else, rather than making their own decision on the merits of playing or not playing. They're torn between two choices, so they need someone else to tell them which way to go.
  10. mavfin87

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    I don't think promoting easy low tier game play with 19 point captains would be good for new players. It's bad enough when I'm working up a ship line with my 10 pointers.
  11. mavfin87

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    People have been saying that this game is dying for most of the time I've been playing it, having been here since mid-2017. However, it seems to me that I see more people on the NA server at comparable times than I saw when I was playing at lot when I started. Not the first game that the forums were full of 'This is a dying game', but the game's still going along much later.
  12. mavfin87

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    It's that they're on Cyprus, and you're dealing with Russian entities. Some US banks decide to nanny-state you and won't allow you to make your own choices. Get a better bank that lets you make the choices, not them. Note that I did say that I'm actually only able to deal with WG because I have text alerts that allow me to say yea or nay to any questioned transactions. Just a couple days ago for Santa crates, I did get a text questioning that purchase. If I didn't have the alerts it would have shut down the card till I called them. Blaming it on WG is disingenuous. The blame lies on the Russian Mafia, more likely, and the fact that a lot of questionable/laundered money goes through Cyprus. That probably hurts WG when they're trying to do legitimate business than anything, really.
  13. mavfin87

    Santa Crate Coal = Enough for Salem!!

    Let him spend his own coal in his own way. You can spend your own coal on what you want.
  14. mavfin87

    No, Santa... No....

    I had to go into the cargo ship/box opening area, then click on the Santa crate rectangle, then it gave me the 2 free boxes.
  15. mavfin87

    80 Mega Gift results (Santa was good to me)

    No premium time this year. Possible drops, and a full list of ship possibilities is on the website.