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  1. I don't have time for fools and idiots. No, I'm fine with chat banning, and if he keeps TKing, perma-banning him from the game. You're the one thinks this is all fine behavior that shouldn't be penalized.
  2. Ask around the forums, you'll see a LOT of us around this game. I'm 48, and I'm a young pup to many in this forum. So, yeah, the old Alt-F4 trick and what you just pulled are 12-year-old level tricks, and we are not impressed. So you deserved your chat ban. Deal with it.
  3. Yeah, Yamamoto/Bismarck/French collection boxes give pennants as well.
  4. I lumped that in with 'unguided rockets from aircraft'. 21-inch rockets were used to attempt to break up B-17 Flying Fortress box formations.
  5. The main uses I've heard of rocket/missile technology in WWII: 1) unguided rockets from aircraft 2) landing ships fitted with unguided rockets for bombardment just before landing 3) Something was done with unguided rockets as AA for the Battle of Britain, I don't quite remember the reference. 4) The Japanese had a rocket propelled manned glide bomb. For suicide missions, of course. 5) The Germans had the command-guided glide bombs like what they used on Roma. Not that widely used. 6) The German V-1 and V-2 weapons with crude guidance systems, CEP measured in miles. V-1 was a pulse-jet cruise missile, and V-2 was a short-ranged ballistic missile.
  6. I believe they were testing April Fools operations.
  7. Good way to say it, Paradat. And yeah, if I want skill-based MM, I can play Starcraft.
  8. Mentioned in Dispatches

    I wonder how many players run into an island in the middle of a match, and think or even type in chat "Whoops. Pulled a Notser!" and everyone knows what they meant!? Don't change, just laugh and go on. Just shows you're human some of the time!
  9. carriers should start at tier 5

    Sure. Keep telling yourself that! We'll all believe you. Right on! Have a nice day there.
  10. carriers should start at tier 5

    Ah, such a well thought out response! Shows your, um...intelligence. Right. Enjoy your lonely meal under the bridge there!
  11. I took my son along. 5-star win. (He's 14). We got some help. Some Cleveland got 8 kills finishing off ships that my son (Warspite) and I ( Graf Spee) damaged. He'd finish them off while we reloaded!
  12. The weekends, what can be done?

    Nothing to be done. Go play the game...or don't play the game and go whine that you lost on the forums. That seems to be the usual.
  13. carriers should start at tier 5

    Ah, so Mr. I-report-everyone-who-plays-bad-by-my-standards, yet hides his own stats, also is an Amateur Game Design Expert... Work by your own standards. Don't come here telling us how to design games until and unless you can show profits at your own game you designed. Otherwise, you're just yet another bag of hot air. Have a nice day.
  14. I'm not clubbing (don't have enough games to club!), but, I got a bunch of 10 point captains from Santa this past Xmas, so my Clemson at T4 has a 10 pointer to build from...PT/LS/SI/CE, I think? I think it helps a bit.
  15. Read the Bleeping Manual

    Yeah. Operations is something fun I do with my son. He's 14 and has his own WoWS account. We did the op today with me in Graf Spee and him in his Warspite. We were shooting up a lot of stuff. A Cleveland who was along ended up with 8 kills, finishing stuff off with his rapid fire guns that we had shot up badly with our big guns, but had to reload before shooting again. We finished 1-2-3 with the Cleveland in the middle.