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  1. Pay now, or get it later free. Just a choice! Just like some of us who bought the ship and didn't worry about the missions...we've been soaking up premium/250dubs/5K free xp for nearly 2 weeks. Just choices!
  2. Also the name of the obnoxious camo. "...and I was never here."
  3. Mi$$ouri
  4. My win rate quest has stalled for the moment as I work up higher in the tiers, but I can see my *other* stats improve, the ones that will let me influence the win rate more later, I think.
  5. Sonar still has limitations due to speed and flow noise, actually. I was just saying that you can't really use a real radar, even of the WWII time, for a range figure for gameplay, because it's too big. I guess I didn't really spell that out.
  6. I just make sure the launcher is open when I leave for work, and it'll be done when I get home. I mean, 2 GB isn't much anyway. Less than 10 min.
  7. Considering that a real WWII (used off Guadalcanal on USS Helena) radar, the SG surface search radar could pick up a destroyer at 15 nautical miles (24 km), and a BB at 22 nautical miles (35.2km), then you'll just have to find a good distance to fit gameplay. What that might be, I don't know.
  8. Yeah, but I think it's crap to try to blame WG for updates when the problem is his horrible internet deal. 25GB. Can't imagine. Mine's 1 TB. I'm sure that's chintzy to some of you, but, I'm not a movie streamer or anything.
  9. Unfortunately, the usual pattern in any game is happy players play, and unhappy players complain in the forums. There are exceptions of course. Some of us go to the forums when we can't play, or are doing something else in between.
  10. They turned the counter off, so they couldn't fight over it, according to WG. They say that they are having much better numbers than pre-update, and so far, in-player matchmaking supports that. You used to be lucky to see 1 other human per side, now I'm seeing 6 and 8 per side pretty often now, and I'm seeing 4-human-per-side games at 1 AM. Never saw that in 1.9. I can only guage from in-player numbers, since there's no counter to tell.
  11. I did. Check your junk email, you might have gotten a carrier plane pack or a pair of jets.
  12. 18th to 20th, I think? Check the news page on worldofwarships.com
  13. I think AbyssoftheNegative is this guy's brother....
  14. He (aethervox) even popped a statement up in my port when I logged in a few days ago, about something I'm not quite sure about, but may be related to something from 2 months ago...so he's not only a troll, he's an incoherent one.