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  1. Yes. The Tier IV Shotgun could use a perma-camo.
  2. pointless playing bb now

    I prefer redheads, myself...
  3. Weekend+Summer+100% XP

    Target-rich environment. Of course, I might be one of the targets (seals?) for some, but others are targets for me. It all works out.
  4. Yeah, especially when all you really did was tell them the truth that they didn't want to hear.
  5. But those friends aren't ordering from the US with a Canadian address. I've had to jump through some hoops when dealing with Canadian companies as a US citizen and resident, including promising that I would *not* use the site from Canada ever, otherwise I'd have to pay Canadian tax, which was an extra 8 or 10%. It's not that I like to kiss WG's [edited], because I don't, but, WG loves to take your money. However, they have rules they have to follow in dealing with various countries.
  6. Fix the high tier credit loss

    WG simply has a limit for how much they'll let people actually freeload. You'll have to go down to lower tiers to get your credits caught up, unless you have a Missouri, or you win big a lot, or you have a premium account. WG is a business, you know. They don't do this for charity...
  7. In the US, I use my Chase or Discover credit (NOT debit) card, with my phone linked to the account for any fraud questions. If I order from WG, it'll text me, and I'll say yes, and it goes through. Never *ever* a problem or a compromised account. Keep in mind, the protections by law in the US for a credit (again NOT debit) card are better than Paypal's. Where Paypal can be better is outside the US. And yes, OP is Canadian. Canada wants to make sure you pay your taxes!! If WG is refusing the transaction, it has something to do with the Canadian thing while ordering from the US. Most likely caused by the Canadian's government's rules, not WG's. WG likes to take your money!
  8. I could be having the same kind of fun Blasto is having, trolling everyone lightly! My 14 year old plays off and on, and he does more damage than I do, but loses more often...
  9. Summer has come, the kids and college students are out of school...
  10. The replay files are in the directory where the game is installed, and are on the local machine only, unless you copy or upload them to somewhere else.
  11. Pan-American nation in!

    As the ARA Nueve de Julio...which IS Boise...
  12. Funny. I have 119 as well.
  13. Yep, the same awesome Bill Paxton in Weird Science. (Just for contrast!)
  14. I don't know if it's FPS style for sure, we don't know exactly what's coming...however, we do know that what we have now isn't what is coming after the rework. If you want to keep playing bad Starcraft on water, you might as well quit now and find something else fun to occupy your time. That's the one thing we are pretty sure CVs *won't* be after the rework.