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  1. My comments on South Carolina and Wyoming: Don't bother with AP beyond 10 km. Dispersion really sucks outside that range. Inside that, it can be deadly, if you can shoot. Also, inside 10km, gotta love the 12-gun shotgun spray on Wyoming! Wyoming's a tough old tub as well, even if it as slow as my Granny.
  2. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    Could get ugly, yes, but DM has the best RoF to carry it off.
  3. Well, if certain people want to consign players of X quality to co-op only until they play better, they'll have to... Otherwise, well, everything else you said is about right. Having said that, though, sometimes I'll take a BB to co-op just so I can find the nearest battleship or two or three and get in a brawl. Just because I can, and I'm not hurting anyone else's play if I get sunk.
  4. US Cruiser split news

    Well, she got damaged at Pearl Harbor, and some mods were done when she was repaired at that time, so, like many pre-war cruisers, they had mods done as they got damaged, etc. Helena would be appropriate for radar, too, as she got the radar contact on the Japanese ships at Cape Esperance...
  5. US Cruiser split news

    We said the same thing. They'll buff Cleveland back to CBT days, from what I hear.
  6. US Cruiser split news

    That is true, but I thought the St. Louis class was just a mod-Brooklyn, and was still at pre-war construction standards...
  7. Look!!! Who we have here?

    Yeah, I was wondering that myself.
  8. US Cruiser split news

    They're also lighter-constructed ships than the Clevelands. Brooklyns are treaty cruisers, 10K tons. Cleveland isn't, and is closer to 12-13K tons displacement.
  9. US Cruiser split news

    So how do you put Cleveland at 8, and a Brooklyn (Helena) at 7? 15 guns vs 12...AA will be less on a Brooklyn, though. And yeah, if they remove the nerfs from Cleveland, my understanding is that she'll be fine at Tier 8.
  10. US Cruiser split news

    He almost never does. But he's not AbyssoftheNegative, either. He just likes to pick at things.
  11. NVM, necroed post anyway.
  12. My son (14) loves this ship. He loves to brawl. He's getting better with it, too.
  13. So basically you are saying

    Yeah, Phoenix was where I learned to set fire to Wyomings....
  14. Kill Stealing

    Yeah, dead ships do no damage. 1-hp ships can kill you.
  15. I'm in a state of sanity. I just won't say which one.