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  1. mavfin87

    0.8.2 Patch

    That's what DDs did to get CVs nerfed badly. Whine whine whine.
  2. mavfin87

    Salt in Co-op

    On the other hand, late night last night, I got a win in Co-Op as a T4 carrier, as the only human.
  3. mavfin87

    Total crap with the FPS drops.......

    None here, either. i7-8700@3.2 GHz, 32GB, SSD to boot from, game is on a normal hard drive. GTX 1070 5GB GPU. Win 10 Home 1809. Nothing special, nor particularly optimized. Pretty much max vid settings in-game.
  4. mavfin87

    Why are opt-ins a thing?

    You're not forced to. If you miss something, that's your affair.
  5. Sure enough. Some specific issue with your download server throttling US sources or something. Used Windscribe set to France, no problem, pulled it right down.
  6. I have seen the Dragon cruisers (Eastern, Southern) in the store a time or two. I've got them, mainly because of the unique camo. Variety is ok with me. YMMV, of course. And, yeah, I wouldn't mind having the entire Kongo class in my port. I'm not exactly a competitive min/maxer, after all.
  7. mavfin87

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    I think of skill-based MM in terms of Starcraft II leagues. Bronze plays Bronze, Silver plays Silver, etc., and on up to Grandmaster or whatever. If you're in Silver, but you do too well, or too badly, you'll go up or down a league. WoWS doesn't have the numbers for separate leagues *on top of* tier divisions as well. If there were no tiers, perhaps there might be enough.
  8. I never feel bad for taking out a red. I know they're not feeling bad about it when I get sunk, whether it's slow or fast...
  9. If the first X shells of Y hit and take you below 75%, any further shells in the salvo will do the det check.
  10. Therein lies why WG doesn't pay much attention to the forums for actual data. They just get a sense of things to maybe figure out where to compare numbers...
  11. As usual, reading is OP. OP didn't read, now is looking for someone to blame for his own poor decisions. <Yawn>
  12. mavfin87

    CV DB Dispersion Manipulation

    Usually spending a LOT more time trying things than most of us do or even think of doing...
  13. mavfin87

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    WG could fix it...just make all stats private; i.e. remove the API links. Anyone can see their own, and/or they can link their stats to others if they want to show them off. But no 3rd-party website access. The unicums could show off their cool purple links, and the rest of us could laugh while they do it. (Laughing because they actually think we care...)
  14. mavfin87

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    People like OP want validation for decisions they make. Not enough to make their own decisions and stick to them...
  15. mavfin87

    CV's shouldn't be able to...

    So arcade is fine, except for the parts you don't like, then?