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  1. Kirov_Six

    ST, changes to test ships

    Hmm, Flower-class ASW corvettes, anyone?
  2. Kirov_Six

    That's it for me, screw this game

    Not sure he ever started with it. Was that a 4th-grade education showing there?
  3. Nah, he can't be that. There's two in particular that still haunt the forum, and are known to not have played a single match since the rework, but are still on the forums almost daily having a fit about how horrible WG is, and how bad the game is... If people don't want to play the game, please, they should go play something they do enjoy. WG isn't going to change the game in wholesale ways for the same twenty people that have posted against CVs back in RTS days, even if they post every day. Only if the forum unites, and that almost never happens, and *won't* on this issue, will anything get changed.
  4. Kirov_Six

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    For me, the words 'gaming laptop' really shouldn't go together. A gaming computer is a lot cheaper as a desktop.
  5. Kirov_Six

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    Good, now I don't have to mention that my computer that cost less than half as much as the OP's runs WoWS on max settings at the max FPS allowed by the client. There really is a bit of knowledge in getting things to run correctly.
  6. Kirov_Six

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    Go re-read my post. At no time did I defend them. I may not have as bad of an opinion of them as you do, but, if I did, my voice would never be heard here, because I would find more fun things to do. And therein lies the mystery of you, in my view. They do what they do, and we can play their game, or not play their game. That's all there is to it. The forums and reddit unite once in a blue moon, and give them the middle finger all together, and they do notice that, but that's a very rare event. The rest of the time, they do what they do, with no real explanation. YMMV.
  7. Kirov_Six

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    And I'll say to that what I always say to this kind of thing: If that is so, and it is such an awesome game, why are you here in WG's forums, instead of playing that wonderful, wonderful game you just sung the praises of, and pointing out just how horrible a company WG is, and just how bad they are. Why would you waste your time with the forums of a company you so obviously despise, or at least to profess to? Basically, your whole stance just says you just come here to troll these forums, and you have no other intention. You may, of course, post on the forums, like anyone else, I'm not saying that, but, I'm not sure your motivation is as pure and decent as you claim. You seem pretty bitter about something, and want to make damned sure everyone around you hears it. I think the word 'obsession' is pretty close. LoL is definitely not at all my cup of tea, so, it doesn't matter how good it was, I wouldn't be playing it, anyway.
  8. Kirov_Six

    Puerto Rico just sitting there

    Actually, it started at 35K once you got far enough to activate the 'buy me now' button. 25K is part of the way, but even at 99%, it still said 15K.
  9. Kirov_Six

    Tech tree prices ... not what they seem?

    That's because you didn't take into account module costs on the T9 Ibuki in the direct line to Zao. Extra 42000 for the B hull on the Ibuki before you can get Zao. 238000+42000 = 280000. You can ignore the 20000 torpedo module, and the 22000 GFCS module, because they're not in the direct line to Zao.
  10. Kirov_Six

    shame on us... CV gets solo warrior

    Good call. +1 to the CV.
  11. Kirov_Six

    PTS 8.11 thread no longer valid

    You don't. That screen will go away in another week or so when the next patch hits, I think.
  12. They own the game. They can change anything they damned well please. We're talking about luxury pixels, not life necessities being sold here. Annoying? Predatory? Sure. Unethical? No. If you don't like the predatory marketing, you have control of your own wallet, after all.
  13. Kirov_Six

    Don't understand SAP

    I don't know...I farmed a LOT of damage from BB superstructures when I had Gorizia in the PR directives. I remember 36K from a Musashi, for example. It's just different. If you're into min/max, and anything that isn't numerically best is 'trash', then you should ignore the Italian cruisers. On the other hand, Italian cruisers are something different to try out. YMMV.
  14. If I didn't have one or both of them, I'd just shrug and either make plans to get them if I wanted, or if not possible, it would be my fault that I didn't get it quicker. Too bad, so sad. My responsibility. Can't say what others might say, though.
  15. Kirov_Six

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    Sometimes new concepts sound great, until they're tried in practice. Anyone remember Hellgate:London?