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  1. Kirov_Six

    Bots in Randoms

    Don't try to reason with him. He just misses his easy invisible DD sealclubbing.
  2. Kirov_Six

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Yes, but if you lose 6 planes for 1 good attack with Saipan, for example, that's bad. The key is that unless the CV player eats flak, unless you can kill the whole group during or before the drop, not just the actual attacking planes, you're going to take a hit. However, it can definitely affect whether there is a 2nd attack or not. The first planes to die from constant AA DPS are any planes that are not in the actual attacking group. I can understand that you don't get much feedback from it. You just got hit, and can't really see how you affected the carrier at all. Also, that's why the 1-3 planes are pre-dropped. That means he's figuring on losing 1 group to press home the 1st attack, and those pre-dropped planes are useless, because he'll end up sending them home w/o attacking anyway, with no 'soak' planes available after the 1st attack. i.e. either pre-drop, and attack once, or not pre-drop and attack once, and then send them anyway as not a good idea to attack with no extra planes to soak damage. EDIT: Also, if he pre-drops rather than keeping them, those 3 planes will already be on deck ready to launch in the next group, and won't have to wait for them. Time = planes.
  3. Kirov_Six

    Whats the point of AA again?

    OK, so if you group is 9 planes, and the 1st attack group is 3 planes. I'm leaving out flak here, it doesn't work this way. It can damage whatever the burst can reach. Let's for ease of use say the planes are 1000 hp each, and the constant AA DPS in the zone is 300 hp/sec. So, planes 1-3 are the attack group, planes 4-6 and 7-9 are the 2nd and 3rd attack groups So, the group flies into the zone, is in the zone 10 seconds. That's 3000 hp gone. It takes that off the last planes in the group. So, planes 7-9 are gone. 3rd attack group is dead. 1st group was able to attack. You didn't even damage it. However, now, they go home. So, planes 1-3 went home, and planes 7-9 are dead in the water. The CV player now has 3 undamaged planes (4-6) that he can attack with, *but*, he has no other planes to soak up damage with, so as soon as he enters the zone, plane 6 will start taking damage. Since the last attack took up 3 planes, he might get a partial attack, but those planes aren't going home if he presses the attack. It's more likely that once he sees that he's down to 3 planes, he's going to send them home, and get another group. Meanwhile, all you see is that you got damaged. What you're not seeing is that he now has a much less chance of pressing home a 2nd attack w/o having to go back the carrier for a fresh group. Also, depending on the carrier, there may not be a full group of the plane type he just used on deck. Better CV players are better at dodging flak. Better CV players are better at planning attacks to expose them for less time to constant AA DPS, but even unicums can't stop or mitigate constant AA DPS once in the AA DPS range/zone. They're also better at target selection.
  4. Kirov_Six

    Whats the point of AA again?

    What most people don't realize that if you stop the 1st attack completely, you haven't just killed the attacking group, you've also killed the rest of the group as well, because unless you screw up in flak, the 'other' planes die to AA constant DPS first. So, if someone stops the first attack, they killed three attacks' worth of planes that the CV has to account for and regenerate and/or take from reserves.
  5. Kirov_Six

    CV Planes Regen

    The math is set up so the first attack is likely to work. However, if you kill some planes on that first attack, you just killed the 3rd attack, and probably the planes that make the 2nd attack survivable. i.e. you can kill two attacks' worth of planes and make the carrier regenerate them, and still eat the first attack. It does make it seem that you're not getting anything from the AA, but, it is working more than you realize. When a CV attack group eats enough flak, or into enough overlapping AA DPS to kill the whole group, and make even 1 attack impossible, you have really won the day. You annihilated three attacks, not just one.
  6. Kirov_Six

    CV Planes Regen

    What people may not realize that if there's 9 planes in the group, and 3 in the first attacking group, The first six planes lost to the constant DPS (i.e. not flak) will be the 'other' 6 planes in the group. Unless the CV attack group eats flak, which can damage all the planes at once, then the constant DPS eats the 'extra' planes first. So, unless the first attack group runs into flak, or a very high DPS AA ship that can kill those other 6 planes *AND* eat into the attacking group, the first attack will get to drop. However, if, in the process, 3 planes are lost, there goes the 3rd attack, *and* if you have decent AA DPS, the buffer to drive the 2nd attack home is gone as well, and the attacking planes will start taking damage immediately, because there's no 'extra' planes to soak the damage. Also, those planes lost have to be accounted for in regeneration by the carrier. That's how a target can kill several planes and still get hit by the first attack. You killed the 2nd and 3rd attacks, though. No one gets immunity from the first attack, unless they have enough AA DPS to kill the entire group, not just the attacking group, before it drops. EDIT: As I said in another reply: If you kill enough planes to stop the first attack, then you have killed not one, but three attack groups, usually. You have won that battle, whether you realize it or not.
  7. Kirov_Six

    How are they gonna nerf the GZ AP bombs then?

    Hopefully, they'll fix GC, then, and all the others, too... If premium CVs bought for cash are fair game, everything else should be, too.
  8. Kirov_Six

    Modules or Upgrades

    Well, one is just silver, the other is XP and silver. Sort of apples and oranges. YMMV.
  9. Kirov_Six

    Are you kidding me?

    This is a 'you' issue with you and/or your computer. I have no issue leaving the game or the launcher. Also, if you have the settings right, hitting close on the launcher closes it, and it does not go in the tray. I start the game with the launcher on my screen to my right, and the game launches on the screen in front of me. Then I close the launcher while the game client loads. It is not in the tray after that, either.
  10. Kirov_Six

    0.9.6 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    30ms ping doesn't matter if 30% of them don't come back...
  11. Kirov_Six

    Time to say goodbye

    And that's the most important thing. It's also better to take some time away before you become one of the bitter people that simply can't leave. After some time away you'll remember the fun stuff much more clearly than the other stuff. Fair winds and following seas.
  12. Kirov_Six

    german cvs....WHY!?

    Yeah, if they want to delete ships that deal heavy damage to cruisers, BBs should be on the list...
  13. Kirov_Six

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    Oh, I minimize it. I'm well aware. However, there's a difference between being knowledgeable and acting on good information, and going totally over-paranoid because of conspiracy theories...
  14. Kirov_Six

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    Killjoy, you've been saying you're leaving any day now for most of two years or more. We find it hard to take seriously anymore... If you really don't want your data gathered by internet-attached companies, from WG to Google to Amazon to Microsoft, just cancel your internet connection, and then you're perfectly safe. Oh, and of course, you'll have to start using something other than Windows or Mac or iOS. Maybe a 'free' Linux or BSD variant would fit the bill? I think some of those even offer CDs or DVDs with the distro to install from.
  15. Kirov_Six

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    The 'error monitor' launches with the game, or at least stays up if the game client is up. You can see it in the processes if the game is up. Looks like that process (Wargaming Error Monitor) is up if either the WGC or the game client is up. If both are closed, it goes away. (Just verified this.)