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  1. Kesh_Lives

    I am done

    No real difference between a VLS system vs a cruiser hiding behind an island and firing over it, using shared vision.
  2. Kesh_Lives


    Kinda like your poll. Means nothing in the big scheme of things, vs actual data that WG has.
  3. Kesh_Lives


    Again, forum poll <> meaningful data across the whole playerbase. Keep that bias going. Keep hoping for 2015 again.
  4. Kesh_Lives


    Anecdotal clips <> data. You lose. Your bias is showing.
  5. Kesh_Lives


    Forum poll <> actual full data from actual players. Only WG knows who plays subs, and how much, across all the playerbase.
  6. Kesh_Lives

    How is the CV vs Sub interaction going?

    Down the throat shots were actually a thing against a charging DD irl...
  7. Kesh_Lives

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    /Pedantic Benham was the name ship of a class four classes before Fletcher... Benham, Sims. Gleaves, Fletcher
  8. Exactly, if you keep playing the game, you are giving them the message that what they're doing is fine. I have enjoyed the game for some time, but I'm out. Too much crap. They have now become less caring and more money hungry than Gaijin, and that's a pretty bad line to cross. imo. EDIT: Yes, I did uninstall a week or so ago, if you must know. If you want WG to actually notice, you have to stop playing. Your call.
  9. Kesh_Lives

    Raise a glass to LittleWhiteMouse

    Thanks for all the work, LWM. I'm out. I have better things to do.
  10. Kesh_Lives

    Subs: Please...just no.

    They don't care about you, the player, or me, the player, or anyone else, the singular player. They care about the overall profit from the game, and what their spreadsheets forecast, and players as a mass. If you fall by the wayside because you don't like what they're doing, they're just doing what they think will make them the most money, and what you like isn't on their list. Doesn't matter whether any one of us like about what they're doing. It's the mass of players and what their tendencies are that will make them money, if they predict it right.
  11. Kesh_Lives

    Subs: Please...just no.

    The other thing about active pinging is that it can be heard much further passively than the active pinger can get a return.
  12. Kesh_Lives

    I am preparing to leave this game

    Yes, people here on this forum *really* hate truths they don't want to hear.
  13. Kesh_Lives

    WG made 2 million from the De Witt Update(NA alone)

    But, yet, many of those same people are on the game day in, day out, despite being sure WG is scamming them...
  14. I won't buy it, but the price I see is: I'm guessing WG is going to find out what the market will bear. Just like any other luxury pixels, if you don't like it, don't buy it, but you don't get to insist that it has to be re-priced...
  15. Kesh_Lives


    Recently, DDs got a buff and more protection from CV rockets. Still, some find something to whine about. DDS RUINED! they say... <Yawn> Utterly predictable. Some won't rest till they have a Klingon Cloaking Field, and 100-knot homing torpedoes, as well as laser-guided shells. Until then, they'll keep wanting anything that touches them nerfed.