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    An old grognard from way back. 1969 to be exact who has found World of Warships to be the most fun and most enjoyable game.

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  1. 3 max per side 4 or more is just ridiculous !!!
  2. mini Attila-the-Huns (toddlers ....I love this !!!!
  3. Happens here when coming out of Clan Battle in my Moskva
  4. Alt Line for American Cruisers

    Helena is a Brooklyn class 15 6" guns !!! Worcester is an AA ship with 12 6" guns think of it as an upgraded Atlanta !! Looking for info On Buffalo and Seattle.
  5. Another small change to the game.

    Strafing needs to go! Its unrealistic and makes CV play even harder. Maybe allow fighters to only strafe ships to knock out light AA would work.
  6. Should RN BB HE be nerfed?

    So far my experience playing with and against UK BBs is this. When playing against: Go ahead use your he all the time ....your fire damage is quite repairable while my AP damage against you is not. When playing as UK I mix AP and HE back and forth. This allows me to whittle you down with unrepairable damage while still making you burn.
  7. Hey Pigeon, The strafe mechanic for CVs is obviously broken and unrealistic in Air to Air combat. Is there any thought to eliminating it for Air to Air combat and letting it be used more realisticly by fighters to reduce AA on ships? Fighters strafing ships to kill AA gun crews and take out light unprotected AA guns would be more realistic and also help strike aircraft with completing their mission. Thoughts?
  8. Heck NO ! Premium Ammo will never happen here. No pay for skill in WOWS like WOT. One of the reasons I came here from WOT. No premium ammo !!!
  9. Love my Mutsu so far. Got the dispersion down to best of all my T6 BBs using the dispersion buff module. Hits like a hammer.
  10. Seems as if since the last update before this one Norton Anti-Virus has marked WOWs launcher as untrusted and is blocking it. Go into your Norton Anti Virus and just check allow for this program and it will run the updater again.
  11. DM Donskoi - Total Garbage

    Now I find this ship to be excellent. I run the extended range and dispersion reducing main armament modules all with the concealment module. This coupled with my "burner" Russian Captain allows me to burn BBs at range all day. Also 10 KM torpedoes are fun as a surprise. Having the heal ability keeps me in the fight longer. Cruisers have their own play style. Learn to "dance" and sling he. I use ap against ships that show me their sides and get some nice pens. My last game yesterday with this ship was 147K damage and 2 kills. Woe to any dd that my radar spots. Its play style here not the ship. Just my 2 cents for what its worth.
  12. My 2 cents now....as a cruiser and battleship captain I see no need to change anything at this point. Cruiser play is harder yes. But my success has been to learn the cruiser ballet. Cruiser guns are usually more accurate. Dancing and staying at a range where the BBs dispersion works against them is key. Nothing is more satisfying then burning BBs so badly they turn away from me. Taking out pesky destroyers that are going after my BB line and providing AA for those Big Boys is my job. Some of my best cruiser games is being a flotilla leader for my DD buddies. Providing support to them from enemy DDs and Cruisers. Learn your roles cruiser players and you will stop the BBs are overpowering whine.
  13. Favorite Naval War Movie

    One movie that is missing which is an older one but excellent ...Sink the Bismarck. A british effort but one of the very few that show ship to ship gunnery action.
  14. Leaked Scharnhorst information

    can confirm it sinks and rather well when my Ranger bombed and torpedoed it.