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    An old grognard from way back. 1969 to be exact who has found World of Warships to be the most fun and most enjoyable game.

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  1. VonMelon

    HSF-14 is recruting

    HSF-14 Hoche See Flotte is recruiting. New players are welcome to join and use our clan bonuses to help them research their ship lines. When we get enough players at Tier-10 we can play Clan Battles again. We have our own discord channel for voice comm. We are an easy going clan. No pressure. Come join. Von Melon Commander
  2. VonMelon

    I am tired of ungrateful teams

    As deadmeat231’s division mate often I know how he feels. Always blame the cv for your mistakes. If more people realized that this is a team game and it’s a fleet action and cooperated and communicated more they would see more success. Our division always lets the team know during the game start countdown where we are going to make our effort. How many times have I sacrificed my ship to get the reset so our team could win the cap war? The team win first then my personal stats. This is why I have. 58% overall win rate and a unicum win rate in division play. Get the win for the team, work together, communicate.
  3. VonMelon

    HSF-14 is recruting

    Hello all Hoche See Flotte (HSF-14) is recruiting for next clan battles. We have our own discord channel and are a friendly non pressure clan. We rotate in clan battles so everyone who wants to play can play. Even I the commander take my turn sitting. We have a min. requirement of 500 Battles, 50% Win rate, and at least a Tier 6 ship working to Tier 8. Newcomers will be considered after a review of the command staff. Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. VonMelon

    More AC options

    Hey Crucis maybe you should just show someone else some respect and teach him the terminology instead of name calling. Its what this country lacks civility !
  5. VonMelon

    Transaction error

    same thing again go out come back in 1 game processing error for camo and signals...BOLLOCKS !!!!
  6. VonMelon

    Transaction error

    ran integrity check no issues...went back into game camo and signals ok ...lost game tried setting up ship for next game transaction processing error again. Servers have been finicky all the maintenance. Hey wargaming whats up !?!?!?!?!
  7. VonMelon

    Transaction error

    also if you try to put camo or signals on your ship...same thing transaction error !!!
  8. VonMelon

    CV Rework - Thoughts and Potential Improvements

    interesting read but their are other solutions they could have tried to fix this with out resorting to making cv play an arcade game.
  9. VonMelon

    Carrier Rework Thoughts and Compromise

    Very interesting thoughts and ideas here. I don't want the arcade game they are turning it into.
  10. VonMelon

    Notser on CV rework

    rework is pure garbage and I want my money back on my premi cvs if this goes through !!!!!
  11. VonMelon

    Farazellath explains CV rework, to a puppy

    pure garbage rework
  12. VonMelon

    CV rework twitch reactions

    this rework is pure garbage I want my money back for my Premium CVS !!!!
  13. VonMelon

    CV Rework Feedback

    In reviewing this new suggested carrier play I think it is total garbage. No more strategic or tactical thought just arcade style play that I can get playing war thunder or battlestations. There is a better way. 1) End fighter strafing at all tiers. Let figthers lock up till death. Half the fun of cv play was the cat and mouse game of fighter combat. 2) Make the new meta be used for manual drops with the current squadron size but keep auto drops as an option. 3) reduce the ability of planes to spot torpedoes this will help dd players. 4) rework the cv captain skills so a player can decide how their cvs will be good at based on an excellent, good, average mix. example: excellent figthers, good dive bombers, average torpedo planes. 5) allow fighters to strafe ships to knock out light AA guns. With this meta Saipan is totally useless now and Kaga, Enterprise and Graf Zepplin take a big hit. If you keep this garbage refund me the money I spent on these boats as I will not be playing CVS anymore. My thoughts for what its worth.